31 July 2011


i cant clean myself the way you clean yourself
i cant ride the fair rides like you obviously want to

i will throw up down my body
or shit my diapers

i wont do heroin
no matter how many times i mess my pants

i cant feel anything
my heavy arms are dragging on the earth

i hugged paul the first time i met him
but now he just sits in his room being a babe

i gamble every day by livin'
but i guess the odds are stacked after all this stacking

my arms piled on my arms
knuckles mapped out to knuckle gaps

my clean skin covers the filth
my monster face facing the face things you have

or i say im sad all the time
or i say im in some sort of love line

my chest is a brain cage
i like to walk for infinity walking

say things like anything
or act like money is no object

but everything has a limit
even the number of hugs you can take

the number of times i will say do what you want
and it hapens to be what i was hoping you'd do

or it happens that you can actually put up with my hiding
in words and nothing and words that are nothing

what im saying is
what im saying is

30 July 2011

facebook friend 19

man i am a fox
man i tree for the foresting
know the woman can too
know the woman is a travel
sing about the bird things
sing about how wheat sounds
like this in the air thing
or this whistling bread maker
or how my river
is a wanting
and all the washing off will not work
until the grass is unmowed
for three or so years
and all the people i miss are forgotten
facebook friend 18

say i am spicer or baby orca
freeing the question of who the hell are
any of us
the vitamin man the carter list
like vince carter jumping over people
to score two points
its called showmanship
its called a slamma jamma
and it ends the way this poem should end
with millions of hits on you tube

29 July 2011


weigh my weight in body parts like math talk
and go for the heavy arms first or the other heavy arms

never said my brain would work faster than the sun moves
or faster than movies come out about the same fast movers

and crash crash like you could worry as much as i worry
or think that being awake is less of a step towards dying

and sun shows up again without the warning of smoulder smell
while you consider how many words will rhyme with spider-bite

or how many swear words you can write and erase and write
or how many birds do that thing where you can stay in the sky
facebook friend 17

abandon all things in sky
fall from the ice is ice

expand on ground water
or burning churches

or your own face burning
jesus loves you they said

barack obama loves you i said
your hands holding up the sun

you dont even feel the skin cooking
only the smell is a warning

28 July 2011

do you know how brains work

no im telling you

this is how brains work

26 July 2011

fougasse aux olives

how to keep score
watch where the knife runs

cut the cut deep
say things like infinity

keep steam in tightly sealed mouth clamps
tasting every heat wave

surf to the top of mountains
clouds and space count as tall things

you conquer
keeping everyone in last of dark falling

walking safely
where there is no noise behind you

and still nothing
but your own sounds rising

25 July 2011


the best poem in the world is written every day

when i watch tapes of early 90's eastern conference playoff games

like the knicks vs the knicks vs the knicks vs everybody else

john starks is a villian

today is the best day of his life because he isn't losing any game sevens

today is the best day of his life because he is still livin'

today john starks wrote the best poem in the world

it's called why i love every square inch of new york city

or why i love every woman that touches me

or why i love gardening

or something that has nothing to do with love

or green things like green backs, more and more of them

raising the debt roof literally

by stacking up your big men and their big green backs

until you can actually slam dunk on the moon like magic johnson

or the teeth of magic johnson

his smile holds onto the sun's energy

and cures everyone of any disease

which is the best poem in the world

until paul clark wrote the best poem in the world

until kyle crawford wrote the best poem in the world

until i wrote another love poem

until magic johnson smiled again, this time wider

which is hard to fathom.

when i walk through doors i think about people
gossipping about me walking through a door

how i swing, swing and the swinging
wanting a long walk home

they literally killed him
and then they revived him

i cannot speak for the hand holders
or the sweat they put up with

cannot stand standing on an escalator
though i prefer it to sitting

i was just on the slowest elevator in the universe
it was like flying slow

ok, i'll go or get going
i can see where i'll be is elsewhere
oh hi

in a crowd any alone seems to amplify by no sound

on a highway line roads and roads and roads blur with speeding

seperate from every living thing, and wind

faster than human, or the animal moves

in outter space air is not air, but breathing

under the sun you are held to spin faster than dying

beneath night is just another time as if you keep track

even if my now is not always your now

in my hand is a waiting

in my heart is a new thing

catapulted by gravity, one moon to smile shining

or some atmosphere i forgot about until you

22 July 2011

facebook friend 16

facebook friend 15

never give up on these greek women
or these california women
or these women

never forget that forgetting is a past time
like baseball
or forgetting how to play baseball

