30 March 2009

what i meant
before was that i am a liar
not that i am lying
or around
but when a serious moment arises
realizing this is not actually serious
but you think it is
then i think it is
then it is
but still is
& you forget i told you i am a liar
you find yourself in an empty
though this contradicts
all aha's
& need i remind that
money is no object
no so
there you are in this empty
ticking away time
gradually you are thin
most likely filling up the

25 March 2009

see you, space cowboy

24 March 2009

a non-existent season

oh my-
goodness grace
you i say but
didn't or don't
does your hair
wild i think
holding on to mane
for fear or
you are &
a piece of oak skin
in the lake
a whole
fishing for
everything in its' own
time &
releasing by the same touch
love poem

somedays move in-
buoyant on standing lawns
who say green pastures
over there you smell the necks
of taller trees
fir or birch always
with seed
i enter scene &
your shoes at my doorstep
touch your feet
& kiss them
with all of my face
lions, you're not sure &
it types
or there are some sort of differences between
i said i'm listening
& there was a pause
the lions she says
pride or
in a cave like dwelling less inter-rock
more dugout mud cave

brow furrows
& things start to blend together
who is lion
where is this pride
question marks form themselves in eyes
or on lips
wet with wanting
to understand that this is a pointless presentation

15 March 2009

chinese highlands west of broken bow

one million of these deer
elephant-like snubbed or
what she hides in these
for swimming
i decide
who reels in horror from
what mass genocide
& where
thinking empty prairie no
matter when
is an eerie plain though driving
& stopping
each time an oasis
each time
a swim
everywhere we dont go
a sound
empty as it may-be for the
awkward ghosts to migrate

14 March 2009

tigers on the moon, well, well.

a small scale
mission to empty reaches of cold heaven
you note
there are fewer & fewer life-
or dust is filling ice cubed arks say
i know
cat warm & deadly
fangs in the neck of many gazelle
she says
she loves me
she tells me she will come
two by
& i lead her on
with a heavy heart
which came first, the god or the man? this explains who fucked up.