28 September 2012


i was infinity & still am

i could feel my heart i sd

you laughed

i know it is boring to stay alive

& absolutely nothing

my friends are all magicians

cigarette burns

a few girls

sometimes you only love

what is lost

smoke & mirrors

or stare at blank night

wonder where color hides

i breathe

& it is endless for me

i am sorry

you will have to watch

27 September 2012


are we frozen again
my beard seems dry
i have never drank four loko
my screech owls are singing too
if i could be invisible
i would still want to be beautiful
maybe i will get some frozen yogurt
or something
the older i get the more i think people are insane
people w/ crutches walk like people w/ crutches walk
so jacked
that i am almost through my huge ass credit card debt
i am brickhoused
i should stop buying bags of candy
someone left the oven on again
it was me
i am worth more money every day
do these tight maroon pants make my ass look gangsta?
it's 4:11 somewhere
it's 4:02 somewhere
when she says gas up the jet
i just want to avoid being
a lonewolf
i guess there's a slim shady in all of us
i am no Buddha
i am free
i sure do fuckin love poetry
a haiku about the verve

in 100 million years
noone will give a shit
abt the rolling stones

it's about October & i quit
smoking or i haven't drank
in a few days
i don't even drive drunk
no more
except in my happy thoughts
of immortality smiles through
a rough coat
ugly was-a-boy
i am sober & sitting
or smoked marijuana
this morning while my shower
steamed the room
i don't know why
i would tell you
anything about me
but when i am naked like this
i feel no minutes
& stop wondering
what my death will look like

25 September 2012


i am at work eating caramels & listening to lykke li
which i do not know how to pronounce
i thumbed up the track
bc it makes me think abt a girl
& that's good i guess
but it also makes me think
abt how i am bored & alone
which is nice too i mean
i am not complaining
but it's like
this song
makes me feel comfortable w/ loneliness
in some way
that i find pleasant
& the moment

24 September 2012


i guess i'm crazy
matters in thin sky
it's solid soar
& the moon croaks
& i don't know yr voice
body flies or what a bird does
i am
flap abt yr hollow bones
weigh as less than my cracked self
it say how abt the waves i don't surf
my tiny talons
clung to teethbeak 
i water too
dream of dig well
i am a digger too digging
my minute brain is chugging
midnight crow arms & legs
i say feel me w/ yr pinchers
did you fly here
yr wings must be glass pipes
& i am on the internet
& a bird call
& who knows my name this way
caw in tree my friend
my home
where i naked
fluff what needs fluffing
think my tiny brain
w/ all the death
is my torture
& higher i get
my only chance to survive
i wrote it like
i'm bathing
& she is watching me
from her tower
what the hell are dinosaurs
& where did i come from

wobble off sun knows yr rock will spin away
my legs hold up universe above me
i am frozen ocean i am cloudy city
smothered in leather of walker meatbags
clock each moment of huff puff on palm prints
drips spit on stone tablets or i read maps w/
 my chest hair soaked in lamp oil
i can be burning fuel i can start a new solar system
believe my death will not be soon i will see
dance & my mind distort apocolypse w/ Nirvana
& blam s'd shotgun blame pain on
& who's running in these toes w/ me
chasing last pockets of space
i will never eat enough molecules to keep
forgive my worthless husk i leave
i go mountain
i gooey drool past & piss & punctuation
or drown pearls in salty eyes
outlast what we create with our body
what waste
who can call my dead skin not a god
am i answers
i inhale fog off of a world
my voice changed
& i think i am man now
can you hear me crying abt it
locked in my spacesuit
catipulted towards a constant burn
as nothing as i was before
still everywhere
& is ice
dropped from void to mouth to endless summer
w/ nothing but life ahead
wax melts as light is heat is changing slime
my morphed combinations of what feels
& what needs to be fed
& stops growing
& i am a tree to reach
dressed in greenest leaves
& and i am made of what dies
& water is in me & out of me & air passes
me to no air
my hair swims like an ink cloud
& it's cold w/o you here

i think abt poison a few times a day
i think abt what my heart can do
& what happens when it can't do
i am fat
i have been getting fatter
or i am swelling

20 September 2012


i'm begining
to think tired is not normal
or what if i took a whole week
to write this poem

