30 November 2012


melt me lala magma she
doesn't does wall know a way
to oh yay oh hi i read
forget & beneath my brain
i mmm gooey too
see tootsie tushy gush geyser
she slices yr
tell me a watch witch swinging
oh there oh pretend it isn't
now just not frozen
i liquid between ocean &
i am unlovable i am unmagical
a dripping drizzy gloom doom
black in my mouth or in my air cans
i am afraid of how it will be
& moths
or i am planning to be the strangest
doo doo brain
bird butt bubble arms & torso
connection of that is ore
we're making a sword
hammer form some kinda bomb
that you lust into being
out of a barroom of wolfish me's
i am sweaty too
i am crying bc i am woozy
bc i looked at the eclipse in 4th grade
bc there is too much
hot sauce
in my mouth

29 November 2012


you don't die
i am flying
the ground is small & tiniest thinging
you song
saw buzzing down tree
trunks off or up into sky for spry
down the crag jagged
tooth chew chomp squash
a gnat a tadpole a workshop in the arctic
i'm a real boy a toy a joke
a broke tug lug shrug
don't know where i put it
ah ha
the edge of the end of the crust
where water is going
to be water
i cry at the end
i never die until after
before the bomb
will will us to speak
the mountains are moving
the flat earth
will soon be tall
i guess a god is enough
or i glass is sand
put it on your tongue
there are nothings under the nothing
quarters for teeth
or i am clawing at thin air
what is it
the stuff we need

27 November 2012


i wish drugs lasted forever
if i want
if i am a want monster
give me numb
buzzy gums
chew me & bubble me
& turn me into a moo machine
a gooey blue plush fuzzy
i don't see words
& yr mouth is moving
away for the holidays
lets ice
i am
forgetting to stay alive
when it is crush
or i am cube
& the whole world on it's side
says rub my tummy
i gotta ache the worst kind
my chest is ouch
i am a fragile moth
or something
i mean pills in my eyes
for days i am swallowing
grow something of my own
i want to be proud of me
like a father can be a father
or you see it's just
life is easy when you're on a river
getting thinner
chasing dinner
w/ a fork & a knife & a bib
& a waggy tongue
this drool
fills pool w/ brain juice
i loose
the battle w/ sky is falling
my heart drops
down between my hips
i shit ships
take quick hits from breathing
take fire down in heaves
i won't bleed
another drippy sun drop
until the cool
or crisp
or whatever you call the wind
it's breazy
i'm sleazy in love w/ my drunk
or sober lug
chug the clean water
off my eyeballs
ride a barrel down my whineyfalls
fuck em all
i am scared/not scared
of what hurts
& feelings
dwell on the past like it matters
like i won't be forever
this weather
what we talk abt in the winter
when you are so color
& i'm in the cellar
it's easy i keep saying
it's so damn dammit
i am feeling
please make it stop

i am the last to know where i put you
mind my trickery & mine is lumbering
against storm wall of sea birds & foam
mouth i just am a yawn afraid to say oh
my brain is broke in also places like hello
please stand over here behind glass
i see you're in my blindspot it goes on
for several thousand miles in most directions
slightly more north as the earth tilts
to freeze blood in my skull i can feel
nothing move through my forehead &
into me & i go like i am throwing flowers
or all i want is yarn or for christmas i would
read you summer poems in the beer garden &
reply to your face w/ i am afraid of how
glad i am that we are alive at the same time

24 November 2012


lets play adults
put your hands in the gaps
where my limbs are stretched from the whole
i am broken
or in new places
the difference between aging & pain
or embarrassed for my fall apart
i am a smokey forest
shortly after the thunderstorm
there is nowhere to hide from rain
when the sky is clear
but i am still slow burn
put me out
i dare a godless space
from nothing to all this
& back again
on the mountain was safe as anything
before i told you what it meant
to climb outside of me
the wants of good fortune
your hand under my rib
my shaky brain cant undo the day
the sun burns on w/o me
stomped under time
i am late for my perfect life
she moves at a distance
that i cannot see or taste or hear
but behind me are only shadows
reaching for my eyes & tongue & skin
i give them what i can spare
but i am running out of me
i am a shadow
walking endlessly to another morning
she will be there i say 
& is not
so i keep floating on this ocean
looking up at infinity

