29 January 2009

sometimes i realize that im a pretty dumb person
masturbating on the interstate
& what nots
say remember that one time
so you nod
trying to forget how much of an idiot
even idiots can be

28 January 2009


a small bird not on my
resume tells me
in one ear— perhaps out another
that she will fix my
comes as a surprise—
not words
not ever a bird speaking
to bail me out
more of this in poem & the science of a thing
questioning the big


birdbath she says she’s in
over her head
again the winging eye to eye
draws me sleeplike
in danger of wavering off the banks
of road river
which likes to make you think
ice is rarer
than it looks


white car in the ditch
she wheels back
around to say important words
more poems &
i told you sos
it goes
on like this for a few minutes
the mud is here
or there
& the bird baths


mud as a language
its dirty
& where you wear it
smudges up what is already smudged
runs rump or makes
you look like an ass


trips too short smell poetic
& filthy white
the birds aren’t even
silence of running a muck &
the non-bird whispering about forgetting travelers
drives you out of the preverbal
ditch the mud!
only here
you find yourself still
mind numbingly trudging through a pretty
nice day

15 January 2009

my computer is basically dead
carnivorous never
meant to be
aning on
a branch far from prague
slipping gingerly or apples
so many others
bruised by bite
she clings to me as a leaf
knowing the seasons

02 January 2009


somebody dies & it's not
a new occurrence to
the least come
forget when everyone
died before
or why
probably because nobody ever
told you
or you never asked
thinking it happens
& we
don't need to know why