19 November 2013


i feel sick and i have to pee
but i dont get off work for the next
17 minutes i asked off work
christmas eve and also the day after
christmas but i have to work
or i will probably have to work
i have no idea and i want to quit my job
what would travdogg do?? i told paul
i wanted to write like a novel or something
maybe 3k poems and i want to go to europe
and i want to do other things w savings
and shit that i cant get right now but will
and maybe i will get a drivers license
and and and i used to always use amersands in
my poems or only ampersands &
i dont do that much anymore
but im not really into following rules
and i like changing like i feel bad but i
started smoking again in chi
i was alone and i
dont think anyone was awake

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