31 August 2012


maybe i am out of my silly gourd
fuckin' flashin' bulbs
rub me for luck
tinted glass during space travel
beard duck walker
grabbing at my vines
on the angry moon below my sealick
reflect all over my swung jaw

so many people
looking cool

how many of you
does it take to change the score
when i don't even know
the question
or how much my drugs will cost

and when i say you
or the sun
or anything that can burn

warming up infront of boiling mud
hope death fumes won't fill earths sky
while i wait for the sun to jump
w/ my poemfeet
walk like an upside down deer

breathe in toxic i dunnos
because all these smiling weirdos
make me feel fossilized
mixing my boring bones
w/ other dead funny bones

or shame on me for wanting me
to know how happy is a something
& not some gone thing you
can see stuck in rock buried beneath years
of confused people forced
alived and told they
will die

so figure it out
what was i
thinking abt
i guess it's just abt a girl
or it's abt being scared
or it's abt not knowing
what the hell i can do w/ my dumb body

30 August 2012

i squeeze two lime slices
into bombay gin
i would like to party until i die
or never die

she the dust outta my blood
luck is not my friend
unless luck brings me


we had an old typewriter that no one used because we had a computer now. the computer was a green screen zenith. the typewriter was electric and actually pretty nice i think. i had just become facinated with the Beatles. i was twelve or thirteen or just young i cant even really remember. i just remembered.

29 August 2012


she dunno
what burns inside a
a uhhh


who cares
what length's for
have a life
have all my lifes

but you get got by gat
rat tat
attack me when i sleep on Christmas
wake me up
w/ yr airraid

it's a gift or a gifthorse or a brokedown ol' friend

i know i know
death is a lazy ass
she sits
waiting for the bangbang

& you come
dragging yr knuckles
across the line between water
and what fish cannot swim in

i am dying
in this wrong universe
or she shells
or she whips
pussy whips

i flop around all day on the coast
big green water just a few sand drops away

i don't believe any of you
w/ yr clocks
w/  yr slobber knockers
talking up a storm
abt who the hell's in hell
or why waste all yr time
tryna make time outta remember mes
after yr time is done
after yr friendzone chugs

i'm just dry
i'm edge as the sun's sun
i have zero gravity inside of my asshole
i mean my mouthhole
i mean shitty lemons
or diapers
or baby
i just wanna orbit yr globe

i said shit
i mean i poem
i mean i am singing and dancing
to be sexy
w/ my sexy birthing ships
sail in my bay

trade all yr deathblankets
for my gold
& ex lovers
er humpers blump
bump yr buns

er i see beached whales
is people swimming
aka people drowning
smile so big when the skygod
burns yr skin

es macht mich an wenn du schreist
and off
and quit talking plz

like you live outside
like you work the dirt
like yr better than i am
bc i still want you

do not touch me
keep yr hands off me
my skin is afraid of all skin

ya i dunno
ya i am so sorry
for talking this way

you w/ yr bald boy
in an alley
in an early 2000's wolkswagon
chokes dragon
watch youtubes of Carl Sagan
the sky's so pretty
like he knows what the hell
like he's dead
like we're all made of stars, man

and thats weird
and i'm sorry i wasted yr time
bc it's so fucking precious
bc i wanted to kiss yr tits
and hand holding or whatever

that's not what i mean
when i get a stiffy
i just bleed inside my own body

28 August 2012


over my mush face
whitewash the brains outta this wall
truth bombs
she prays SHOTS FIRED
or asks little egyptians where to hide
her treasure
they got these
crazy traingle castles
my mouth is in 3D talking subtitle
sloppy poem
sloppy w/ people
listening to california by phantom planet
watching tv abt ppl in california
this reality that i don't know
where infinite land meets hella surf
well i am a liar
there is no water inside me
empty walking cactus
where the desert is always
great and american
and stretching hide over my muscle
neck meat is the most delicious
if you can bite through
am i still a super dude
keeping cool
under the coastal tan
line after line after line
do i know how to stop feeling crazy
stressss ssssss  ssssssss
my faults i am sorry it's all mine
i like like too much honey
my sweet hands gold touch
you can't feel through the humidity
here in Nebraska
where the buffalo gals
chew up the grass
migrating mow when their guts are full
there were maybe
billions of them
until the trains came

