31 May 2012


look at me
stronger than an ox
oh... i am exposed to windows
my mouth says words in 3D
for only a few dollars more
my hands
the world is forcing me
to be dull
there is no easy way out of your own
we are all freaks
we are all lucky to still be alive

make me surrender
dowse me in gasoline
i am frozen
this life ahead of me
safe as safe as afraid
make me your late night
i can be gone
fast as any boy boying it
i can explode
i drank a lot of your empty
took my time at surviving
weave this winter with this summer
none but white walls
none but i am sleeping in light
make me afraid of having
i am troubled by the weight
of stuff          fancy jewelry
anchor for a hurricane
there is too much laughing
when i am this open
standing out in rain
no one exactly knows
why we are not the slope of cloud
why my name is not jack
why the mountains reach
why i wish i was a whale
soaring through the pacfic ocean
singing about the beautiful beach
to sleep

30 May 2012


shit daily
what is gone, is gone, is gone
but i miss you now

with arms of wind and blowing glass
the edge and angle of my knees keeps

to fuck and feed and sleep
i am going to believe this burried you
is growing

said i would bore you
and i did

said i would tunnel deep into dirt
and i am still digging

pile dirt on my corpse too
while I am still breathing

i miss the excitement of nothing
and the not having

water me
let the sun pull me from the ground

hello to ocean
to the me inside of me
i can't eat

hello abyss
engulfing what is left
of my heavy drip

you look
so pretty
standing on that grin

morph a body
into something heaven
several thousand kelvins

i am boiling
i am an empty city
i am a billion directions

i dont know
i dont know
i dont know

29 May 2012


look at what i made today
a few of you smile
when it is almost midnight again
the words are pouring
we surrender nothing
not to forget the dark
when day stays long
tell them not to worry too
what happens w/o them
and so, he exploded
our hero, our trumpet,
our demigods' gods

it makes me vomit to think
i can only write
about all the things i am wrong
how short a rope i have
and close to the ground

sorry i talk so much
when i’m afraid
that i don't exist anymore
linger like dust noise
i burned the damned
i drank and danced
and hell is a helluva steamer
to sweat out all the liquor
my pores are puking

i was all black inside
the weight of starry
still can't crush me
can't stop my mouth
from swallow
pushing tongue against
a cut or the opening
where you tell me to go
as far away as light travels

i want to hear the growing
of sunflowers climb
you hum in the shower
jump into my arms and
squeeze me out of the ground

25 May 2012


clean the cob
pull the broomstick

click on my
skin ads
browse my entire catalogue

here is enough money
to buy god
the f-ing sell-out

he says baby
i get satanic on you
he listens
to A-Ha

you know i would love to
make another Buffy movie

call it
call it

it would star
your floppy corpse
as a corpse

how famous
do you feel

how many
stars can you see with those cavernous holes in your skull

the jury still out on this one
custody of the horse belongs to earth

o' my gravity
whipping you around and around

your face is dark and not and dark and not
like i like i like

talking to me
and then writing down something stupid

or trying to hide
on the internet

you go ditch your phone from the loop
you hoop in a roller coaster

i just
throw up all day

i saw you walking in a dream i had
but i never actually saw

is very vague

and you can say nice things in my ears
or i can kiss bruises and pretend

she whirlybirds you
with her bony elbows bowed
you don't see wind
the way you taste her breathing

put a seed in your palm
put the seed in the ground
this is called growing
the rest is easy

shakeouts the rug from beneath
my hand-stand walking
the tattoo on my blind friend
is hard to see from a short block

if timed right you can fall in love
with everyone in enough light
or walk forever in a circle
sleeping when you feel scared

there are candles too we describe
smelling like things we think we know
the purple things that grow
the sand and wood and sitting water

so you fall out of it again
moving without seeing reason
why we climb onto each other
to trade warmth for lost air


i guess i was becoming you

always wanting the moon to follow me

as i am walking

there is direction to my loco

drew drawings of cranking a crank

of water up the well

dear who ever always

there are infinite holes in my bucket

shed some light

off the sun

this is not a solid fire rock

stupid kid in my brain

you look like i am in love with you

or i owe you a spilled gut

sleeves are sleeves to hide sleeveless


i could hold onto water

if it all froze

like you say it will

What's up with the helicopters? I've always wondered.

