04 April 2014


this guy i met once who used to work with a friend of mine
getting weed or something
he lived in this gated community
my friend mike said he was from brazil
wait let me make something clear
i am an ideas man
i dream big and choke to deth
so this brazil guy he was tall a lot taller than me and im not short
said if we went to brazil to stay away from non tourist areas
because if you are an asshole at some local dive bar
someone could pay a beggar 5$ to kill you
and this is all about world cup 
the stadium in rio can see columns of smoke
rising from another soccer field not too far away
where local gangs burn people alive in stacked tires
i never save
my money i mean 
this is what we are talking about
when we say we are alive
pay for falling
i want to be on another planet
i think in order to win this war
we need to stop believing in war
money is as real as we want it to be
everyone hears poetry
but listen

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