29 January 2014

sad everyone world in the sad everyone is all the time a sad world aka a sad world aka a sad sad sad sad everyone

wash hair cut hair remove hair let it grow
a dirty hippie
a socialist a communist will not watch mtv
yo! racism
yo! the miseducation of me and my award winning brain
yo! the pope is still the pope
yo! i have not trimmed my nails in days
yo! i am poetry
yo! colors are here to trick your mind
because you are a human
capitalism is a disease
winning a grammy does not make racism go away
it doesn't mean anything
yo! burn a bridge
yo! destroy the railroad
yo! i dream about a virgin landscape
yo! i am a human i am a mutant i am a crawling bug
yo! alcohol is what
bad for you?
what is more evil the evil in my teeth or the evil in my ears
yo! what is good
tell me where you have been all my life
remember commercials from your childhood remember how everything tastes
remember how much you wanted
little grabby hands grabby for light
yo! everyone is sad
yo! we are tools w/ tools
yo! who cares about the moon
yo! who cares about life after death
yo! white america shot tupac
yo! puff daddy?
yo! americas next top horse shit
yo! reality
yo! i am digging to "china"
yo! read abt all these beautiful places in china
yo! the third longest river is in china
yo! i will probably never go to china
yo! i am slowly decaying
yo! time is not real we are just experiencing decay as our bodies are slowly pulled apart by gravity and radiation and shit
yo! i want to go back
yo! to the dinosaurs
yo! in fiction they say if you go back too far you will die
yo! lies

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