29 July 2013


it's monday
hey tall girl
on the internet
hey mother
hey college
on the internet
hey dorm room hey borrow my dvd
what should i download
i love you
i love reading your tweets abt men
or boys
or hot bods
or whatever the meat is called
im gonna brush my teeth
before i die
im gonna shit my pants at some point
what if i told myself
when i was 13
hey 13 year old me
this is me
the rest is gravy
the rest is stand in sinking sand
wait for your lungs to collapse
read poems
until you fall apart

26 July 2013


borrow coke from
yr neighbor
        if she is a poet
                    bake them a poem
                      do not  offer them pie
                              do not love nothing

i feel my stomach crawling into itself
                    acid bath
              this is a beauty
                  this is raised earth
                  surrounded by your flat chest
                       put my hands on your nothing
                               tell me
                               to leave
to my friends

i am a shitty person
i know
just keep thinking

i want to die
i want to die
i want to die

took off my leash
         pissed on a tree
body poem

lets laugh abt how stupid our bodies are
a hahahahfhahhhhaha 
o' me
  o' internet glow
           you ar ea beautiful moron
            you are an ugly god
               taste my withering bulge
               wrapped around each tooth u have
               this is a ditch
                  this is my wasted left arm
                    i can be skinned
                       and wear it                 

i am nasty to yr held tar
        the feel u have me    pukes down my sleeve
           these are my square shoulders
                kill me
   is a stupid yellow belly
           i am a whore
               for something i haven't found
             now me
             tonight let me know i am worthless
             talk abt
             how nice the weather is in july this year
             pulp me w/
                        yr tiny fists

eating a lot of broccoli
shaved my torso the other day
gonna die
gonna be in love again
i miss u
if im gone
or not
forgot what i was going to say

25 July 2013


no need to get up early in the morning   the day is dying, remember how each work and pain can get, i am the president of a little time  the night, not a good rough soul, I said, "unreasonable, is a power in the will to learn a lot of great love of his country   the first known voice of silence", so I love my ingestion of foreign bodies.
No need to wake up early in the morning, but the day I die, I do not remember the specifics, but you know me, pleasure and pain, and the President says, love me a little of one thing many people's souls and I'm fighting amateur good night, not as "in my opinion", is unacceptable, and the strength of the drug you have a big problem explained in my country work until satisfied now known for the first time in silence love of sound so I do not know, I love the strange life of my mouth

whats a windstorm
    who is a piss stream
          where is the internet
 i am dusty
         fill my bowl
 i fucking hate the national gallup poll
  warren buffett is a piece of shit
   imma sweeet corn im a diitch weed
      imma meth traffic
        imma crystal baby
    sit on my mudstick
       churn my ground water
       taste the future via tweet from yr friends
on the coast
       who is fighting for me
         why these fuckers kill everyone??
   imma leave this
       imma drown in a field
        plant a tree on my mound
                                       it will die too

24 July 2013


i dont surf but i will
  in my mobile body make some money
 i just found out waht franco means
in spanish
 lately i have been thinking abt reading a book
 i want to get out of my glassness
 a shield a prison idk just sand and sand and sand
buy a van make it my van and cruise
  go down thru mexico pay to ship my sweet van
to ecuador and learn how to surf
leaarn spanish
i want to learn some shit
i want to have fun my whole life
maybe i will work when im daed
idk fuck that
let me chill

As something that can not be used as a single voice. What a certain balance, it is impossible to avoid. But the sun has disappeared, or because I did not know you. But like others to write better than me melt. Great if you die, your soul, and other good intentions, and I'm not afraid of dying in peace, do not worry, your love to hate, is not satisfied with it.

