01 February 2014


breakfast was easy
she told me tomorrow is february but that was 
last night
i was thinking maybe deth is ez
or where i am iz 
sailor my dolphin hands thru passenger air
i am a webby fantasy of fantastic suicides
saves the day today
hey, wash the dirt from my leather jacket
paint my hair imma monet
if u stare at my face long enough you will see that
it is made up of many smaller faces
numbering is worthless
unless you intend to eat the fruit
don't say that
the value of where my accent isn't
i craw craw bc i loved men in the absence 
of a father
or moving thru time
the way i see trees passing in a car
its try heroin when yr 5
it will never be there for youth
but i keep killing myself for it
say next year
i will dig a new well
10 years from now
i will be a new thing

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