30 April 2013


god forgives bulls don't

laughter for meat
meat for luck
rub my tummy for the blood barrier
barring the brain
i am a brain
i am a me thing inside of a husk of a tree
inside of a field inside of a boy
inside of a glass globe inside of a snowstorm
inside of a desert inside of an ocean of touch
inside of a wave
inside of a wave
inside of a wave

time doesn't know the names inside
of a me
& my desire to melt the waxy film off earth
off my soggy stare
i am a dollop of whipped

29 April 2013



26 April 2013


it is just me
&happiness rattling inside of my husk
aginst cooling coals
waiting for endless summer
&a huge pool for my friends to swim in
&a lawn or by lawn
i mean earth
i mean the universe
i mean idk
take me

25 April 2013


a plot
a country road take me a binge bath
a cocaine house
          a tree. a poem. THE GREAT FUCKING PLAINS.
          it is all man made
          you see.
   is for the author of a gold dig
   a novel about the eternal struggle
a plotting to get mad rich
   this is the idea
        a comedy
            is always tragic
            no i mean that isn't the idea
            i can't share my ideas
            in  apoem
my boss, well he isn't actually my boss
but he can tell me what to do so.......
but he read my poems
he told me
he asked if i knew some poet who i probably have heard of
but never read
because idk
 he is just some professor
   in w/ the state
             april is national poetry month
             my work calendar says april 28th is

  but idk i don't buy it imean it's a sunday afterall
  a boring day a day to die alright
  it is a snooze i mean this is a boring day
  i am so hungover day
  i am going to get stoned and play video games all day day
but really it would bea great day for poetry
because everyone
            like in the movies
            when we lose our humanity
            you can always find it
            in some sweet poem
            the sugar lip shit
            the good cum
            the rush to brain
            a split second deth
  but teach me
to love the world or beyond or your body
    i can walk on ice if you say
      it's possible
      it is so cracked
      it is so blue underneath
i would probably freeze to death if i drowned under ice
i think every day
  ocean of $$$$$$$$
  what do poets get for saving humanity??
  empty stomachs??
  our asses stuffed w/ the past???
  a new lambo??
idk what i want but i know that i don't want to decay
      but that is what i do
      i am a crumbling statue of the president
      a horn blasted Bejing
      too beautiful to look at
      you will melt
      turn to stone
      or something idk probably die
  i mean i know we all die right
even the last human will die
that blows
       but oh well
       i am low on $$$
        could use some $$$
          but i mean i'd just blow it anyway
          i just want to blast my brain
           i jusss wanna melt too maaann
  watch the creatures crawl out my eyes my ears my mouth
  hell they dance in my organs
       pull the strings to my brain
        i am just a mad typist
 typing typing typing a type or what is sexy
  how sexy can this poem get
any sexier
 i am a sex machine
 made to have sex
  but i learned other things
  on my own or in school i guess
    the internet
     my parents?/??
maybe but what am i going to do now
   where is my next break
    i am going to be a star
     i am going to be a BIG STAR

24 April 2013


you glad girl
unfurl the world
drink a tea an earl
keep a twirl inside u
itsa merry-go-round
itsa dig in the sand
juice me until
i am pulp only
we can find new gravity
as we get closer to the center


i am watching a training video at work
that is telling me about lying
it is bad to lie
to anyone even your friends
i have lied to my mom a few times
she asked me if i shoplifted one time
because my friend dico
told my brother
i shoplifted
& i did but i said i didn't so my mom believed me i think
but i dunno and i felt pretty bad about that
i dont think lies are poison though
but maybe they are???
who knows
this video shows a female hacker
she is wearing a skimask and cool shades
typing into a laptop
and she can reach into the laptop screen
to pilfer your cash and your credit card
probably your social security card
where is that anyway
on my person??
why is she wearing a skimask??
why is she wearing shades???
she has red fingernail polish
she is a white female
i think
when ever i hear the word hackers
i think of angelina jolie
i think of tomb raider and how i wrote a poem
titled tomb raider nude code
because i hoped that it would attract
google hits
idk maybe that was kind of dumb
who knows right??
i just want people to find me
i never played tomb raider
but i did watch tomb raider 2
in a hotel near laguna beach
it was in march
the ocean was cold

