13 November 2013


never say no time delay heaven is words
to be solid i am holding your hand 
as i dangle my body
off a windy cliff in idk germany
what is this building you grab me in the morning
say NO WE DON'T but you asleep
i am washing the darkness off my teeth
it goes gusty for the gulls from the west
called me to listen to their trashy diet
the thud of my down a small rock from space
billowing dust of all these things here
i am on a swing or you are swinging
my hands on your back
how do you know i am not a tiger
the size of pleasure on rained skin
warm me
in my water home a float master
calm as an arrow
they say??
i am dancing
watch my blood jiggle
find sleepy blond messages
slipped into my beard
i believe in you in the desert
thrashing in your sleep
call me darling
pull me into the brush of color
adding me and me and me is here
for you to grasp in a fever
whisper from an inch away
i have reached my limit
for being so far from you
and move closer
breathing heavy not because i will
eat you whole
i mean i wont
but call me tiger
as i sprint thru some bavarian valley
collecting every flower i can find
sleep in a hotel bed
or the ground
there is snow high up where we won't go
or are going
tell me what is flooding you
i will love every moment
your mouth moves over
my body a disaster a toothless smile
pressed against glass
counting the price of death and loneliness
as if i have it near me
swallow each globe as we surf the universe
on our backs or curled and twisted
to one body under a car roof
fucking and whiskey and my first
cigarette is a poem for you you you
i am writing home is a monster
i want to know where
the line washes away
stand on mountain i mean
i am a stand on the mountain top and yell
jeg elsker dig!!!!!!!!
out the bones of what i can shout until my
lungs flatten out against you
tears all over my face
because this is so beautiful
the destruction of storms w. i would
stand anywhere under an umbrella
press face into face
until they call us a laughter

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