19 September 2012


w/ my eyes wide on the floor
i am destroying something cells
caged birds w/ no voice or i
am empty
or wish to be
floating dirtboat
kiss mojave
taste someone elses wedding on my teeth
i don't know
how beautfiul a white walled room is
until you asked me to look away
from some wanderlawn
to boxed up green things
do yr feet hurt
have you been running barefoot w/ all children
i guess i could stare at yr changing face
the shrinking and puffing
of yr brain cage
you look so simple
i believe i could fit my mouth
around yr whole head
can you hear me so close
just breathing

how my eyes gun' look
at a sun now
today thinker
each moment decay shows
i know i won't blubber
make a swallowfish float
i live inside an earth belly
my skelly keeps the tent up
tender house filler
for my own lost swimmer

14 September 2012


& who could stay
words abt my explode you--

the solar powered keep away
tag my skin wall
bake as a talent

i don't know what an oh hi
means or
doesn't even matter i guess
just hello
i know
what is new
am i still a still pool of drooling sky
bent under the weight of gravity
my quake my melting hide
shifts around the broken everythings
and i also
i also
can be wonderful
the way i sing your name in my thoughts
i guess hello hello hello
i never wanted to
have this anchor
my afraid ofs
there is a nothing
inside my belly
or soft parts
beneath my exoskelly

& a poem or what will i think
& not say or not think & text something
if i can be drunk enough
they all say

i am a busted junk
an exotic bird but not w/ color
just bleh
just an empty gravy boat
just put on yr rain coat
just abt to sleep agn
just crushing it

whadda words mean
whadda ya mean
whadda ya doin

& i guess i am most happy at night
i think stars are nice too look at
& i hope things are great

13 September 2012


how does a poem
or how i mean how
do i write abt how a human does this
if i don't pay attention to them
say maybe i imagine
think of long digit hand or time stopping
reach through visual air
each part of it ice
or is forming the way i stay here
crumbling cookies in my thief pouches
i am sorry
they were so something
and you can't always take what you want
so you might as well not take anything
and so the stone rolling
or walk barefoot or speed up and now running
full speed
is the title
of yr life
is the begining of where you were and then
the next life you have
i guess i say Paul sometimes loses
or sometimes a sunrise can be a loser
or sometimes the emptiness inside all of us
the gut void
is where we are meant to be
& a hug can be a good thing sometimes
& if i am wasted or you are not wasted
& a dumb drunk boy runs over a dumb drunk boy
w/ his car
or i dunno it's like that story you tell
or it gets told for you so everyone remembers
and they weren't even there
i guess i owe you yr hair back
i guess they already took mine
i should stop guessing so much
i have no luck
i am unlucky
i used to believe in someone elses god to make my failures seem important
i know thats stupid now
but oh well
what was i supposed to do 