personal ?s
where is the lake from your cabin
a dive
a dock i am so remember
a summer
how to fish
how to spear a duck
flap fast heart
read hemingway on the dock
drinking wine at sunrise
a good death??
what is that
is it awake right now
is it surrounded by cats
a good year??
on a dock
how long can we stay here
what is the method
how do we peel
off this dock
can you bring the wine
i might drop it

find food w/ senses
kissing isntead of breakfst
what is goose
how much is the salmon & eggs
i couldn't tell
if you really were throwing up
it was noisy in Goldy's
i couldn't hear anything you were doing
i like it when the egg yolk
breaks over everything
which is something
that changed in me
at some point in my life

would like my mode
to be a fun
a big kid
a shopping spree
afraid of speed
afraid of tall things
no i'd rather walk by
the fake teepees
i'd rather be cool
in the man made tree area
who put all this here
christian fort
i am a brain wash
i woke up today
i just want to have fun

23 April 2013


i went to go get fish tacos
after we talked
i walked in but they said SORRY
the kitchen is closed??
this place is a bar???
so i went to raising canes
and no you are going to...
it says one love onthe soda cups
half full of crushed ice
this diet coke
the boss sauce all over my face
the canes employee asked
if i wanted to round up
my payment
to donate to

and i stopped listening
because it was something w the military
and i just kept thinking

what the fuck is a trillion dollars

how fucking high am i

jesus christ

hello hello hello
it's a long long long time to say
i never s'd i was graceful
you a starry sky seem so bright over ocean
graceful as sun gleam or gul flight
is soaring the current we call zephyr
we call the guiding light
we call to hear our voices echo at the waters
vast?? what is my name
on the tongues of tigers
lap away rainwater from skin
or this is a house
that belongs to someone
away is woe
is a balcony a puff out the window
is graceful smoke a dancer
a long time to say bye bye for good
it is in my name to be a funny way
it is me
because i have always called it vast
as a childs hope
or how foolish it can be to worship words
the voice of whatever an adult is
saying a child is full of hope
a child can do whatever they want
until they age
until they die
until they hide from the poems in their blood
they are humans w/ time
or just have less in their mind
one mind for all kids
its just this kidbrain
w/ graceful wrinkles
there is no try in it
kidbrain just does what it wants to do
it names it a friend
or a ghost
or the dreams of kidbrain
it is a gold dress
an easy song
it is a god inside of a god inside of an ignorant mush
a perfect slime
goose goose goose goose goose to kick
a sound anything makes when you wring it between your soft mitts
a toothless giggle
at the fall of sticks
fall of the external godrain spoken at the eyes
of damp youth
fresh mulberries from the abandoned house
your grandfathers wheelchair ramp
still up years after he died
it is still useful to have a ramp
it is still useful to have wheels
to be lazy
to invent ways to get lazier
or grosser
or Gross Nebraska
i think only an old lady lives there
she runs all the stores
i wonder if someone will take over
when she is dead
or if gross will be gone
do you slowly lose your grasp on what forever means
as you get older??
to kids always think in terms of forever????
we started moving so much because my dad couldn't
keep a job
but what do i care
these are all just lives
& we give names to the things we want
a car that talks
an apple tree
a graceful death
a push into the snow
but the kidbrain dies or it leaves us
or we leave it behind
to become old gods
w/ painful loves in the sky
or glass of whiskey
or smoke on the balcony
or write a poem for me
or write a poem for me
or write all the poems for me
title them my name
or my face
or the forest
or a head on the side of a mountain
they were all kids & we were all kids
everyone has a name
because thats what we do w/ our godbrain
we name things
we say they are pretty
we say hey graceful
when we are being sarcastic
after you fall down drunk in the street
i mean anyone
i mean streets??
these mean streets are not my "home"
where am i from through
where am i from??
a cave?????
a wandering monster????
a caravan of irish bumble bees
a stinger a good go a punchline
sleeping father
tell stories
sleeping giant
write down every second of my life
a sharp poem
a spiked juice
carry me umbrellalala in your dream
dream me
a painting of buildings w/ us outside in the rain
w/ wet faces
hiding our weepy smiles