doubtful of my hand moving
you sitting up on my hips
edge of ocean moves
grin glowing from the late night
under a rain spent roof

24 May 2012


in summer writing a summer poem
it's hot is easy
it's nice to talk about weather
we can all agree
about humidity
about hell
about how it's scary to die or not scary at all
but no one dies in summer
at least not me
at least not yet
Jeff said he hates smoking in summer
all my friends want to quit smoking
but i want to quit quitting
quit nothing
not knowing
all of my friends with stomach aches in their lungs
and me, my brain in my chest breaking
blind as a boy dreaming
i used to wear glasses to look like my brother
but now i need glasses to see
i cracked a rib the other day
i was bowling
i feel like a turd
all i do is throw up and cry all day
was something tweeted
or i remember it as me alone in a bathroom
with a shit smell in the air
this is not my bathroom
this is not my house
i have no where to go i guess
my dad is maybe insane
he calls me every day crying or at least
when i am curious enough to check
a voicemail
i blocked his phone number
i am wilting
i quit smoking in February and started again
a week before my birthday
i am afraid of being alone in front of everyone
with no object to ritually burn in my mouth
and fire and furnace
add magma add lava
pour me down the side of a mountain
makes more mountain
or i am taller than dead me or baby me
but not much more mass than the idea
of my life
i can shout or hear my bones weeping
about all this heavy lifting
i am inging or slow syrup slop
just saying words a lot
just saying things that sound like things
not saying
not shouting
i wrote a poem and wrote a poem and wrote a poem
cold pointless poem
on paper or on blog or on hand or in head
i am just a wound
a wound up toy that stops walking one day
or winds and winds and winds
until you break off a piece of me
my scalp
me crying during Dances W/ Wolves
when the scalped man screams
don't you hurt my mules
love isn't a boulder
or a beautiful ass
like my ass in these jeans
i am shaking
it is cold
we are running the air conditioner in May
i was born
a long time ago
or a tick-tock ago
came raging into a world
that wasn't ready for me to destroy it
i am guessing here
pulling out straws from my straw arms and legs
opening each nostril one after the other
to breathe in the sun or the moon
or whatever you tell me to do
i can stand here
i can climb a flag pole
i can build a building and hide in your metropolis
but i am sitting
in the middle of a field
but i am
an animal
but i am not Mr. Flawless
and hello hello
i would like to be a smiling face
or bright sun beam making grapes grow
or skin grow over its openings
blood pools where you push
i can sit still
for zero time
i am waiting to stop moving
expansion is inside of my skully
i stare and stare and stare into mirrors
hoping i can see a kid
that runs around
not giving a fuck about what i am wearing
or where i am going
or when the world will end

my productivity of being alive has waned
with my surroundings aging
or i look with jealousy at a city i've never been

i say, i know i am wrong
over and over and over again
so i can stop deaming

you wrap me in plastic trash bags
when it is raining

but who am i
is just speck
is just loose grin
is just drinking and drinking and falling

i take breaks between breathing
to keep out the air of this earth

my productivity of life is waning
i have opened the wrong nostril
or smelled too much of you

what am i baking
a rock
that spins around the sun

talk to the early me
when i wake up to a text from you
my beaming changes seasons

no one puts the dark here
my body and infinite holes
moves faster in sky

math you make divides distance
as i count smallest fractions of time
between seeing you and seeing you