its not about the rules
or the diamonds
or the cleats that you wear

its about sliding face first into dirt
grass stains, spitting
and stealing things if you have to

as it has died before the moment you're missing
and even with no proof
do the pictures still smile
would you even try to measure the star to star
is a callous
or some mangled foot thing for the walker
slowing down to a crawl
or ever was a baby boy
looking out at the lawn as a distance
or the clouds sitting there in blues
my puppet arms dangle to the faceplant
the sidewalk that wrecked my smile
the city where i loved things
like drinking whisky on the river
or almost dying all the time
compared to most people it's true
i can't swim
but i'll surf all the way to space
where i can just float

21 July 2011

who beats up giants

holding hands til they sweat
or can i take this walk
smoke and smoke etc

brought my sax to jazzercise
never ran a marathon
i feel stupid for wearing socks that night
still, disappearing works
space poem

hold my self up to space
when the gravity thins

feel the sun eating away
at my holding on

spin a million miles per hour
become the smallest planet in the universe
kyle poem

and what if nothing was ice, what would you be
there will never be the greenest green
it's all just another tree poem
or tooth tooth

keep whistling
or wind, wind, and the wind washing
off the high desert dust
glued to the lingering soak of nebraska

everytime you kiss them good-bye
they believe what you say about death
holding on to the last second they saw any of you
even the flat plains
sea poem

the naked body is everywhere
there is water
or these surfboards would be useless
body water
where the moon pulls you
puppet arms of mine
dangle like sad giraffes
friend you say laughing in my face
while i tell you what i know
all i do is breathe
and watch my hands make up the rest
don't even notice the strings
or the whale thats about to swallow me

20 July 2011

facebook friend 14

does it make any sense
to write a poem about a person you don't know
that's facebook
that's lincoln nebraska
that's what happens when you talk more when you're drunk
to anyone who might listen
or add you as a friend person
and i'm sorry that is all i can say in this poem
other than i like saying hi and smiling.
facebook friend 13

what does the fog say
about the wanting to keep up with others living

how are your seeing feet these days
with all dog walking eye talkers

know me less and less as the body cools
as the aging takes highways or air

and makes it into a wall thing
or the largest pain in my ass since love
facebook friend 12

we spoke once before we became facebook friends

i was chain smoking outside of sokol in omaha

i chain smoke to hide from people

i hide from people because i am afraid of them

you said if i ever came to the zoo bar

you would buy me a drink or some drink(s)

i told someone that once, not naming you specifically

because we weren't facebook friends yet

but i said something to that effect

hoping the person would think i was cool for some reason

i've always wanted to be cool
facebook friend 11

how long can we hold onto jokes
awkward laughter
your mom saying my mom was an alcoholic

we are all killing ourselves by being alive
the way thousand year old trees rot
and all gods lose their purpose
facebook friend 10

take me out to drinking for the game
take my whisky, friend

i will give you time until the sun moves
to be any stage of drunk with you

make you smile under beard
and the small bird feet at your eyes

how many animals live
in this nest of yours

how many ball park figures of women
have roamed the back wall

can you tell them all for me
how burning is only your body working

or that when i drink any sort of poison
my love only gets stronger
facebook friend 9

i cannot explain my urge to hug you
to beard and beard and beard into beard
or how my heart leaps
when aug arms fly me through the air

i cannot explain what makes us
punch holes through locked doors
or anything equally ridiculous
for a brief moment of happiness

i hope one day you and your brother
ride motorcycles to hell
and come back
with the widest smiles in the universe
facebook friend 8

last names are meaningless

say family

say anyone that i love or loves me

that is my name

whether or not it's just hiding

or just rolling in web

or a boy who thinks of your spelling

saying hey and name and things
facebook friend 7

how do you say facebook in french
how do you wear globetrotters in french
how do you france the french frenchly
how many french men have french kissed you
how many times have you laughed in french
how many times did you laugh after kissing anyone french
how do you say something about greener the way i see greener
L'arbre cache souvent la forĂȘt
don't cry, or don't cry, or wait for the mustard to hit you
facebook friend 6