Killed in the creation i've always had a problem with the average macho man always a threat to our
too busy acting like I'm not naive i've seen it all i was here first i buy pieces of firearms and drug selection looking for something a lot heavier, but at the same melody something different from heavy metal, a different attitude we are fashion, we can not escape more instead of a new balance the sun is gone, but I'm a little so do not forget, it is better to burn than fade away want to be someone else is a waste i want to be hated for what you love what you do not if you die you're completely happy and your soul somewhere i do not fear death total peace after death, becoming someone else is the best hope

i used to bleed bc i thought i had to
      or zen for brief moments
                                     not i am
i i i
     i am not a smoker
not a non smoker
an ex smoker
                   get high, get high, get high
                   play rollercoaster of love
                   make the bartenders dance and tip them
      sometimes my voice is deeper than scifi submarines
     or i speak giddy
      or i am a scream at the sky bodies
        gonna tripballs w/ paul this weekend
        get taht $$$
         change the plain of my greatfaces
when i first heard bitter buffalo
      remember when i first wanted to kill
my dad
 i feel stupid for who i love
sometimes sometimes
       what ami doing
not climbing K2
   why am i sitting here wasting
i don't want to be
on top
or the king of
  or the whole new
         just touch me w/ your cheek
     say i enjoy
that you exist or i know that you love me but i can't
           this is not my world
         this is not my life
        this is not me

22 July 2013


in case another car hits me
i just wanted
to write my last poem

if i am dead

scrambled eggs
mashed poatoes
this isnt even new
why were u
my last love

put me in the sky
love poem

fat and sugar
               the deadzone
i wish i never said anything

esp to paul
       and or people who would have given me money

and im off work in one minute
               i am in love??

                         i keep fucking up

u said u were crying
i have shouldres
            and i am crying

        lock togethr
        i havea  lean to me

 sit in your car  you know
             i am a toy

       crying is ok

19 July 2013

finishing a beer

listening to jewel
waiting in sp ce

18 July 2013

infatuation poem

want the sun to wash my feet w her hair
i am out of something
        but it isnot love
            anyway HOW SHOULD I KNOW
    im like
     over here in the smartkid class 
      getting looked at by the walls
where the walls are not your lips
     i think i had my hands on
      yr hips
      then you moved them to yr chest
      and i moved back down
        and then we went to sleep
    and i kissed you good bye
    in the morning
    i whispered why i was leaving
    you smiled

17 July 2013

infatuation poem

put your tongue on me
      fav 3% of my tweets at least
             one time i say hey
           you say hi
      and i will never eat at
                 where you work
        every last cell
   touch my face
            hold my head like survival gear
            floating in the river
             i leak beams of compliment
      call me tiger
          text me anything
to indianapolis

i cannot fall for you
        cannot lay bricks or roux
        or i am slow simmer
i say
           darling darling lets run off to chicago
               lets hold hands in strangers beds
 i want a nice clean warp
          shame the truth
         or idk
the realness is my filthy stump
no no i cannot be a love to you
        my arms are not as strong as young me
           my stay is weak from spit stick
          i cannot risk being unwanted
        here i am to bea  bath of smoke
        my eyes harp over small hairs where
             i couldn't see before
       i want to feel them glance my wet face
   can i just
                write a poem for you
i mean to ask
on nebraska

stretched thin the heard cliffs
                  there is nothing too tall here
                  but fall a few feet
                  on the prairie enough to break               
wise a fluff around she necks me w skins
i am from ever
                  lincoln, adams, monroe, prague,
        gering, the farm
we discovered that rich soil
                          won't hold growth
                          w all the damn howling
       you speak as
            i am not already gone
                           say go
                           but i can't hear you from this far away

16 July 2013


what tweets a man gotta fav to
cool the jets
too cool for my fumbling bubble talk
        im at the synagogue
        waiting for you in the rain
         to say i know you don't
         know me
       you can't love me in a thunderstorm
RT lost cause
      tell me again what work is for
      i am no fixer looker
      just a dumb boo
my right ear is fuck'd up from a bike accident
when i was a baby in a baby seat
      all my teeth knocked out one time
just wanted some freedom
           from my fucked up dad
        i have been hit by so many cars
          my brain is quasimodoodoo
           every time i ride past a steel death
            i think of the sound it will make
             when it hits me