23 May 2012


i'm not even a germaphobe

i lift up my skirt

to show you

the face of the moon is brighter than a billion miles of space


you wonder about wondering

a mouth is open in seconds

and closes


your radius is the benchmark

i can pretty too

you know

i might be in manhattan this summer

i feel

like i am always adapting

like i go

i go

always motion

always the warmth from somewhere else

it pulls

me through the entire universe

point a to

point b

you make swimming in zero gravity

look good

21 May 2012


working on a doghouse
deleting your cookies
eating your words

write a poem
write another poem
write the greatest poem

take baby steps
walk in my shoes for miles
drink the ocean

the ocean

lets all
go to the moon
and breathe

lets all wear the coolest shades
lets all walk on the sun
like Smashmouth

run fingers over the dent in my skull
looking for alternate routes
and i am in forest and hearing trees moan

my mouth is mouthing mouth moves
with no sound coming from the air
that passes by the rock known as throat

natural attrition makes dying a nuisance
you dust off the shoulders or swat at a fly
that buzzes and buzzes and buzzes

18 May 2012


i get real down

: \

i get
real down sometimes


when i get happy : D

my toes curl

from all this


that explodes

through my whole body


fucking great

grass chews freshest in the Junish eyes

screaming my pitness

looks deeper than a chasm than a soul

writing down funny things for a tombstone

before you settle

best open every door for every knock

i am thinking about

saying hello

what i put in my blood is my own business

and business is poem


as laying down in the sun

you should invite more demigods to your facebook events
take more vacations to
flavor country

i don't paint cowboys as smokestacks
think Simpsons
was about the Simpsons

like i am eating this grilled cheese w/ ham
watching the white Ford Bronco

or how for the longest time
i always thought
Leonardo DiCaprio was in Shawshank Redemption

what i am thinking about
is probably paintball guns
and fourwheelers

the multiple colors of the clothes i wear
and how to trace my hand and
turn it into a turkey

Letric Collective reading

16 May 2012


if you go
to stop



hello to ocean
there is a me inside of me
i can't eat

there is this dream
i have
where i stop dreaming

you look
so pretty
standing on that grin

i am boiling
i am an empty city
i am a billion directions

i dont know
i dont know
i dont know

i have stopped to care
or stopped carin'
i wish
stickin' my hand in the fire or just sit there
at the burnin' oxygen
i won't be breathin'
sorry for
puttin' my weight on your shoulders
or pullin' on strings i don't see
my arm
is around you i guess
huggin' because i have never
and juice the wrong of us
for drinkin'
the poison in me

15 May 2012


those are the fun ones
your baby is crying
you forgot that there are things baking

i took a nap and had a dream
but now i am just sweaty
now i am awake

i like to put pepper on boring
say i am zinging it
and tell people to drink a glass of milk

this is a poem
there are people talking about comic books
not comics like comedians

i wanted to take acid
and go to Hemingway's grave
the last time i was in Idaho

your hands are too small
put them in water
give them sun

i am horrible
i hide all of my troubles
in my lungs and stomach

my eyes are full of sky parts
or thats what i tell them
when i can't stop lying

wasn't just speeding
sleeping with eyes open
look at how the sun candies sky
i am
playing around
drove my tongue into an apple
or he shot his wife dead
you look
a lot like a book i read about book reading
west is vibrating
there are mountains over magma
i would like to live on a Hawaiian island
this is where i changed the title to Pacific
you're guessing
you're forgetting about Japan
or school shooters are natural disasters
our brains cannot remember
every single person who dies
i am opening
my mouth
shine a flashlight
into me is a pillar of sugar
and i am so sorry the end is ending
or i said again
what i am saying again
quit reading me
quit rereading me
lets swim
or lets take off our gasoline suits
i am not sure
i am not willing to die for games
my tooth just keeps
begging me to taste sugar
until i explode

