18 February 2014


cries a cell
out my look 
globes a coin
roll papers
swell pink breath
mint the trees blood
i am god
cum stain in wake
hands on
the casket
where to work
what a peace
ded is justice
my name colors
a father builds
a boat
for his family
touch sky
flood yr ass
imagine no clouds
it's easy
to be open
sleep under roof
guns guns guns
fuck the police
tat a symbol
cut away crust
drink kool-aid
from a knifeblade
glass house
get stoned
lite a candle
torch the rich
feel yr own land
pulse behind glass
bullet proof tongue
talk cheap
milk cheap
ignite me cheap
violent water
baah baah baal 
naked on the beach
think smile
count muscles
squeeze "the juice"
racial smoke machine
sounds of clapper
sing /i killed it/
dream or have one
it is a river
of melty golden
flake the flesh
pour gasoline 
muss feathers
glue feet to space
cost to live
where food is
stored secrets
stare at the hills
green light means
meet dark tunnel
shoot skin first
silver medal
run circles round
square root of prison
cash cycle
money records
pray for war
drug masses
poison hydra
oily eagle
burn the flag
bring back to life
walk the plank 
in my vision
a trillion debts
deth decision

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