glowing coils of the stove-top
melts rubber
a shoe bottom
mankind did not invent fire
but it
melts me
into new me if you knew who i was
before i burned all this flesh
born in a tub
born inside of my body
my monzter brother i ate w/ my gums
i am scummy water
drink me & like nothing about it
gargle sludge
shout at me
shout through my greasy skin
make an earthquake w/ no earth to quake
i am a shivering mutt
i am salt on a slug
it goes away in me
fragile ooze
a scatter of worthless bricks
gems for eyes & spat on
spit on my cracked skelly
wash me in digesting
run me over w/ a stampede of wildebeests
call me a beast
call me the best beast
i am the best fucking beast
i am going to live alone on a boat
sailing the great lakes
i am going to bury my father in leaves
i am going to leave the leaves for all seasons
fuck chores
fuck the cleanest shit
fuck the words you use to hurt me
when you are a wounded bird
laying next to the window
let me carry you outside
and put you in the street
maybe a dog will eat you
maybe you will just die
where you belong
fuck the shore
i am the ocean
i am a swallow hot
leaking over all dry all mountain
call me a cocksucker
feel the ribs of your mouth
jaw at the air
i am a dancing pile of needles
find the hay???
find the banana in my soul
my soul??
no this is yours
take it back
i dont want it i dont want it i dont want it
take back the shit in my ass
it is a mound under your house
it is the place you lay your
lazy brain that says a timewaster is a time that lasts
cough up more slime
get all the tar out of your lungs
be healthy
feel healthy
play healthy
make a sculpture youfucking artist
make a sculpture of your friends
ugly smashmouth
stick your candy arm down my houndthroat
this is vacuum world
this is a place where nobody goes
this is a  n o t h i n g m a t t e r s
& i can say sorry but i won't
because i am sorry
because you are a garage
i am a broken down
in the frontyard

22 April 2013


still there muted change
chill river w/ my toes
wrap jagged pinecone

a skinzone for smooth
sinew joints of what builds
truss jaw supports wave of hush

heave a scarab gentle into canyon
i could be turned under by boulders
rockman is a mirror a talk to a sing w/

oh sweet somethin'
i in my pockets i a candycoat
hand on knee for 1500 miles or so

is money a tree
is temperature of my skin
the deciding factor of die or die??

or die or die or die
there are no options for wind
for a son to dart sky

or destroyergod is a destiny too
to catch fireflies in glass
is a killing is a way to see the movement

gusseted to one another
by air of clammy back carry
shiver clouded spring to leave

i am a walk away rainwall
is zero is car on the highway w/ lights open
these are canines

they are good for tearing flesh
they are good
for tearing

they are good
& my paws are coated in phosphorescence

which wilds me
to fur stand against
to lick the pitch under a moonlit

a good squash a firm fruit
about rosy face is wet
w/ the appetite of cannon fire

an asleep in the grass more than lost
to become ground above my numb reach
treading soil for the roots to break

19 April 2013

sitting, standing, & being sat on

try to reach a new apple
a generic term for what a liar knows
the browned soft is an ugly
a wine lip
you can rub off the skin w/ yr thumb
through map for point to the anywhere
a capital of worn shoes
a street w/ no one on it

18 April 2013


narcotic is the lighter or my chemical breath
i am a breathing fuzz
coo at my chest the verb of us being an odor
a purr under emerald needle
clean the water off my eyes w ur tongue
i am a decision the size of sawtooth
a disgusting mess of stone
a way to disguise death w not existing
this is a river
god is this river 
nogod is a piss in this river
lost in the clearwater
you the guided hawkflight
or hand extend for falcon
my boat to the center of 
my child face
mouth open for the air
the mounds of moved earth
what is molten above ground
we a whisp a flutter 
a deluge of no time
no comfort to waste
a new mountain
a new valley
a new prairie
this is how a river is

17 April 2013


people get made fun of for being healthy
some people think
being healthy is not american???
i don't wanna die
kill that guy he is getting sexy
sext him a donut
fill his dick w/ beer
pour oil in yr arteries
this is heroin??
this is a fucking pile of hamburgers
a big gross pig
a cop shouts STOP
or something
like it's against the law to live
is that what i am saying????????