20 November 2012


me is going
to explode for the monday
some beauty says she hates
i guess my hips get
or around is isa globe
a lot of we do time
i am not a god or a human or a
do me
flavor of many
i forget smell smell the way she sells
me at the beach
a chronic in my locket
to remind a way to waves
baby babay
sea bay
laday i owe you a smoking above ground
below i am safe under soil
her soul inhaled correct nostril
if i sleep
if the doctor says i need to blow up
but i forgot abt dre
i forgot that this is the end of an idea
cramming regret into a void
because i guess my bad
yes he was the first stoned
he was the first justin
that was justice
saying some space mother fucker loves us
or not me
not my beautiful mad ass
crammed into pants 
golden calf
i juss wanna dance over your neck
make the sun drip
sweaty god walking and talking to other walkers
nobody is your father
nobody found the pearl in his body
pulling the clam cage away
backdoor to the grid
i would not erase myself
to avoid the games of this illusion
i am drunk as hell
i did not have to use my ak
but there is nothing else for me to tell you
bc nobody can judge me
i am a zoom
i am a swoosh
i am thuggish and ruggish
walk me
tell me
look at me standing
say if i see you again
on the edge of nothing


we are mostly nothing

19 November 2012

you think its funny you dont owe me money

remember that a long ago
waters the obesity tree
i do nothing but wash the clean

16 November 2012


this is the bottom of my dream
you don't know me
i am a crush a lot
i am the one stomping

i am fly
i am blustery blown leaves
don't forget me
no i am not dead
even though i died
there is me
& infinity

up & down & there they go
the whole life
bubbles from my drowned lungs
bottom of the glass
stones in my

15 November 2012


& i am a godless
& i am animal now
running around w/ my hands in the pockets
of Holy Russia
on her mission
to milk color out of globeless eyesockets
i am lost
from the neck down
i am no demi-Buddha
i am no worthless roach
chill about your iceberg identity
we all ice
is errthang
errbody in the Motherland getting tipsy-
turvy i saw you swerve
w/ my life in yr hands
i guess
yr curvy words stabbing new planets
against the blackness of my infinity
i am so angry
about death
i am a shucked gem saver
bauble locker
i am one step slower
than my younger self
i will backpedal
into a sucking sand lagoon
everlasting poem-void
how can i exist
as a fucking star
if i can't write for you
my true words
racket under the exoskelly
of my chestbrain
has never even seen the sun
or i am lacking tanned insides
i lost myself
saying storms over & again
the day is forever
i am breathing
& stopped thinking about oxygen
so many mouths to fill
blind of the color of gasses freezing in the sky
of course i know what outter space is made of
my best friend is a burning demi-god
i choke down precious water
just so i can piss it into the ground
that will cover me
i grow
cherries again & over
a life or what is ahead
a whole new life
the shedding of my one second ago
dead memory of something that was only happy
in moments
where did this come from
why are there baby Buddhas growing out of my ears
my grandma used to bathe me
when i was very little
& then she died of cancer
i remember seeing my dad cry
at her funeral
god how many passions do i have
to have in one lifetime
like i am so excited
to barely hear your voice down my spine
wring the salty sweat from my marrow sun
core a trillion times hotter
than the surface of my blushed coat
they say you are crazy
why are you say crazy
is this my house w/ the pillowed walls
to protect my brain when i am
do not call me the past or the future
call me Tiger
run your fingers through my beard
i have been afraid
of drowning
for a long time now
i was born in the EIGHTIES
but i do not remember the EIGHTIES
i was in an egg
w/ so many small cracks
i could see the rest of the world
in small slivers
silver strands of dying parents head warmth
i could have gone too
so many times
i am a flame inside a greater flame
but only in size
or the wordburn from my sungod
she dances over me
i can hear the brown grass crackle
from down deep
in my midwest cave
in my job
in my terrible limitations of mortal form
look at my hands dance
from electro zaps
in a cushy sponge of forget its
what does GOMWYF stand for
what does I LOVE YOU stand for
what does NYC stand for
what does SMOKE EM IF YOU GOTTEM stand for
what does BARACK OBAMA stand for
what does GAR stand for
i am hardly making sense
i am hiding on one or the other side of a mirror
i am sorry i said i hate Mikey
i do not hate Mikey
i mean i am sorry i texted i hate Mikey
i do not hate Mikey
not even when he thinks he can beat Moss & I at FIFA forever
or i don't even remember the beerpong teams
if there were teams
i know
i can't keep going on & over about a single hidden Pearl
tucked away somewhere deep in the world wide web
where is my wife
or why do i have one
or when did the world become a TV show
i don't think anyone is watching
such a small fizzle
cheap firework
newborn infant galaxy bomb
truth bombs
where i relax my throat & wipe the cold sweat off my hands
just humming
some song i made up
about our whole lives in each moment of time
i don't think
i will ever be able to explain
unless i am doing it
just do it
& maybe everything ends
& maybe the average human is infinitely beautiful
& every second of our life is equal to a zillion dog lives
lets talk
lets wake up before anything warms
& me
& me & me
& i guess the world would be nicer still
if it was a blasted moon
if i was a busted boy floating for always
in my own wasteland
my sooncorpse growing out of your garden
shy & pink
slathered in the sweet soil of my return
no god
i will want to burn
i will want to be dust on the unused furniture
the voiceless artifacts
of lost time
& money
& everything
slowly cooking in the freezing artic waters
what about that
what about your gorgeous planet
what about the other gases in our air
that we never think are essential
my beard w/ no fingers through it
no running
straight into oblivian
like 16 year old Paul Hanson Clark
jizzing in his pants
because the world is his oyster
or some other sexy
godspray of shimmering nothings
that we can only see
when it is cold as hell
shrinking our baller brains
into unreadable names on rice
i have never put my hands in wet cement
but i am pretty sure
my hands have always been this small
wrapped around my fathers head
who is not yet dead
carrying me around like a giant child
knowing that i will never die