ask me how to pass a drug test
and i will tell you

smell the bacon smoke
mixing with all the other smoke

think about a thing like
car sex

or borrow the beds
of your best friends

remember that scotch is just scotch
after a certain point
facebook friend 5

watch yourself from twice as tall as you
chugging disgusting shit
passing physical test, one after another
with herecles skill sweat and swagger
only vomit when no one will see you
no one will know how to take you down
they will love you forever
shouting songs about all the tasks
you do for their friendship
facebook friend 4

this is more just a story
about me throwing you down the stairs
of the only home my parents ever owned

you are the shortest man alive
you are a painting
you are the last punk i ever liked
facebook friend 3

does that tiny philosopher fucking the girl you love
know how dark your eyes are
when you stare at the galaxy
it wonders how much space there is
in a man
when you can make yourself happy
let me know what thats like
write a poem for me some time
and title it for tony
i will remember you as something
but i won't promise it to be correct in any way
facebook friend 2

i used to delete people like you
as if my emptiness made me less
vulnerable to missing people i don't really know
but who knows anything
fuck the haters i say
let them be in bed with you
let them remember how naked you are
facebook friend 1

what are you building in there guy
shaved close to the scalp
tools for some unknown masterpiece

dont tell them i know you
say hello to me one more time
and i will stop to tell you what im thinking
city poem

yes i'm not the ocean or sea calling
see me at the lava edge my magma feet dance
when the icy ice you are and i am everything
lowers room temperature or makes you sweat less
my glare reflecting off moon air
which smart nose heals this chest brain

no i'm a big city man or know this
any ant can build an eye castle for your reading
any insect can learn to die
under the crushing feet of giants
listen late at night when my westerly face falls
you can hear the exoskeletons exploding

things and things, as simple
as the city makes you gravy
or what i say
as if saying things
mouth moves and throating tongue
works just fine
but the sounds i make
or the nothings i yell when i yell anything
at moon at travel
at all the distance in the universe
my voice is here
saying prairie lady
then pausing. stop
the sun from sunning
stop my singing chest brain
from making the lonely thumping sound
it makes

15 July 2011


hold my arms down
move your face towards my face
for the first time

say get in my room

say the room is always
or where is that everything look
when i decided to say
get in the pool

suddenly at 70 you just melt
you ancient hill billy
plains ranger flying a dirt boat

my shouts are your melting away
wash off the dust of nebraska
find worthless gold in a heaven place

how wet is your salty mouth
how thin is your entire body
will you just disolve if i wrap myself around you

14 July 2011


i inhale the sun and then sun and more

make my words syrup or melting sugar or tree poems

miss my friends

miss myself sometimes

forget to breathe and forget to eat and forget to sleep

air or anything was space and distance

let you know things, the worst things i've done

that i remember

what i'll eat in bed

what i buy at the store at 3am

who i'm talking to about who i want to talk to

not knowing what i'm saying when i sleep

some masculine energy or lady moon beam

shock therapy for my deluded-self

trying to pretend i am the happiest mortal alive

or that this moment

is all there is

there is no satisfaction in killing things or writing poems
with out the heart in it
or with out knowing what i know i want

waffles poem

13 July 2011

tides poem

& if my goodnights werent late enough
& if my hellos werent soon enough
& if my goodbyes werent loud enough

the best way to say i miss you
never sounds right

but the moon is closer to me now

my south speak got beat out by travel
hiding out in fielded corn crop

but i can still learn how to lie honestly
from civil war memorials

or battlefields or working in the sun
where your entire body hardens in bake

but my poet hands or boy touch
wont bruise any leg and elsewhere

and know the rain hasn't stopped falling
since the last time i saw you

my drawling walk and slow eyes
touching my fingers to your sleeping fingers

wanting to see you every morning
with your hair down and nothing else

12 July 2011

by normal i mean living

i meant to write something about honesty
like i honestly don't get it
like i'm always telling the truth
because i'm not
sometimes i say things to cover up what i meant to say
i think everyone does that
or i don't know what everyone does
i only know what i do
people won't tell me how to live
maybe they'll tell me when i'm older
like when i've been dead for a million years
someone might say to me out loud
what it really means to be me
because they will know
with all that time to think about it