leave from the lake cabin
near mccall
i will write a poem about this
see a lot of trees
take highway 95 n
to buffalo eddy
where the nez perce pine
on to idaho 12 through clearwater
to missoula
take i90 through butte & bozeman & livingston
find a way to redlodge
the winding step
snow wall in may
now undecided
will have to study the map a few times
then on to the big horn
black hills
rapid city
pick any road trav says
down to the sandhills
we can drive 200 mph
fuck it
then i am back in nebraska

it's all god
yr face is perfect??
what is wrong with space
i enter void
    w/ a carefree terror
a misty april sky buzzes my grow
a flower stem cut at angle
a clavicle or song abt kissing them
a drunk airplane pilot
the message my dad cries abt
a judge a stupid mistake
that i stay
the moon hangs
yr dad is dead
long live dad


need to be a box
conform to free in a box
not a chain to the walll a federal sanctuary
give me a pneumatic deth
a bell cup ring the song off yr jewely slide
what is holding me against the metal
i can score my way through stone wall
buy freedom
good the way we sex in a dream
help a hand or give limbs to the painted few
i am a long neck
is what i crank through the leaves to eat
a man's gotta
stew over lost boyhood lost run through the woods
be naked be a warm balloon
this idea
we need to find a freedom for us????
or think we have an outside chance
the guesswork of who dies to save me
who needs to be shot???
i am not cross out
see the good in decay
the loss of is not a loss of anything
i am so human
i am part of all these things that make up something
that i can morph into a new thing
be it beautiful or whatever there is to be
it is infinite i agree w/ you
our paths
liquid in feet too make us a natural quick
be unafraid
be a doesn;t mean but it means it is a meaning
to be lost in earth is still on earth you see
the blue in sky
say that is just a never end
a plume of fur a feel good a move over
hand in air a knife
this is my breathing
this is me laughing
this is me poem
this is the same damn thing a billion years away
and not mine
and not a cage a bamboo a chicago
here we are
here we have always been
it is a good way
to live i think
death isn't
a goner
the smoke just thins out
where have i gone
i am still nowhere
and always ok is ok is ok is ok
put my sweater on
i will be by soon
to eat onions out of yr mouth

b patient b felt b remember puncture
feel finally dim lunar speak loon a stand water
drive spike laugh days cover grass
b nothing b nothing b nothing
i am naked i am aged i am a bed
a squattter a log a loose change
feel shy feel piss leg feel brave
watch her watch darkness watch hair fall
roll over roll earth raise starry roof
clean nail trim dagger swallow fire
not know death know be death
is time is it is is is stay is change me
it is so hard it is a diamond
my brain says i will always be a doom
a doom??????

16 April 2013


every punk
what is dead to past what floats
every thrash neck to the howl
i wolf in the thicket 
pheasant cluster across absorb space
the less than i can still be
a rebel
a fixed dog
a washed hand jammed btwn two mounds
termite hotel a crawl through the wicked
money pit a stretch meeee thump speed
car noise scamper into pitch
my muscle is new muscle
mount olympus climb plains chest boy
a board a less than flat hide of sun
what is heaven
what is a drag
i wander gyp toe in the gravel road
a jay a hawk a poet a river
the lewis & clark the poem abt land bridges
i am justin
ded bc i was no body in my meness
earnest i mean cloud over my face
is to be bird
to smoke out the flock
a street sweeper
i sunny rain
w my makeshift weather confusion
it's cold in april this year
yr tiny fingers in my ears & run thru beard
i could kiss the fumes
of a damn star
could be the tallest sound in a roar
the ocean was me to take
it takes


what's under my slow dumb body
is a poetry
abt me
in the washing machine
lost in the time zone of body lock
stoneman toss sandstone in colorado stoned
a sliding bishop ute
a worthless move is still motion
a RT a new galaxy
where are all my followers today
to be in the next tweet
i am too deep rn
in the aerth keep saying drink
this juice it lubes yr heart
i love
it inside my vapor
a juke?? a pillow case mask sheet ghost
build a fort of cushion
hide in darkling hold me darling dance
on my feet if you can't
if it gets too fucked up in here
i can energize w/ pelvic thunder
my heart & it is in my blood
hold the sun in yr hands it can be light
anywhere you touch nomidas
they are a flower
a finger on the lawn
a ballpark figure
a wave after wave after
shout from roof