can't write a poem
about nobody
can't stop myself
from wanting to be in love
never been in a plane
over mountains
never flatlined
i'm a middle man
i great plains drifter
floating straight up
one day i will nose dive
one day i will split earth
the core of me
will melt magma
into vapor





i mean
did herself in


and yr life
and yr clammy hand--


i can
stand up
for my

where are we going
if we don't want to
kiss anymore

i think
it's fucking
to just
sit here

how much
will you
choke down

i'm just playin

i'm just from
another plane

great plains

apple pucker
w/ vodka

in the tub

how many
did i friend you w/

would you
make a weapon
out of me

turns out
i'm just

fat head
had a wasp
land inside

my bra
my huge bra
for my huge jugs

my diet soda
w/ sugar
w/ blood
w/ smoke and mirrors
tie me to the bed post

and tell me
abt yr growing up

i'd like to be

i am glad
i can walk

you know there are a lot
of people
around here

they tell you things
abt why
you shouldn't be sad

like fuck man
isn't real either

she tweets

something abt
hey i'm a person too
 hey come see me

or all i want 
are a million 

in no particular order

get outta here
get outta this two horse town
or horses

or shot the horse
she broke her leg
and there is nothing we could have done

can i write
some shitty poem

abt what i think love is
or why i want love
or i love ice cream too

what is this
in my blood

how many questions
can i ask 
 in shitty poem

i could
put more pillows
in my stomach

would you
love me
if i was a genius

i would like to fly
an airplane
in circles

i would like to 
always wear
a parachute

when i am sleeping
i pull the release

on my parachute

what happened to my poem
when i am lying
abt how far i fall

abt i wasn't sad i guess
i just wish i didn't
believe in love

i could make myself
a better person



hello hardly dawn fly shot
through spit and rise and gone
numb from smile at dead necks
answers taste more like
tranquilizers in mute rainfall
from infinity and come down
tat tat tat on my glass parts
lock wings w/ the sunny
she wanders around 
the wet stone i live on
makes leaves bounce
off my warming winter branches
i'm not a tree boy
i'm just a regular tree
leaning towards a distant glow
w/ hope i will die standing

27 August 2012


i am a scared little boy
throwing a fit
at my old god
my parents
or some artificial idea
of what love is
what i think i need
or want
i dunno
i can't just make me work
i can't just say honest things
i am terrified
i think about when i will die
soon is all i can say
i don't believe me
i am going to shave my head
because i don't care
i am going bald
i had my teeth knocked out
when i was 13
my chest hurts because i have been smoking
for too long
i spit blood sometimes
i am probably 50 lbs overweight
that is so much
but i am still half my father
half his sad terrible life
i want to start running
i want to be beautiful
i want to live forever
i dunno
i'm just writing
to calm myself down
i just want to stop
wanting to cry
everytime i open my mouth
i am not going to write 