i can wait for this poem to be it's being

or i can write a poem every night in my void

but i have already become too meta, or become nothing

kyle asked me what i wanted to do, and i said be in love

which isn't really what i meant but im sure he understands

my words mean absolutely nothing

it's vomit, or if i said ralphing would you understand

i said hey i like jack spicer too

but then you murdered me with your car, just ran my ass over

lets start talking about my ass

i rarely want to have sex with anyone

i have never been realistic

i used to call it making love but that was before i ever fucked

like a break up fuck, like the goddamn Bering Strait

i walk across land bridges only

wouldn't trust a man made bridge if it was built by demigod men

one day there will be no sun

it will just keep getting bigger and bigger like the bones in my face

the sun is a hole in my chest

or my lungs are filling up with water

so i suck fire down my throat, i call these blow jobs

i will hire millionaires to clean out my throat

i will hire millionaires to walk my dog

i will hire millionares to listen to me tell them sad stories

that are really just poems about how i miss my dog

this poem is exactly the same length as a poem paul wrote

unless you measure the spaces between each sound

then mine might be empty as a galaxy

10 July 2011

bows and arrows

with american money i swing my candy filled pockets
at the horrible crying fits i make myself
eager for the excitement you bring to the table
ground water drowning
all the people who drown in drunk driving swims
or if i even feel anything when somebody dies
like when i day dream of my fathers dying
i could be honest or i am only truth things
but the worst thing i have ever done was staying
on the great plains
saying that i can heal my wandering chest brain
or im sorry i ever threatened to leave you
where the goddamn dust makes people
shout at moon
wondering why their bodies are shifting
wondering where their parents went when they died
saying im sorry i cant stop the birds from flying
or i dont even know how to use my body
i dont know how to say things i think i mean
my timing is off
to a bad start
my knuckle gaps to knuckles and more gaps
can i say nothing
does the wind blowing and the wind and the wind
chasing my empty stomach
or my empty hands
or full of my shoulders tough meat
chewing it for months still wont break the skin
brooklyn poem

move my arm around your no waist
waste the breath of my kiss speak
speak at you like my inner you
she as an i thing
the fix of my longing
send nude pics of my clothed nakedness
flap my arms wild
like the cowboy me
or the time that im here like a new guy
or the 99 other guys who crush my crushing
say lady i build castles for your eye reading
write poems about what you want out of me
like this standing
like this walking through the worlds earth
taking apart my arm parts
to hold you longer than time goes
or kiss you like a love goes
or going away for the no shower
telling you i dont clean up after my dying
or dying like i can see you again
or seeing you
which makes me dream
dreaming about being something
like my eyes at your eyes

07 July 2011

oh hi

why do my arms weigh as much as giant arms
carry you baby doll
say silly names like baby doll
carry over any body of water
i swim like a dog like an idiot dog
with my heavy arms sinking as they flap around
like wilderness

jog long legs toward the sunned sky
follow deer thing with the most beautiful antlers

vanish into the cement by jaw to jaw
to see what i can find inside of your you

teach me how to skin a fish
teach me how to survive city winters

there is no stopping in my mind
steady breathing into the long distance

i can hide in a cave for months
surviving off the fat in my brain

forget your bird feathers here flyer
fly me a moon landing, make beautiful bruises
or when idaho was the moon
new york the space ship city

i'm going to call you a darling
where the huge smiles you make can talk
looking for a hiding spot for my happy-scared eyes
to rest on any of you

challenge me to find what it takes
to scrape by for more time
like this me next to you time
like this awake and sleep time

i will tell you the worst things ive done
i will be the best idiot
i will walk face first into mountains
i will feel this way because i want to
i will kiss you again

06 July 2011


my god is a demigod
a lukewarm piss i take out of my body
to wash off all the cold piss or hot piss

i got stuck on ground water
or trying to tell the entire state of Idaho
i am a fisherman from the great plains
the great fucking plains

flip the bird
at old ladies who cant drive
write a poem about perfect teeth
or fly like these gold teeth
or collect these shark teeth

sometimes i think about how im dying
and wonder how im dying like this
with my hand down my entire throat
massaging guts

with my soft hands
feeling the cement chips
embedded in my lovely wound
or my happy-scared grin the size of everything