it's about October & i quit
smoking or i haven't drank
in a few days
i don't even drive drunk
no more
except in my happy thoughts
of immortality smiles through
a rough coat
ugly was-a-boy
i am sober & sitting
or smoked marijuana
this morning while my shower
steamed the room
i don't know why
i would tell you
anything about me
but when i am naked like this
i feel no minutes
& stop wondering
what my death will look like



what if you could drink
all the color chestnut
me being honest
with with with with
a hold me me
i don't know what i am
wasting my arm strength
on the rest of the world
say follow me
say raspberries
how well do you groundwater
know me
up and up the coast of chimney rock
i am drunk
and trying to talk to you about poetry
you are drunk
and burning holes into my lids
i met you i guess
or i felt the railroad crush my skull
ring my neck
juice my juicy spine
name your town after me
i only say thankyou in German
i can't unhinge my jaw
to swallow a large beast
if that's what you're thinking



rumble into groundwater
icy is yr warm crystalship
tiny hand hold ing ing --- 
scurry in my furry heat up
boily sea n sandy chestheave
i don't think about you all day like i do
when i weave/sleep
yr dreamboat
yr a poembot machining me to sing
i can make a wall to stand behind
w/ the sound of my voice
sea throu beehive honey my
place yr hands on my boy throat
slide up under my beard
what is nesting
w/o you
or what the birds say abt flying
it's nice
plz beak me peck away at the bark
long feather dangling in hair
the smell of sun
all over my
nude talking about
yr stunning
the guns on you
snipe roost in the gravy city
i standing forest
i can smell the skin burn
the slow toast smoke coming
beams i breathe
and explode
as you want me to



you walk like a thousand bucks
clacking their horns together and trip
over the Rockies like my voice sends
magnetic waves
surf a poem with your bare ass
i have become fatter since you left
is my body worth more
can i grow my head hair down to dirt
before the sun loves my scalp too much
quit kissing me in the TREE POEMS
you don't know where my cheeks have been
my money walking wiggle
ass in these jeans
i know you know your eyes will never
build a pyramid out of me
the Nile is my spilling
don't even say it's a river
everyone knows
everyone can google it
or when i am going to die
what do the stars think about me today
does this complete stranger know/love me
eight-ball is wrong
or what have i been smoking
eyes cloud
blood cloud
lungs cloud
does flying make me as sick as falling
i just can't be here right now
my sticks in the mud are dried stuck
i mean you strutt like a billion bucks
people get excited when royalty falls in love
people get excited when there is a stampede
you yell STAMPEDE
and everyone stampedes
with buldged eyes
tongues dry
get the fuck out! get the fuck out!
the sky is not blue
water is not blue
only my eyes
when my eyes are clean
lick them
pluck the fly out of my lid
breathe on the glass and rub your shirt in my face
look at this shiny toy
pull the string out of my back
hear me



a friend just texted me asking if i knew anyone
who wanted to buy weed

i am something
please something me

i have never met you and i talked to you
and then i felt bad when i couldn't talk to you

what i want what i want what i want
a slice???????

