21 June 2014

pardon my heart

laugh at your past
kyle said "can you
about these poems write a number of poems and die
do you die can you do it 1000 times before matthias can hike
his dogs to mt killamanjaro (sp)
i have a serious talk to go
can i use dreams to say how i felt tripping in that electrical storm
do i even like grid planned plain towns
its so flat and smooth asphault
kill me
i wonder if the weather can read my mind
i dont know a way back to anything of a smile
but im writing a billion poems to pay off my debt
to some stupid magic
these are moments where i think i am human
or a human thinks how the hell can i be me
can i meet her at home
can i ever move my lips w/o crying
here is my stupid mouth
my jingle teeth
a nowhere that you can roll out for miles
tie it to my feet
and fly me close to the storm

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