28 February 2011

where i am going

my face the spring
need to be watered is everything

where the twigs, flowers, and grass grow
wind, wind, and the wind blowing

does swivel bridge cables;
hello fog.

even a desert needs,
but it won't take sand to make it

grow under the chin
red mark or eye chart i am failing.

what i meant was
to jump.




24 February 2011


brisk your face of brass tacks
tell the mouth train to holler
atcha girl, i swell in the brain
when you see me see
how goddamned you can be

only my mother calls
me by my,
talk to my father
what i'm short for.

lets me know he almost died
or did
shaky in the talk of it
knows the way

growing in home
doesn't have to end,
dad doesn't have a time

doesn't have to
create anymore.

23 February 2011


say georgia the way
you talk, the dust bowl settles
in west nebraska

the way a farmers blow describes
i know
beautiful things,

ruffle the feathers of these crow
shes a real ballpark

standing there where the corn wont
grow, listening
where the train is headed

22 February 2011


all men need suits for;
boys do
she was bucked by a bull
in florida, kicked in the chest

did you fall
for it, my greener eyes
canals full of gators

i wanted to kiss
the neck

you came back
to speak to us
through the microphone
at the hole in your throat.

18 February 2011


write about the fake ways
i know you,
lions mane growth near the city

thinking about travel words
and such about up
and then the up

write about a poem for you
question the for you,
or what you are for, ears
of mushroom

i just keep thinking about
the things i said.
how you cook them, things.

speak hush to the rib,
nibbling slowly around the edge.

17 February 2011


does it make the news
i was cough--
car pulled too far up the curb,

do you remember
looking at the light,
wind showing the outline, where i will go bald.

can i tell you
how high i was before i called you
and said nothing, over and over.

16 February 2011

sunglasses poem

need new pair of sunglasses
need the sun
to leave,

bright mirror or
dusty mirror
or i
am the sun.

the sun is always here. some
like globes.

do you mind that i call you
in california,

or if i wanted to.
globular is a pretty ocean,
sun, not just a lake of fire

not just the cool look
of sunglasses

15 February 2011


in the middle of my rainy days you
eating for some lengthy time
and made your way to the hospital
so i guess
i will remember sunny days for you

14 February 2011

gone bad

flaws form with winter
ending; melt. i call the girl
back, say i am sorry
for feeling blank, still
remember you left the potatoes
in the cupboard beneath
the sink where they
sprout in darkness.

08 February 2011

on the shape of nebraska

in me, Nebraska
shaped the way i see you
just waking on your front side

write you a letter
in my mind
say, i saw you once and remember it

cross the Misourri River again
i always look down
to see what is floating

every thought, you think
i could pretend
not to know what i knew of you

mist, over sandhills
where the cranes
make it back

all this silly travel,
talking about our day jobs
listening to the same sounds

your chin i think,
where the indian caves are
da bears

meet me by the harry caray statue
tell me about
the good old--
demi-gods running on diamonds,
find me
a place to eat where i can eat chicago
ask the guy who just
walked out of the
liquor store
where is the united center
and i know
drive through south chicago
that its funny
how scared you are.
eat a fucking huge hot dog.

07 February 2011

feel occupation
for gould

is what you said or to feel
as if its fur on me
and sounds like rain drops or
all these boys,
always a boy there
grabbing little marshmallow-hands
at a nip,
or things that sparkle,
singular as you
nest at the end of a bar, fully clothed
make it work,
the boy says sometime later on
as if words will do

tell you about the sugar
i consume
or the winter other than weather
just say
a lot of cool things
like the weekends, see
i am a sucker
for purity
or whatever it is
you call it.
aquatic center
for anthony

did i make that last one up
or these new
sheets i bought

for you again, i think so
so about it
i am lying

about how good i am at
with propellers on each hand
gliding through the water
like a fish.

we said rhymes were silly
or just off
we could just repeat the words

but you aren't paying attention
anymore, just
thinking about me swimming.

03 February 2011

for gabe

not really your face to show
van stache, cashing in on the high end

after the camels got there chance
the also-ran runners ran

at last, so i'm stoned
picking up left-overs so

the kid cries
about his hot dog i snatched

you can't bet that
he won't leave it around these tracks

02 February 2011


i had a flask in my pocket, whisky, some change
laying on my back, drive-way
the clouds where your head tops
broken in there.
the pigeon shark, the peregrine.
you were made for this city,

snow goddess, spit on your season rite,
focusing on the birth of things,
of more yous only... stranger. i
sound like a sad man i guess
but my back is grounded
with fire belly full of answers
drive after we
a poem for a poem

your phone thing walk-
talkies to my phone thing,

using phone words
hey, and um

breathing, but the shoes don't get used
or the snow works like rain on them

finding plants with names
pretend we know

i wait for your pillow to say
face, you are lovely

or i just whisper this in a poem
about the interstate hours

be dead air for awhile
pretend we know that too

hear sounds others make
bathing and washing off travel

go home
maybe, for the speed in my ankle turn

let it be anywhere
back in a small room with a smaller bed