04 July 2011

just so you know

i am a boring universe
i am the wind, wind, and the wind blowing
i am inside of myself
i am afraid of everyone
i am in love with storming
i walk away from pain
i am the epitome of dollface
i am the river receding
i am the dirt thirsting
i am the pit of my own pitness
i am watching fireworks
i love driving cars
i am the grass, grass, and the grass growing
i am afraid of the no you
i speak to my hearts health
i am the river flooding
i am the absorbing dirt
i keep quiet in poems
i am going to die
i am the no pain
i will tell you how your glow
makes my chest become a million things
that will never exist

01 July 2011

poem thing

i'm struggling to understand my own existence
in the poem, where there is no poem

metal wall, pressing my face against it
to feel the cold move from no skin to skin

teeth become magnetized to what should be said
in the poem, where there is no poem

and questions are mouth moves i don't understand
because my tongue parts won’t stop talking

things fall from things thinging, and scared me
in the poem, where there is no poem

then lightning, then thunder
wind, wind, and the storm forming

thoughts on the night when there is no storm
in the poem, where there is no poem

the three longest rivers on earth

the Mississippi river is long but very poor--
a road of mud that floods & worships Abraham’s god.

the Amazon river is long & full of sharp things--
spends half the year still while small birds walk across.

the Nile is a long river & goes past some pyramids
that were built by aliens several thousands of years ago.

mind poem

plummet comes to mind
or the inevitable rhyming of mind
my attempts to impress
with diving
and fine dining
or acting like I’m a brilliant actor

the time i said nothing instead of singing
for a king and i audition
when i could speak French in Mississippi
and beat my dad at chess
or jogging jog like a jogger does
at all hours of the night

hold me under a Canadian ocean
i will time a century by just walking it
slow like children can
because they can
with enough cat tranquilizers
to make ten cats sleep for awhile


we take our flashlights with us
to the bathroom
when we pee

not because we’re scared—
are you

a question i should have asked
before blind walking into pitched squalor

bladder full
oh this madness

we being children
we being poor

house of, etc.

my range of movement is restricted
by your shoulder in my shoulder,

i am eating this formerly frozen food
that i have recently unfrozen to eat.

the temptations of being eager for this,
& then you avoid telling people things.

naked is not necessarily an advantage
with you smiling at me and my body.

you come to a room in your own house
that you don't remember being there,
& paint it w/ colors that already were.

sweater poem

i bought this sweater because i
am in love with you
it cost me 70$
& does not even keep me warm
unless i wear it
in the summer.

kind of pricey

did i tell you i haven't showered today
did i tell you how happy-scared i am

your face looking at my face
becoming a face of it

read you Christmas poems at the back bar
in one hundred degree heat

the liquor makes me sing more
makes me less of a secret

or maybe i'll chain smoke for breakfast
stand where ever you want to see me

for Iowa

a small box the size of Iowa
but let’s not mix the gods
w/ baseball

there is no gay marriage in heaven
because there is no heaven
there is only Iowa

for heaven

stretch across a belly flat or
could i say it in a much more boring way
drive slow
so you don’t miss the largest truck stop in the world
with enough parking space for the entire state
to park
their semis

to Chicago

a whim & the fog
rolls, i can say what the fog is. where smart cats keep breeding
w/o consequence, & then the kissing words--

knew the sun would return even when there is no sun for miles
or if it took months of walking
so on & a great distance that i can push back
behind your ear

or do i dare city rain to touch us
with house taps--
scare the dog, drops

a letter
written with small bumps only on my arm
often confused with your arms

you will read to me words like hung, & hair lip, push me
back against the wall & i
watch your mouth

then know my hand is now your hand
lost in the land of your hand parts.
hidden by limited vision, & there
people are