an unmoved moment where somebody says
are you in love

with someone
the moon

sinking under the current of the Platte R.
sinking in the sand of the dead river

we haven't had an inch of rain
all the grass is dead

when was the last time you thought winter is ok
because i don't see through a vortex

because my skin is untouched
i am lost to the idea of finding anyone

used to think about driving into trees
i have never crashed on purpose

i am afraid of brusies
i am afraid of my blood spilling

my face slid across the sidewalk
one time i dont think i mentioned

your neck wrapped around my neck
my mouth up against your ear

i am telling the story of my empty home
the lost dog or the dead dog or

i miss my dog and i miss my family
before everything blew up

before i got this job in an office
before i grew so tired

i don't drink every day
and i don't want to be pulled down

into the water
with water all around me

i can't swim i am telling you
but my voice sounds like




joke about my own death
mentioning how many times i refresh thedeathclock.com
in layman's poems i am gross i am a smokestack
i am going to crumple in on myselfish
my worst worsts
wrist wrenching my hands just throw up
all over a keyboard
i can type i dunno how many words per minute
like i got through the educational system
i took a lot of physical education classes
growing up
but who the hell knows
what i put in my body
gall knows gosh knows
but i have chest pains when i don't see her
heard about web MD
they said there is no cure
but i am listening
to the cure


push your foot away from your body
angle the ankles under smoke

i am wofting, i am an avalanche of dead birds
all fluffy and flopping through the air

work your thumbs into the tense part
of your own neck so the muscles ooze

purchase trees the size of trees
and walk around in your magical money forest

you can't just say to the sun
i own you sun, you are mine

because the sun doesn't give a damn
about your money



wrote a poem about my throat
things i am stuffing

the filter works
eating cookies after cookies after cookies

i am a monster
i think when i don't love someone

filling their glasses
with eyeballs

who washed all these damn windows
i say, twirling around in my mini mansion

lets all dig a hole to hell
sing well well well well

i've got
kidneys to do the work i refuse to do

i've got
death to get away from you

more like i wrote a poem about greasing it
so i can push large objects with ease

but i haven't even started
to talk

sweet sand blasting
crumbly desert

i had to wrap a towel around the sink faucet
to make the water taste ok

well, well, well, well
i have never drowned before

but i'd like to try it
with an infinitely large glass of ice water

o! throat
o' o' o' o!

hover between my ass hole
and the things i say

forgive me for all the pinecones
i am about to swallow


it's a time thing
it's a

my energy or my
looks ugly in a photograph
looks like i am leaping out of me

there are ghosts with no
they say
they are blind i guess

like a t.v. or some disease
in my eyes
from sitting too close to the ocean
thinking i can hear something so big


i want to be in love more than anything
i want to be in space
i want my bones to slow gin
for awhile
my atrophy from flying
my arms are folded paper birds
i am buying
you an entire nebula
whisky into small glasses
to look through
shaped out of my chest
i am thinking
so step on my yard
tip toe the eggshells
so stand there
so break nothing but my ribs
with my chest brain pulsing
i can
beat the walls i build
i can
axe the forest i hide my face in
nest open
can i hear my own skull drum drop
my voice ricochets
help me
i am not seeing anything
my vision is going foggy
i have loose pills in my tummy
my god died
one time
stopped on my self lying
it is a cancer
or etched small names into my rice grain
teeth made of sugar
and cocaine
i am sniffing the glue in seams
breaking away from torso
waving red cape
at this charging blind anger
just fear of the changing
the death of my army
my back up plan
to my back up plan was
to shoot myself out of a cannon


just so you know
i am a boring universe
i am the wind, wind, & the wind blowing
i am inside of myself
i am afraid of everyone
i am in love with storming
i walk away from pain
i am the epitome of dollface
i am the river receding
i am the dirt thirsting
i am the pit of my own pitness
i am watching fireworks
i love driving cars
i am the grass, grass, & the grass growing
i am afraid of the no you
i speak to my hearts health
i am the river flooding
i am the absorbing dirt
i keep quiet in poems
i am going to die
i am the no pain
i will tell you how your glow
makes my chest become a million things
that will never exist


beans and motherfuckers
tell the story of how i never
peed the bed
and the purple lightbulb

maybe some early sex dream

the roads are dangerous tonight
so i can use
war slang like in the shit


someone once told me
about roadies blowing cocaine
into stevie nix' ass

what if something catistrophic happend to me

14 November 2012


where is the hawk now
she floats
she ran off to the farm
w/ pockets full of gold
they are all
Swedish ladies i guess
street dancing country rubies
i dream smooth smoke
saw Rosie swanning at the water hole
you don't know
where all my gals put their neck
read my future off
another dusty poem
i am following the river
i am cutting down jungle
lost in Columbia
because the sun is not on earth
because earth is not in my spit
i am not going to
believe myself when she comes
back but she faiths me 
smiles can bust the stone off me
gravel my silly hills
you don't cliff well
or i am wasting all my jump
the desire to hang
i am around
satellite for the youth you stole
please sunday me
walk over my rug
feel the rope in your hands
i doubt i am worth
my own weight in air
but she is here or her hair smells
like a warning
i am dirt because she says so
i am sorry i didn't mean to
sad this
ok i can work on another fracture
it is easy to find them
all huddled together under the lights
this new storm rages
i won't take cover
because i don't give a fuck

it is difficult to put
up w/
your dumb shit
only bc i
kissed you &
want that back
i will drink
until i throw
up your stink
midwest voodoo

sky like bison
toward disappear wilder
on worlds fat lip
not so much my mind
touched gold & blue & vast
flux of wind to no wind
am i always
ice when melting
all can be chopped
to borderline extinction

i drive faster
less sober
further things grow
between potter/dix back land
middle of panhandled nothing