no thats your kidney dying
look at me wince
            in the changing mirror
feel the juice leak over skin it takes skin w. it
she says
               no you don't you don't know don'

                      and walks behind me
                      pushing me to her apartment

u know we shrink
    long in the cooling
    forgot to be a slimeball
    this my nose candy she smells like fresh picked sweet corn

how do i know
     freckle me
       fuck me

look through the hollow socket
            catch the rabbit by it's stupid teeth
when do we break down
          is really my question before i lick salt
          from your jawline

and the swelling or
          i thud from all over
          w/ this terrified look i saw in the mirror
         naked and high from something
from nebraska

look i am lost in my fear
how di di pu tthese boots on in my state
nebraska is the center right
is the sun right
                i am wobbly
is the god of a guh guh guh guh
this truck stalls
remember when we're stuck in the country
stand in the ditch to--
sure a field of grass looks nice in the summer
but you can die nowhere

15 July 2013


i want you to ride my body down rapids

         i want to eat the most expensive ice cream on earth w/ u
      let you
pour chocolate sauce
         on my body

       i want to be in space w/ you
                 i want to be in a treehouse w/ you
                         i want to drive a racecar w you or you drive w/ me
   tug on my beard
           let me kiss you beyond your ear
           i dont care who drives

tweeted @ jake bennie
to spark
an idea that he and i road trip
to eat at french laundry
in california
first i
will need wheels
maybe buy this truck in iowa
maybe bennie gets a slick motorbike
and we take that
idk maybe we never go

i look at my iphone
as a portal to your eyes
or something

i want to text you
hey want to get a drink
and wait

hopefully you say
me too
or something

i am already doomed

i mud u a mountain of my mouth

              treat every day is yr birthday

happy birthday

it is called my alive
for a lack of eternal
to drink gifts

toll from natural spring
the rays of the sun & oral sex
an immediate end of lightwave
i am an artist

a mental adventure of stone eroding
because the fight is

to walk away
if it is time to stop
it can be seen

from mountains & flatland same
do you think this offer is more than the last one
or is the end of movement

sew the land to my feet
thatgod cloth to my cleanest

mechanical heart
yes, it's boring
at this time
snow can not
weigh as much as the whole ocean
it has too small a window to survive

no it clings
no i am a magnet
stacked small at first
to be less severe

to push away

i am a fool in the ocean
o' goddesssssssssuck me dry

scatter from light
take my dance, my drunk knee
& others

cook me
 shout w the spoon in yr lips

hot metal
cry to yr parents to send $$$
   need to keep moving
         need a plan

killed time
 i am a doorstop a childs foot
      blood on a gifted tie 

i am only naked for you
w my teeth loose or missing

i am cement as a makeout w you
or no kissing in a dream

no money in my hands
or my mouth

   this is the problem w the sun
   radiation burns
   is what life is

   i cannot hold onto the fire
   because i did not invent it

the darling of the silent pull
is the nothing
   between us
         and nottus

   you are
   an extraordinary weight

14 July 2013

a postscript for jack spicer

where did u surf yesterday??
this is sunday for angels
and any way i can fuck my way
out of death.
rub yr shoulders is what my
hands are for
but they seem so worthless
kept in this earth.
no, i insist
this is my existence
what can i get u from the kitchen?

