22 February 2014


will i drink to deth
a light my dragonsfire 
kiss me
w/ the back of your throat
two by two
drown into each others clean dirt
open waterfall of
snake in parfuum feel away
skinny oak 
it crumbly shore loses even the ship
every beast couples
at darkness or soonershine
was lonely was in closed eyes
for my narrow wander
where i been before is travel
thru solid ground
follow trail of bloodguts
from tomb to milky master
no i law i in love w my home
is a glassy plank 
foggy bay an obscura metus down
the alley near mulberry tree
how tall is aging
you the measure of my fingers in cream
talk danger at unseen move
cheek against cold metal
it is shining the sun still when it dies
a groove in yr hand listens
it is future glows a tunnel a porous 
moon travel man 
what stars can you claim
from canine to void of voice
a naked whale sings land

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