15 April 2013


weak a stay for goof ups
it lolz it says abt u
there is a lot to let go of
a buzz a high as fuck
the grown ass heart inside
the kid the wound the cops
darkness too much light
good vs evil is bullshit
or idk what anyone loves
idk what evil men want
from the rest of us evil
hi forviv me
hi hold me 
in a thunderstorm
this is just weather
this is a w ve
a sm k 
a gh sss t
stick yr tongue
on the wire
put yr hands on me

dont call it a comeback
         call it
       water it lips cracked dry from long time
        a long ass time
            of being a miss
       does the river even ocean
          owe me my own sweat
     fill the pore w/ air
 pour breathing over my back skin
        i am pale
       i'm pale
 sprinthoof a gallop thud my gazelle through
  the savanna reedy names the dust
     cloud over always waterless sea
        me skipper a joke to wind
           leaving isn't always
              going away to
                 be thirsty
i am jus'
 playing w/ my own mouth
    stick fingers down throat
        to feel the stone grind
             cud or what sweetgrass is found
             here in the worst world
             the aerth my parents
           touched w/ their bodies too
            me so new as first rain
             in months that are counted
             by frost???
  what loses to shedding or shavers lament
          for the hiding we carry in mane
         to coastal hip
        i tuck my tongue between button
         knot of trunk the tree is to blame
      for blemish or renew of what left
         me or you
or the rest of humanity
       it scares nothing from my blindness
           to see the colors
           of things

cranes go
   where is wild
    what did it say abt yr hair
 i color i am a shape of these days
      in nebraska all over
     prague tornado or
           stormy florida & swamp
          & big blue muddy eyes
 don;t work for me
     just blinders just goldy touch me
      a volvo a machine to die
  hinder migration
  fatten up before winter
    to keep quick of starvation
      cave growl
    waterbird walker too
   is a far fly away
down in canyon desert lost
  a few days in spring
   a leap i am so hoppy
 for you
to walk in
  a few of my skins
  the bravest
 or most naked
skimming the sandhills
 sleep in the back of your car
   i am a map of roads
  axl grease my throat to fuel
 a going
  a slower speed than falling
  but still wind
 enough for winging

triscuit task it pic-nic basket
  run n run n run
   at beat w/ my leap
   a banana a sharp green nananana
 it's chest time
 it's heave boulder over
      it's hamthigh knee break time
tight as a string
a rubber my acceptance
  glue the distance to a background
   a thought of no problems
a remember me
  a slow to speed ringing thud
my shoulders my arms my wrists
              my hands my knuckles
                  the space before touch
 or cover me all the way
       naked me inside & out
stop poison
or drink to be drunk
     if it grins
            if it isn't a horse
ready for a wall
    my mother could jump
hit w/ heel a fall apart home
o' this in my bones
place long jogger down
         & i am liquid is form
             face against the grain
             of gravel
take away my me in me repeat
the health of my
is gold as worth more than detour
an excuse to be less poet
                      less meat in my brain
heat of sleep thru the pain
or i can coast
   i can be bay
     i can beach
or sail across peaceful waves
     my movement
    want of my body to stretch
     over a globe
     portion out one & one &
 it takes awhile
for trust to be easy
the blood in our tickle
flush my obvious glance
words to make you a smiling
   my echo silence
     is not other words hiding
     slip through canyons
      riverway highway skymap
      stone as the cliff wall
      young bc we never fear
      the easy death of being here
     it is free only bc we want
     a let go
      a hold me & you
       a slow to stand up in the wind
       take time to be here
       take time to walk to the river
  remove us
       in current or against
       it doesn't matter
       is solid
       is is it is
       a rainbow
       a mud place
       water new flowers
         swim in chicago
         ago go
           remind me
                to see you in the morning