& then a reality filled w/ real things such as
people eat, or
can i see pictures of your ugly foot before they changed it.
walking on
hand pads for the feet to rest, i could walk like this for days

w/ you telling me, don't be so silly
my boy hands. hold—soft

maybe more of a man w/ man hands than i want to be
measured by the silence
between the air-conditioning unit click ons and offs

but you don't look where you're going
& pass the nature walk, say blind spot
Iowa rest stops
greener as temporary, as green can be for the garden or
just a damn lucky guy going for the turn-around
& walk back towards the greenless things
that we can talk about
when we talk about

or do i know what i'm doing, with it
‘i know why fog is here.’
now, you're softest when the rain hasn't stopped
& a small line can be curved into something
like the dirt of me,
mud spittle
my mouth runs hungry over your collar bone


gone from where i saw you
or is where i saw you there.

staining things on my hands
now stain the pant legs of my pants.

shower when you might come by;
i do not shower often.

the rich wet dirt you want
is under the hard dry earth.

you put this seed over here, over here
& cherries grow out of me.

fresh fruit

gobble going gets tough
where i leave my skin to skin

in the sun's weather weathered,
leather under where i sun my shaded self

selfish to hide. breeze i can find
seldom despite a shiftless center--

horizon i noticed, the trees are no trees,
but the trees are still planted

i grab you by this neck & this neck
so they tell you the neck is detachable


counting bruises oh, are we
sail upon trampled fields
of water wheat
you grow gold w/ your soiled hands
drinks & i
drink redberry-wine cold
behind trails of bison bur & Indian grass,
smelling in barberry or
may-apple maybe, we
wait for it
to get dark for
our skin to hide


wild horses draw the head off
you, razor-legs show me
skin of your bite bones
or where the fir trees grow
down to the night-time-water-body, so
i can be a romantic man
talk generic about the places of you:

the off-path covered wagon,
dirt boat
my beard dangling w/ twigs
& prairie flower.
arranged to remind you


scumming for a like soul
can i breathe your ocean air, Nebraska
cold is colder than your Nebraska.

your copper hair blondes me, gum
your plumb neck. plump my lips from the cement--
i can bite you, modern world, with my fakest face.

the slope of your back with the back hair
goads my hand to nick-it,
can you reach for me.
take away my cape.

fragile in the sense that a man is,
or why i get nerves in my belly when i see you,
a beauty.

call me for a second; call me while i am sleeping.

call me a word like darling
so my fur jumps
& the coats that warm my shaved shoulders
hide great plains from the belly i said.

more, there is an ocean under here,
you can listen
for the train coming. breathe
the air for me,
the jewel of cattle beds.


does your god know i
don't exist

the dollars of your can
feed it

who doesn't collect
shark teeth on the beaches of Florida

the flattest place
on earth

even the alligator in the canal wouldn’t
my mother.


use the feet for function
all the ground being tight-rope
damp in romantic

because socks are for sandals
here, rotting wood pile
a poem about trees

tall living soulless, is
nose stubs, bent up branch
run my licked thumb over your eyebrow

girl thing
bite at the air passing between
your arm and ribcage, skinned

and jacketed
covered in water, can you
stop thinking

you are such a forest, moving
toward the moon
the top of your head breaking clouds

fish jaw

i will talk
under a mouth bone
artificial structure added
but unable to chew

through, thumbs for teeth
plucked at the joints or
cherry picker

will i talk
nice words about you and your
pretty bacteria
unseen on my swinging

knees bent in unmovable buck,
hip tall boots
grabbing at river darts

show me your true talk
over in the shallow
where the river moves slow

beard poem

the jaw angle hangs fat

do you still believe in ten

were my hands any stronger
i could hurt you easy by saying it

look up words
to say

say, the part of me that hurts is
every part

so i eat less--

heroin is nothing to me, me.
unless i want to 'come in my pants'

and i told you about this
train, i said you took

but you took absolutely
nothing from me, the haves

my dirty underwear maybe
my loneliness

or the spit
on my hands

to grip the grip tighter
to nail it

to leave my face
at home.


so you faked the sad parts, my arms
cry big boat-
load the shoulder, making turn
after turn, after

you notice my lack of ampersands
and teeth
the venom kind, kind of like
poetry is not.