& tall rain miles away
roaming stampede of whitewash
never fills up
your father's father's well

who can stay
when there is no break
& the howling is mistaken
for wanton coyotes
nipping at your heels
bc there are no more
bison to kill
midwest voodoo

sky like bison
as never ending point
on worlds fat lip
not so much
my mind touched gold& blue & vast
flux of wind to
no wind
am i always this cold when melting
both can be chopped
to borderline extinction
i drive faster

the further things grow
between potter/dix back country
middle of panhandled nothing
& rain walls miles away
never seeming to fill up
your father's father's well
who can stay
when there is no break
& the howling is mistaken
for hungry coyotes nipping at your feet
bc there are no more bison
to kill

there are many mes that are gone now
though they stay w/ me also
you might have seen & laughed at
many of us
before it's too late
a young i would like to say
or he lost his

09 November 2012


i blew
out my
i am swollen
can feel the more of me lifting
breast meat
best cut
vest tuck of fur
i have 9 lbs of hair on my head
the more you search inside me
you find
dinosaur sticks
i am making myself naked
for your
the water i pour out onto the ground
sidewalks &
what pac s'd
he never
but this is me
a waste
thin as paper
something i poem on
the filler makes my brittle pipes
but i can bounce high
off the concrete
i can grow too
w/ worthless drops
falling from my forest
you are not drunk
i feel
she burns the sugar in my blood
for me
once ever
there are no words on my body
but it says everything on me
filling out my work attire
doubling over in human suit
my biggest size is my father's size
he too is almost expired
as if i know anything
about time
what i spent
looking at your arm next to me
it is silly
to just sleep
when i last saw you
see my toes when i stand
my boozy blindness
my hazy forget all
when i am shaping
i am a cube
that is new & won't fit
& neat
made of cow or corn or potato patch
i am a candy factory
i am swallowing sweet cream
is air
is my hair hiding enough of me
can you see where i am at all the time
surrounded by glass
i smoke
i quit smoking
i smoke
i quit smoking
i say over and over as years roll
my pockets full of lost dollar bills
your face moving towards me
i saw sunrise
or my words from whenever i last wrote a poem for you
but my first fat poem
my first poem abt this thing that i didn't think abt
what it costs
how short my life will be going forward
it is just a day
before i see you
it is just like any other day
where there is wind or water or grass or nothing
dry throat trying to take down drugs
bc i am somebody
looking for something
& see
the ocean
when i am floating
or surfing
i just love
in & around & through me
like blood i guess i am saying
or just trying to remember every single second that i did not forget
in cloud
in lies that are also true
because i exist
no matter my diameter
the moon still circles me
the ants still worship my thundering stomps
i am destroyer
i am a sack of lucky beans
put them in the dirt
& leave
i absorb vitamins from vitamins
i am surprised i have not grown horns
just plump buffalo w no horns
thudding through the rice lakes
highlands of western Nebraska
i used to Church
i used to be a shadow
i used to eat dead animals before they died
or i was a vicious monster
i am a tiger
made of tree bits
i am sorry i cannot go to your party in New York City
i am sorry i can dig lakes
i am quoting fake humans
i am singing abt fire
bubbling ocean of my skinny cage
i am meat i shout
at nobody
i am trying to pretend
my less than green is enough
who am i
a swimmer
man o man o man o
you really gotta clean bite out of my neck
i hope it is safe
chew me
i am an evolving animal
a pet to the universe
a pig
snort in the mud
this is what i look like
a poem
living happily in its own shit

08 November 2012


follow me
time is always against us
you did all this
my output what
i never buckle up 
i don't feel safe strapped to a ton of steel
did you
take the right pills
am i dreaming
is this really nothing
bc kansas is going bye bye
srsly it is so cold
i am mirrors & mirrors & mirrors
of some life on a razor
my bald gooey body
why didn't they tell me this shit was going to happen
i am weak from living off goo 
plugged in all day
working my ass off
my beautiful ass
the kind they write abt in songs