13 November 2013


walk funny
mixing blood w. the aerth
she wishs there were no atomic bombs dropped
i put a hat on
call strangers say to them i want to see
live here w. me
you are a sunrise
i want to kiss your eyes until you are looking
so far into my body
i dont even know whats down there
tell her how i am feeling
hold me
sometimes i wash what i dont need to clean
lay still in a pool in the early 90s
thinking abt one day
when i will kiss you after the bars
i am wearing layers
you smelled like green peppers
or they were there
there was just us in a room
and you looking into me
like a wanted thing
alive in a world
i am living on a world w. all of these reasons
stand in rain
i put on my best shoes to eat dinner
w. your parents
i want to be hugged until the end of time
where are you where are you
my brain is a canyon
i learned to swim
swam to the bottom of all of it
to touch your hand
save you anywhere
even if i cant

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