06 April 2014


what a wall can do for me
so i got caught pilfering a donut at the donut shop
so i talk rude to cops
fuck god
i have to wait a few minutes after rage
fuck rage
a fence you can see thru is poison
you say i am clean and everyone around me is scum
why do all my friends want to die
or is it numbskulls mumbling prayers to a wall
the other side is just turning your back on what holds you
this is my fucked up grin
teeth i have collected off the beaches 
the ocean will kill you
the sky is not blue it is just distorted light
i mean there is no color in anything
unless you see it

04 April 2014


this guy i met once who used to work with a friend of mine
getting weed or something
he lived in this gated community
my friend mike said he was from brazil
wait let me make something clear
i am an ideas man
i dream big and choke to deth
so this brazil guy he was tall a lot taller than me and im not short
said if we went to brazil to stay away from non tourist areas
because if you are an asshole at some local dive bar
someone could pay a beggar 5$ to kill you
and this is all about world cup 
the stadium in rio can see columns of smoke
rising from another soccer field not too far away
where local gangs burn people alive in stacked tires
i never save
my money i mean 
this is what we are talking about
when we say we are alive
pay for falling
i want to be on another planet
i think in order to win this war
we need to stop believing in war
money is as real as we want it to be
everyone hears poetry
but listen


sometimes i am reminded of who i was a long time ago
a ghost is the smallest element
i kept trying to use a line in a poem while driving from boise to nebraska
i used it
i wonder what life would be like if i was me again
see things that are a memory of a spec of my dedself
earlier today i was thinking about a time when my father kicked me
as i was on the ground trying to change into clothes for yard work
i wonder if he figured i would forgive him
we forget a lot of events in our lives
years and years if we try hard enough
it is no effort though
thats why its so hard
we see things painted inside of our skulls
this is when we had a good hunt
or when we cried in a ball on the floor


1. get eggs
2. leave eggs in fridge maybe eat one or two any way u want but not hard boiled… yet
3. wait for them to get to date on carton thing
4. place eggs in large pot filled w enough water to more than cover all eggs
5. fill up large bowl w enough water to cover eggs and place bowl in freezer
6. pour a lil salt and a lil vinegar into water 
7. turn on stove top to lets say some where between medium high and high
8. cover
9. wait for it to reach boil
10. let boil for 3-5 minutes
11. remove from heat
12. let sit in hot water for 15-20 min
13. remove 1 egg and dip in in ice water to cool then spin it 
14. if it spins p good then remove all eggs and put in ice water
16. put bowl of ice water and eggs back in the freezer for 10 min
17. remove eggs from ice water, dry, eat or store for 5-7 days


hurts to breathe
read the internet
while taking a dump
i am having a baby
i am a baby
we are in a computer program
the super volcano is going to kill someone
we will all die one day

02 April 2014


i'm blind and i'm stupid i say to salt water
why am i so afraid
of everything?????????
a murderous wave to say hello drowning my old friend
where do people find all these fish
inside of you
i stumble into sadness i cannot run on the beach
w/o feeling
that i have wasted so much
i scream into my brain cage
this skull kills fascists
beating my head w/ the palm of my hand
shout WAKE UP
and eyes fill up w/ tears to whimper
i do not remember my own home
there were once millions of bison here
where can i be buried
that doesn't make me a thief