12 September 2012


a new one

slew of or did kill it

i walk a fine squiggle dance

i piss my pants

as laughing or smell the body work

hard at the block

call all my friends taller than average

talk about the milk chug

i swallow families of birds

bring fire

to put out the ocean

standing on the beach

amazing grace so sweet explosion exo-

skeletons burst under monolith

under lazy haters


shave yr belly off

tell me what a future is

w/ all yr guts sloppy

i don't hear my legs whistle

wind wind and the wind hissing

porous me calcified sponge soaked in time

torso chamber pumping slime

fertilize the grass w/ my endless shitting

i could forest my forgetting

the fog is easy for lost things

i can't hear a god damn sound

& woosh

& i said

the leaves don't move

until they are dead

11 September 2012

10 September 2012


yr experience is


yr cough't lung hangits on my shoulder bro

i m-b too old to understand

the internet

lift my limbs up the stairs

i old fogey

i grow fruity forests in my nostrils

can't smell the moon

can't die from a sunburn

taste the salt

or alt human

or god believes he is god

a teacher teaches what everyone already knows

words are just funny boxes

cloud is puffy

don't own it

belong to infinity

crush my crushing

send fake flowers to my living relatives

tell right hand to shake

tell left hand to dance

tell booty to dip

i guess sex is still sex right

like in the 50's

they didn't have weird 50's sex

or in my brain the blood is still the same



tombs not booms

and rhyme me into a beautiful rhyming poem


i belong to the nobodies
i am afraid of body rust
or i never bathe
or i am happy abt zilch
or i can be a zero
or dot dot dot
so i oily
so i bend my joints
and smoke them
and flame out
and smoke the enemies
w/ my ass jaw
w/ my naked mouth
are you ok
torch thrower
are you stoned in a stone pit
w/ giant boulders in your skull
did they ask you
when you wanted to be born
can i make good
w/ just being a death again
will you help me quit quitting
i almost almosted
i shave the bald off my beard
i naked in the daytime
walk around w/ walkers walking
i get it
i took my name off my nametag
and just say i am your friend
and just say i am wrong abt it
and just say i am a go
gone w/ the blowing
the grass is still still
as ice as everything
lets talk abt my i love you's
lets talk abt the moon
lets talk abt Boise
lets talk abt SP CE
lets write more poems abt who
lets be messy
lets spill our guts in a lucky fountain
lets wish away our everyday
put on a coat of waterproofer
put on a face
put on the best skin you own
you are so mysterious
i am also mysterious
and changing
did you know
abt all the mutations in me
the slime turning into gold slime
solid as diamond sea dragons
or more real than a horse tongue
saying things like
please don't please me
i do not deserve your insides
draped around my neck
DRAKE tattooed on my neck
excuse me i hope you don't hate
i hope you are not a hater
pls check yr hate at the door
this plane is headed for mistake mansion
this plain is greater than the greatest existence
tell me abt yr money problems
maybe i can make a $billion worth of jokes
smile when you say sad things
smile when you are zombie
eat the brains out of my wet chest
feel the thought of my breaking
between your undead teeth

i don't bathe for fear of rusting

my creaky

i'm a broke down machine

07 September 2012


i dont wanna work

you look cuter at 26 than you did at 25

i tip my ugly mug to spill long hair down my back

i am low on medicine too

i need to call the medicine man

i saw Jason Downey last night

and talked to him for a little bit on the corner

i am fine with a mess because that is how i was raised

i worry that i will get angry/sad all the time

unless i am in a cave

fur coat pulled tight to my lack of jaw

i think

the brief moment you were in my mind

was nice

or something

and i would rather not hear what being drunk does

or how my death is tomorrow

as if sleeping makes the day change

as if the sun knows

what it is burning

i hope my jokes
make your day
go by
go by
go by
until she wakes up
rock spin backwards
whole lives ahead
i dunno what coma is
i dunno how to sleep
i am sorry
that debt is something
i am sorry
a life costs so much
w/ no promise
for how long it will last
forever i guess
or a worthless cliff to abyss
feel yr gut flutter
dropped quarter off
the Empire State Building
as nothing is always
or where Buffalo is
you wonder
if that speck
of what an anxiety attack looks like
what are these chemicals
my blood rise
the moon and when i was there
tide pulls so hard at me
am i sensitive
am i going to cry
i get scared around people
but lifes the only chance
to not be alone
for the duration

what is my blood rise
tip yr ugly mug over my shoulders
cripled long hair
who paints smiley faces on my faces
that i mirror me
shade of skin change to know the cold

tilt yr ugly mug

06 September 2012


how was burning man??


i should've been a painter
bc i love the smell of paint
or i should have died
bc i love being not being
or i hope i win an oscar
after i overdose on pills
i like to numb my gums
w/ whats left on my a$$
i should be more natural
let my honey run down
i can't feel anything on me
i just know i am stuck

the boy is growing
the cash is flowing
the birds birdcall twitter
swim in a lake of glitter
 the greenest green like likes the sun
my age is not your business
nor the strength of my back you agist
the cows cud my chest fur
their heads buried in my brain
 washing my thoughts w/ their cries!

like the death of your caring
the snow covers nothing
and puke and bleeding from eyes
on top of the smallest mountain
the wind can be used for sailing
or shows the sun or other suns
 that dry all the water in my skull!

05 September 2012


don't stop my shine
yr high is my bottom

i mountain in my sleep
i space my forgotten

w/ vibrating in deep
underneath i molten

magma in my belly
lava talks when i spit

or i bleed new earth
in the pittness of my pit

04 September 2012


breathe in sun reacher
or i am grabbing at what wilts
i dunno the seasons
my understand is a timeslide
sunk under moved stone
i can be a strangelove
or earthquaked pavement
your roots are showing
i hope they bury me in a box
made of your boards
XBOX 360

i think about running
it's exhausting
i might go for a run
i would like to fit in
my pants
i am naked
and swollen
i hear people talk
about their knees
giving out
but i am not
giving up
against gravity
or this time
i think i might
go run
go see
if i can
make it around
the block