20 December 2013


it digs of deth when u say it
mash my wishes w a spoon into the bottom of a glass
they call that something when it is mint
like my riverdancing teeth
i jiggle in the winter
makes the whole avalanche seem like a baby
rolling down mtn
fax me the smell of pine lifted from a burning can
where my hands warm
your hips and closer
i want to kiss skin i am shouting my face in the snow
why is it so cold
blame the sun
my legs are made of peeled bark i stuck
together w sap
i want to kiss you i am so
sorry my brain
is a mess
run after  you in my socks
i am afraid of cancer
i dont expect much to change each year
i can dig a well
find nothing
put against me i say the whole bit all of it
and huge numbers that dont exist


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