08 July 2013


she goes fishing for my lost teeth
wash the luck mother in a stone basin
these are my throw quarters
what is my number to call for change
w my face at the bottom of the pool
here is a treasure you lost
i am deep ended
there are no fish in my mouth but i am
kissing you weird
building an arch over the shape
of my chestbrain
the thinking i can do during sky dive
where are my friends when they aren't flying over
when they are elderly
will they come and sing in my bed??
i had no choice but to quit
& make a strange mess of my fluids
is it time for us to be a series of spines??
feeding me w my low reputation
of kind words
i don't blame you for spending all the marble
bc i am also the future
& the futures of futures
i can wait for floods and whimpering roadkill
but what if the rain prays for itself??
no i do not care what a god thinks
i broke my promise or i wonder
when the sea is here to make me
an axewound cleave my face
this is a talk i save for great days
on my things to do
sing a ridiculous number of songs about me
i am currently responsible
for the music in my own capture
i mean i could give you a good funeral
& all of the bad people
but i have a beautiful sister for that
& my hourglass works today
so i can watch myself hang from a chandelier
sing OH DARLING to you
while i am blackout drunk
this is life knelt on the table
i am a traincrash
give me what grace there is to do well
when i don't feel invited
to this globe of mud
my blue eyes
you hide flies in my neck for the river
build a roof over my walk path
bc i know i can miss the sun
if she says i love you after each burn
i hope to hell sun said
when she meant to thank me for the light
i could see the Grand Canyon from space
for about a month since being there
the water is diluted and a yellow pain
in what i am looking through
a head
the waxing makes real what a lie can do
tears for the central Nebraska crane collapse
i am tired and peaking at the wrong time
i am green but also transparent
this is just an interesting video
from the other evening
you don't remember but why would you
ignore your friends
when there are so many graves to fill
w/ unused ground

go fish


my mother named the fish here
born from calm drinking stone basin
where there are no fish
but they eat what you throw them
your own mouth
kiss me my new keyed red paint
it feels so arc
of course they speak nothing
we all know the shape of heart,
heaven and parents, what are my friends doing?
when will you sing in my bed?

i do not have a choice, it's time for relationship?
i have a spineless in this series of standing
the future of media, for example, someone i spent marble
i will continue in the future
well, the rain praying to say, i will
now, do not listen to god, what do you think?
if you break your vows, I ask you?
I do not know what to try
but his resume? friends of Buddha
it was a picnic. all about me
he is currently responsible for marketing
we must find a way to search and register i do not know
if I can give a good funeral
for all the bad people, but i have a beautiful sister
tuesday glass sand collected works
looking for a job
put it in your mouth we have blood on our faces
i will not turn
hanging from achandelier i think life
i knelt on the table
most of them train accidents
give me the grace to perform well
tell my personality and waves
to connect to my heart
i know this song for you
i have clear eyes
fishing flies remain hidden in the neck
but at the beginning of the song
no no marble she
factory splice
opening tonight and hope tax of damn years
i put my on my rain jacket
thank you for your light, how do you say so to speak,
she planted in the garden of the mother
my doctor
well, as i said, in the Grand Canyon, you can see how the moon
changes size with water dissolved air missiles
yellow pain our eyes trick the brain
i have two pocket jacket
it can not create a world waxing
not for the cost of international law roasting
pumpkin seed, our tears, you know this song
central Nebraska crane collapse
please note that the parking time: I do not want you to know more
green inside but today, with transparency and video
i think the appeal of nightime
why ignore your friends
when there is so much left
mother of the floating with no mentioned of the poisons ridicule and shy will a stone of moon in the small piscineKiss my nose pointuJe bet that this feels like a papillonJe am willing to bet, cocoons of couchageJe bet that you never said "fuck" we know that all chosesShape of my Ambivalentes looking at the sky and the members of the familleQue are you doingMy friend?If you're singing on the porch swing?I have no choice, it's a moment of relationship?I have a bone in the consequent actionsFor, a person in the media of the avenirJ' have reduced from Marbrea the future, we will continue Aok, let me go, so to speak, pray in the capture of the Tempetea this day, ears made God what are thinking you?If you break your promise, I asked?I do not know if he tried to take the ball and finger briqueMais its start over?Zhiqian amisAvec a pique-niqueTous of my terrePlus recently, he was responsible for the marketingTrouver of the ways of me Controleraccedez and enregistrezJe do not know what, I can give a funeral belPas all personnesLaid, but ailleursJ' a beautiful soeurTrois emploiIci sableRecherche collectors protocols, put your boucheDans our face in my sangJe don't do that, it is the lumiereaccrocher a lustreJe believe that the vieJe am kneeling on the stack of the Church UnieLes train accidents are much of Etoilesdonnez - me the grace of sprintDites - me, my way and vaguesOuvrez a session my heart, independently duJe will tell you, that this song is for vousdouleurJe'll laverFly shoes remain hidden in the gorgeCependant, at the beginning of a chansonIl have no sea Marbredistributionmoulinpublicitela, it is a treasure and espoirOuvrir this soirne not be a kiss upAnchorPleine chargeJ' put my manteauTuniquesComment can I say thank you bougiesComment pronounce nameshis mother planted in my garden, AngelaMon first Medecinil is true that I say, in this way, you can see the Moon in Grand Canyontelescope water potableDissoudre gold sky rocketNotre douleurDonnez - me a coat with too many pocheIl is not possible to write a gloss of Epilationfrais international legal have not Antecedentsos, our tears, I knew the chansongrue grave in the centre of the ICT-TACJ Nebraskametronome' realized the bestunless you me aimezEn more about that cabin feverPas today, but the Etoiletransparent and gravureJe think that the right to bear plainteBrillent in sombrescalculs vote to ignore a friend

