30 November 2011

brain talk

one two three





then, one two three






28 November 2011

halt this silly blasting noise

harmless as the slope of your jean ski

i bumble-bee where the frame stretches skin

see the scales flex under liquid life

stopping each millimeter to breathe leather

23 November 2011

bush (band)

he quit the band
to fight his brain wars, even tried
to leap outta that plain
that took his old ass
back to idaho,
and i guess it's obvious
that a man with so many ways out
won't think to give up.
he owned about 700 guns,
for pete's sake.

19 November 2011

tall earth

i am being born right now
there are no hands at the end of me
i grow stumps in the forest
to sell them
small families with two or three children
hang their faces on the wall
of my mouth
caving the roof of some bombarded cathedral
from the 14th century
now gravel is my absence
priceless art with blank price tags
shattered into teeth shaped color
dropping axe blades
so you can understand
why i say empty sounds
that come together as a dance
or the shelling of my home
the erupting mountain
is no longer a mountain

17 November 2011

love poem

i fell in love with the girl
in front of me
in line at chipotle today
she ordered
the chicken fajita burrito with guac
when the chipotle employee said
the guac is $1.80 extra
this girl did not even blink
just stone cold
did not give a fuck

16 November 2011

le facteur temps est critique

puss holds under the skin for years
depending on how thick the skin is

you can take a needle and pop it
or you can cringe in pain

waiting to die is a silly concept
there is no distance in changing

the gap between 2k11 to 2k12
is slowly watching your body ooze
chris gaines

blame the whole damn tree
my nerves fucking up your black tie affair
my tall shoes
say i am the last one, or i miss all of my friends

there is no surprise
of the complain score
drinking into the ditch of winter

i can see my breath
i can swing an axe
i will get black out drunk at your wedding

because i can just go to any bar
and they know me
they go as low as i want to dig
because i am garth brooks
because i am garth brooks
because i am garth brooks

15 November 2011

also, kickboxing

you are not here to put cherries in my mouth
or catch the seeds i slowly spit

my chest caves in on itself

when i am anxious
i can feel my atoms vibrating apart
makes me think of men in black

before you say anything
write yourself a poem explaining why
you should not say anything

take your name out for a walk
to see why your feet are so close in the mirror

i am going places
to stay put

try to move me
make my knees buckle
make my fur cry
make every human being to come from my bloodline
stand up and shout random noises

we can't all be from other planets
we can't all be drake

repeat the punch
repeat the bleeding lip
crushed nose mash

stare at the stone wall in your basement
tell everyone on the other side
how much.

10 November 2011

when all your friends stop drinking every night

vomit in swaystride
i can smell the difference between the well
and the top shelf
i was thrown into the fire
at this bar
i am just here to tell you nothings
or speak poems
feel the numb layer
trip over my own loving
grease the wheels for a slow stumble
never trust the night
are there people here
can any of these things
with their mouths
tell me how they exist
i am growing into myself
each organ is turning into stone
i cant even piss anymore
without the sky turning into gin
falling all over me
this is a poem

i don't even finish my coffee
just name them

name things to feel nice or
let the guts in

i know i had an etc. too
thinking about this rope

from hip to hip with more slack
such a nile line

grooving to the grain fields
mountain pass and a vegas strip

i don't even know you
when i'm not breathing on your face

call me when it's late
i won't even be awake

call me thing
let me know how i divide the earth

09 November 2011

it's whatever shawty

the reeper is on a first name basis w/ t.i.
and the pimp phone is rangin

brand is my bite
through flashing cash grins

what i am worth
is swag
when i cry in outter space
is swag
every second magic johnson lives
is swag

call me later when you know
i am passed out

say words with no weight

here is a poem and not a desert
sand is too annoying
with all this running

hey shawty
if your'e listening
to drake right now

i have never sprained an ankle
i have never been the greatest ever

i am just a human
buying salt

means we're friends
or where she takes you when you carry

over water
you can't let this spirit thing get in your head

lady wasn't going to feel
the same feelings you pick out of space

little dust off the alien ship
big rocks of everything

walk in every direction
at the same no-time

like you knew she existed then
or still does
buying salt

you make the sounds
when i drive someone elses pickup truck

08 November 2011

rewriting joy's poem while listening to nelly's over and over

i found something
my machine parts in the backseat
youre mumbling things about work:

macguyver please
or what i can hear on the club floor
sound shakes off her objects
solar flares living in a smoke.

she slid down a tree
she spoke to me in hums

boys are the floating objects of space
i will engulf your frame
stretch the skin of a cow over your bones.

07 November 2011


medium sized solar flare
salted peanut finger lick
a minor radiation storm
coronal mass ejection
a scar across western mass.
camels, amazing
frogs shhhh....
water under surface of earth
the flames you saw were normal

03 November 2011

bombing garages on my longboard

swag on infinity
watch my rope-tails hang
magic works
like touching anything before the sun can
it's just dying to
reach you
magic works at smiling away HIV
he's still dying though
when can't i stop
when can't i forget my name isn't
lil wayne
say money a thousand times a second
or a million times a milisecond
learn from the internet
i watched a youtube on how to be a billionare
i watched vhs of early 90s playoffs
i said
hey thats million dollar poetry there
i said hey thats million dollar poetry
i said million dollar poems
million poems
i broke that down like a zone defense
i took out the money
and reminded myself about winning game 7
because there is no i in poetry

01 November 2011


man i can't tell you how to shit from the sky
but flying is all in the forgotten land
burden me man
with what i see, you know all that same green paste
holding up human parts
what makes this family really click
why do i love these sweet jams
how do i dance like usher
i don't know these things, man
i'm not here to mean
it's just you know greener here
the actual size of your heart
how the taste of a mirror
is nothing
my hand will always reach your hand
do you hear every fucking tree poem i cut down
in the woods
is any stump pile a pile of my colorful past
how many times can i beat you at chest
man, i have no clue
but i can say
the greenest place you have ever seen does not exist
it's all in the breast muscles
keep your feathers freshly waxed
only soar at night
take several sky naps
never go back in time
kiss your feet when taking breaks
let them know how important they are
grease your joints
taste clouds
forget that the purpose of pain is to hurt
forget what it means to be an apple
the core is the whole point
or am i growing
or am i tree
or does this new me exist only because
in the woods alone
you cannot hear my brain bits falling onto the ground
from my beautiful view
melting my lazy day wings
telling me you cannot forget the ground, man
it means more to you
than all the infinite galaxy