sand on the cement for slip
controlled behavior
in the lost pit of Midwest territories

cabin fever'd and
name yourself log-hands

cry, and cry until your brain fizz'z
knuckle bones
mention to me more about this secret
world you got

drive after we

your phone thing walk-
talkies to my phone thing,

using phone words
hey, and um

breathing, but the shoes don't get used
or the snow works like rain on them

finding plants with names
pretend we know

i wait for your pillow to say
face, you are lovely

or i just whisper this in a poem
about the interstate hours

be dead air for awhile
pretend we know that too

hear sounds others make
bathing and washing off travel

go home
maybe, for the speed in my ankle turn

let it be anywhere
back in a small room with a smaller bed

feel occupation

is what you said or to feel
as if its fur on me
and sounds like rain drops or
all these boys,
always a boy there
grabbing little marshmallow-hands
at a nip,
or things that sparkle,
singular as you
nest at the end of a bar, fully clothed
make it work,
the boy says sometime later on
as if words will do

on the slope of Nebraska

in me, Nebraska
shaped the way i see you
just waking on your front side

write you a letter
in my mind
say, i saw you once and remember it

cross the Missouri River again
i always look down
to see what is floating

every thought, you think
i could pretend
not to know what i knew of you

mist, over sand hills
where the cranes
make it back

all this silly travel,
talking about our day jobs
listening to the same sounds

your chin i think,
where the Indian caves are

there to go

i bought you a waterbed said
it was not an ocean
but i still surf

when i was naked
you smiled

i still am
laying naked on the driveway

i wished for a window to sneak away with my smoking
or all sky
for my space travel

moons everywhere

slow walk apocalypse

holding a body—
sometimes i am an asshole

the eye’s slits
cum in the clean jeans

trapped by environment
look like a baby

whole lives
ahead of us like ground water

drown your body rubbed soft
red at the nubs or trying lungs

even with a second body,
in case there is no one tomorrow

quiet you, quit--
squint at the sun. say sun.

i’m not dancing, i'm blind,
i’m not ready for the swing--

deck me,
break all my fine china

digging a hole through earth
to china, easy does

the other side, the other
Chinese lives, where.

so the body
keeps growing

does it shit,
we wait to see--

or ass, or bottom
of a beautiful barrel, apples

slice things with knives
ask why i always carry knives

“there are a lot of stabbings
in Grand Island.”

so scary, so wounds cut,
chop noise from cat alley

the sun is increasing in size
night slowly, paw.

am i right,
can you see the dust settle

watch the echo,
bouncing space debris off

past lovers, a fuck
reflections of people you think

talk to yourself
with this new body you found

looking alone with her
wrapped around you.

forgot the words, or
only remembered poems

about falling space dust
ricocheting off some body

turning over and over in your awake
sleep, pretty when you

no, snoring is love,
no this unattractive pile is love

my love, dark as space between
another sun

dust on emptiness, you
you, and the grass growing

under the snow
the beard with all twigs

being afraid of people leaving
or wanting to

lost in a world like china,
not unlike the attractive middle of Nebraska

the arms don’t know their chest
well, imploding

she thinks it’s useless to talk to them
but still talks to them.

nature poem

laugh at the thought of my voice being sunshine
or picture me gentle
holding baby animals in my uncoarse arm ends
wearing the darkest sunglasses ever made
wishing everyone was doing that

self medicate

this isn't easy
the constant shock of shock therapy

your lake face
bright rash red scale

the picture still smiles when you go crazy
it's the water watering

the grass, grass, and the grass growing
take a look at my hands they aren't melting

they aren't fake
you can sell me your happy waves

your moon
controlling my ocean

damn tide even shaping my eyes, which way
i never knew the wind

would carry the clippings
turning brown quickly without water

hiding the lights from dimming
electrocution is not an idea forming.


that marvelous finger
he gave it
after being asked to take back comments made
on ted Williams’ contribution to the bosox
i was there he said
i was there when he gave it
but it wasn't worth a goddamn thing
if you want to win the pennant
and my poetry does
mind poem

plummet comes to mind
or the inevitable rhyming of mind
my attempts to impress
with diving
and fine dining
or acting like im a brilliant actor

the time i said nothing instead of singing
for a king and i audition
when i could speak french in mississippi
and beat my dad at chess
or jogging jog like a jogger does
at all hours of the night

hold me under a Canadian ocean
i will time a century by just walking it
slow like children can
because they can
with enough cat tranquilizers
to make ten cats sleep for awhile