this is a poem abt how awful i taste

to use my veins as sewers

pump all yr pissed out prescriptions

i am fat

every fat poem melts me

or i feel beached whaley

no one is happy around me

no one can stand my decay

they stand far off

it won't

even death can't stand to hold my blubber corpse

please use all my rot

for fertilizer

and forget you ever knew of me

my ugly face

there is a magnet in my skull

metal objects fly at me

at high speeds

i have dents in my bone case

much worse than the darkside

of moon


i am humming or electricity is in me
smoking hash hours ago

i am laying down on the floor of my living room
putting my face on the carpet

i am full of things i breathe
all of it classifiable as shit

i voted for Barack Obama
a few years ago

i hope he wins again
but i don't think

much will change for me
i might die while he is president

i guess there is a better chance
of that happening

there is a cup of Dr. Pepper
next to me

the ice has not melted all the way
so it might still be cold

but its almost two a.m.
and i should go to sleep soon

i was late for work last friday
i couldn't sleep

i was thinking abt some girl
i met off the internet

i guess i am ugly
i should cover my body in robes

or wear a fish suit
and swim down every river

going to grow my beard forever
or at least until i want to die
or at least until i forget my face
i miss my face sometimes
i wonder if i am already dead
a chin is a good place for a home
grow yr crops on a jawline
i drank 8 glasses of water a day
i guess i will just be in love w/ my
self i guess i will stop writing 
poems titled ugly
saying i am ugly
or you make me feel ugly
or why does it matter
why do we die
will i even notice
maybe i will start running
maybe i will run far away
tattoo the word ugly
all over my body
so people wonder
whats underneath
all the ugly
why are you so ugly
they will say
and i don't know
how i will answer

feel my muddy shame
me stretched over rack
left sitting at the bottom of a well
when the rain comes down at an angle
i can wash my eyes
kiss concrete mirror
tell me to light the gasoline on me
or ask why a  tall tree is on my mind
i shaved my head w/ a straight razor
in the canal behind our apartment
cut the callouses off my tongue
w/ live gators
i might drive again
go as fast as i can off some seacliff
i don't know if a beach could save me
but i've already collected so many bruises
it couldn't possibly get worse
for the shell i still live in

26 August 2012


my dad lied abt how my dog died

w/ i seven weeks ago

god i am a boring sad death too

shake th fruit from yr branches

when it's ripe

when it's too sweet to keep

not crushed by a truck

he was put to sleep

all dogs go to 

i wonder where he's buried

probably in a mass grave

for unwanted dogs

i am numb when i lose this way

for all th heroin buzz i grow

out of my neck long giraffe

crooked spineless pomegranates

poppy pods in yr bloody jaw

snake talker talking too

yr terrifying shadow

gravy not what i'm craving

he should not be dead

i wonder if my dad

will be put in a mass grave

w/ all his massive gourd

for unwanted dogs

all dead go to

th sun 

under space sauce

sloppy universe

sloppy second universe

is yr god fucking somebody

is yr god fucking


talk to me

like i am a thunderstorm

you can be th boom

i will always be

th burning tree

where did my dog go

when he died

when my father

took him to heaven 

he let some stranger

kill my fucking dog

24 August 2012



23 August 2012

i've been trying to use less cubes
because of what paul said
almost died a few times
i burned off part of my mustache
today when i was lighting a pipe
i hope you don't notice
falling into a frozen lake
might be one of my top ten
winter fears
what else
can i be honest about

i am feeling moderately squashed
right index finger is busted
going to watch
a movie
i'm a statue
i'm a famous dead person
remember me
i hope in my brief stay
you were entertained
now flat
watch my guts
worthlessly spill

frump me don't parump
a dump
me meat
sack of dumb
hands for teeth
there are more exits
to Gross,
than people living
blubbery buttocks
i am
showered sometimes
zum limes
sehr gross
sie sie sie
me ogre
spew lava breath
pioneer pitch pock
fieldbird lake nest
jigsaw kisser
i doubt
my afraid-of-the-dark
can hide me
into mirror
or your arms
i shiver
or dance in the freeze
scooting around
in space debris

22 August 2012


splendid, wind blows Earth and her hair
wash my river stones over and over and over and over and over and over
smooth wilderness and shake branches

find me in a curl
i doubt me and my hide
shake wet cold from my mane
it grows always
green garden on all sides
i swear i am only lying
about not lying
i just put on
my gasoline suit
for you

what if you could drink
all the color chestnut
me being honest
with with with with
a hold me me
i don't know what i am
wasting my arm strength
on the rest of the world
say follow me
say raspberries
how well do you groundwater
know me
up and up the coast of chimney rock
i am drunk
and trying to talk to you about poetry
you are drunk
and burning holes into my lids
i met you i guess
or i felt the railroad crush my skull
ring my neck
juice my juicy spine
name your town after me
i only say thankyou in German
i can't unhinge my jaw
to swallow a large beast
if that's what you're thinking