11 May 2012

he's no Chris Osgood

10 May 2012


i'm fruit
taste sweet or is batty

a salad
you are mayonnaising

call me the angry distance
or fool you twice times twice

tell it on the moon

be a moon baby

fill the universe with hot air

never drag
your claws

across the chalkboard
of my best friend

you're putting your hands in the cement
because it is still wet

the ocean is wet



all of this and all of you and the great distance
that winds you into a killer curve ball



and just be ok
with your void and the stars you will never see

they are beautiful
and it is more sad to watch them die

numbers i'm boiling over does adding
does holy moly

i am numb
i am cake

my eyes aren't beautiful
they're just


i rank joints by flexibility

plug my thumb deep into the ear cannal

shit daily

what is gone, is gone, is gone
but i miss you now

with arms of wind and blowing glass
the edge and angle of my knees keeps
to fuck and feed and sleep
i am going to believe this burried you
is growing
pile dirt on my corpse too
while I am still breathing

water me

let the sun pull me from the ground

09 May 2012

i wonder what Allen Iverson thinks about death, or this
we have to breathe and breathe and breathe;
i’m not doing this to die well
but they
make statues of human beings who live as long as we do

you’re putting your hands in the cement when it’s still soft
but even a sidewalk dies

i am following a set of strings tangled together

i am wondering what Allen Iverson thinks about death

i don't know where some people are
but i still care

in love with the

when i was living in a trailer in Monroe Nebraska i remember walking over to the school; wandering around
and there was this fence that i remember standing on and a wasp landed on my arm

really isn't anything else to say

the wasp stayed there for some time, probably not as long as i remember

then it flew away
but i think about this event every year

and will continue to do so
i assume

08 May 2012


walking around in the yard
while your friends unfold themselves

the snakes are all hiding under the house
afraid of what a supermoon might do

train conductors triple in speed to get home
before the may sun wakes the dead

i'm finding leftover skins scattered
and i pile them up near the alley
whistle for the dogs to come get


we're not dinosaurs
we have brains too big for our bodies

07 May 2012

wasn't i just cumming
doesn't my god think your god is a good lay
won't the backs of our backs break
with all these hor

your reach is worth more than
the Gulf of Mexico i saw
a ton of sky

we have pelican powered boats
to take us out
into the middle

of salt water, drink buckets
it will make you feel less clumsy
around us

say hurtful words at shark infested waters
run away in the mud
drink sand

it makes me think less of breathing
when you remove my lungs
and make poetry your weapon

or think this spit you spit
is beautiful
or a star forming

sit there in your silo
scratching mosquito bites
talk about how much you hate spiders

and stomp around
in a huge city
shoving curb trash into your own ass

i am sorry for telling you what to do
telling you
how to avoid my neck

or when i say i love my dad
i love my dad
i love my dad

it hurts me that you hurt me when you're hurt
i mean you go around blowing
pigs houses down and whistling

because you can whistle to release
brain pressure
or just breathe quietly

so you don't notice me
watching the Supermoon
through the holes in your skull

03 May 2012


i'm not nearly
as smart as
your arm
sinking deep
the frigid spring
the mountain
of children.
my fingers
wrapped around
and its' grease.
where is
when i need her?
find me
curved perfectly
to a moon
or look like i am
growing in direction;
losing things i
don't need:
my memory,
hair, as long as
i can steal
things from your yard,
the sun, warms
the same as my face
spread beard
all over skin
in slow motion
as it leaks
to dirt.
wash me
with your powers
magic waiving
crash like a person
falling out
of a burning building
onto one of those
giant nets.

02 May 2012


i'm terribly parched, you see
my tarantula chest
thudding stones into a Boys II Men music video
see my sugar pillar
sparkling in sweat
stupid sun just killing me

you don't even know
where water comes from
you've never drowned before
i said

you see the ground is a lid
we are boiling off the excess skin
bone picking

think if i shout loud enough at the sky
something will fall on me
somebody will see

cracking up the arms and legs
my joints
are pulverizing bone

look again and i am the desert
in the video
i am sugar standing

it's gorgeous

pouring drool all over the earth
there is a turantula on my chest
growth isn't my expansion and
the way you remind me to eat
through the the mantle with the
magma proof jump suit you ma--
de me

01 May 2012


push your foot away from your body
angle the ankles under smoke

i am wofting, i am an avalanche of dead birds
all fluffy and flopping through the air

work your thumbs into the tense part
of your own neck so the muscles ooze

purchase trees the size of trees
and walk around in your magical money forest

you can't just say to the sun
i own you sun, you are mine

because the sun doesn't give a damn
about your money