02 July 2013


who is the color of me
who is as drunk of you as me
play the old stuff
watch me smoke joints in public
watch me cry in daylight
i am a drunk fool
bc i drink and choose to be a fool
fuck time
i want to get out of here
i am waiting for a lady and a train
i am going fishing
in the desert of underwaterless bridges
i am drowning
i am telling my best friends to go home
when iknow there is no such thing
one in one out
i am popping gravy
i am veins and a smile
a birth count an important youth
he is playing the piano
my fingers go for new opportunity
what time is it in nework
what time is is in the bar you are at
and where am i
i forget
how to play it
when the saints march
when the sweet spot
where your face pounds
i suck at the carnage of a soft drum
a canyon'd skull
thumb my mushy brain
arm up my nose to massssage powder
a triumphant arch down my chaos
my stretching throat
gargle the words to spit blood
i too am falling apart
moving around in bed waiting to be smothered
by your hands on my ears
you say "____________________"
and leave the country for who knows
and i bury my face in the dirt
i mean pillows
i meani am an ostrich i am a scared bird
i was once a thundering lizard
i was once a slime
blowing sands erode the youngness off my skin
i mean gin and gin and beautiful girls 
where are you is not a question
where am i
why why why 
me a dumb dog a sweaty dog a god dog
i don't need an answer to anything
blew in the face
just yes me or tornado me
i just want to be forgotten by moonrock
or drink all the champagne in my chest
before i am occupied
or you on a train
or my mouth touching the wall of china from space
i can hear the shells fall
i know nothing
abt you
i forgot the song i remember i hate remembering
this is we this is danger
lie to me
be a choking blanket of warmth
be a city
a leaning tower of come back to me w touching
i wont ask you the future
whats wrong kiddo
why why why you are this in my mind
tell me where my mouth goes
and toes on carpet
make me stand in the rain
new clip grass fleck
punch me to dust  (I AM ALSO MADE OF STARS???? IDK)
w your slightness
write me a note in perfect penmanship
abt how it is too late
fuck time
and everything
and wish away the world when
death is a full bottle 
death is a noose for the next
death is nirvana
death is a exit a gun a way off this rock
death is a plane to lisbon
death is a white dress and you
a voice a horn in the fog
i would listen to as i am launched into the deep
what could i say now that is me
that is a wild finish
a sporting wager 
my teeth are so jagged w these sounds
coming from the gap
between my breathing
i forgot the title of aerth
and this poem
i forgot what i was even thinking abt
this poem this aerth
i forgot how
to poem
howrodmssisj Jk&ihsl9
sisieneidodm73$: djdk ddooodkdkUe
i dont sleep
until i am a phantom 
a panting escape 
afraid of being there
vertical stripes to take the eyes off my leave
indefinitely stuck
is stuck
is honey me
is ice is back to hell chewing someonelses liver
nibble syrup slush
where when the thaw
will i go
gnashing at loneliness
who will want me w this face i have