21 August 2012


mission gone moon
eye squash lids droop

and what i am saying say
abt the sweaty blobs

blah blah blah
i just couldn't

stare yr upper lip to mine
water what i think to grow

desert me w/ fingers
up walking for thirst

i don't know where
i am going

to ocean
to die in it

drug her pill-bows thru
Marianas Ditch track thin blood
w/ drip eye dull boy sheen
repeat: i miss a wall at open space
shrug off drought or liars
or lay next to me w/ yr arm
i grow kale inside this chest
greenhouse effect my global
hot as hell yr lucky toys
miss fruitbeard boring walk
greenest city on it's gravy side
of the fence sitting on my ass
feel the earth vibrate
small shimmy here
buzz dirt bounce beach
loose teeth rattle at each neck
stretch she wildabeasts speak
thin out the i until you see
nothing but black
while monsters rip away

20 August 2012


think Wyoming much more important
still buzzed from I80 acidtrip
Laramie makes sense
troll warns abt Utah FIVE-OH
roll joints bend glass limbs
w/ fire fuckd his hand up
on FOURTH of July w/
an artillery shell
my skin wound
you weren't kiddin' me
abt how tall Rocky Mts.
high under night spin
yr washin' my hair
yr feelin' my armstrength
had these biceps
you know i say
i don't think we all live
i'm not interested in dreams
or listen
i don't think we all time the sameway
i don't have dreams
what are you listenin' to
why did you want to bite my lip
why didn't you

17 August 2012


walk into tree me
so sell my sideshurt
by th seashore
she sure
looks grey mountain
looks fallin' rocks
outta my handy
she shells crackity against th sandy
beach of yr normandy chisle chesss--
brains agnst th ocean
what we collect
what Floridians
is sharkin' fr
lil' pieces of useless us
mixed around on ice
or errything
shame on th sky
for not sharin'
fill our gaps w/ starry
farce hummin'
while i whisper whip
ing ing ing
delapidated past
homeless is my home--
boy homes my
at the
magik mirror
i am i a smiling audience
OH MY-land
my eyes dry and gush
look at me in ol' photos
straight into th seacurls wave
surfin' outta here
i makin' amazin'
glittery foam puffs from yr maw
flip flappity birdman
what abt me
what abt my ravenous foot itch
walkin' walkers walk to walk'it
stretchy dirtpath sidewalkin'
on ths fuckedup footpads
left my other leg
on the moon
w/ the American Flag flappin
in the cool brrzzz
i am water Kyle
i am mostly water Kyle
i mmm so thirsty Kyle
it's so hot outside in July
in Nebraska
w/ no rain forever--
cliff divin'
boy i need yr violet tongue t talk
@ metal
freeze th ends of my aqualung
cantswimhands yr webby
make frigid rattle cubes
snakey chill pours
mea mango
mea mango
aa mango
go go go

16 August 2012


i am soggy eye
hush yr boom
my hide ripple
w/ sunsing ties
me down to bed
unsleep untouch
nose against me
nuzzling nest pet
smell singe cry
phone fears me
wish yr smile
was around here
in the next room
always hope
i will see see see
like a dope
feel like a dummy
stump guy grow
for sunny night
stay in my way
in my breathe
easy i just want
to kiss the back
of yr neck and
fall off a forevercliff

15 August 2012


bitten by easy eye snow
my ice leak choke pipe
crack in statue she fire
as gleam yr neck steam
pock rosey winter des-
picable scab ooze my
secret of drop bombs
feel truth watch words
spark fly in space me
towards yr burn moon
dust gold woman turn
w/ Earth or she hears
my lip ache tremor to
the center flow molten
chug new planet thru
worm hole dark matter
to me sparkle diamond
what i said the last time

14 August 2012


how we use fire
am i awake
are we killing it
w/ questionaires
w/ billionaires melty
candy pockets

my hand's not this gold dripping paint
mouth is fire?
or do months = a skipped state held my breath
i can't be magic enough
to shower skin

there's no ocean
between you&i
just endless beach
where chill sharks
chew nearby fish
it's so bloody&

won't shake y-you
i grinning w/ diamonds
bite down on bit shine
gleam is what i feel
when y-you shift air

thought dance on Sun
as if Sun was a heat
that could melt the iceburgs
for good

fog cleared
or my head buzz so hazey
yr daisy back
land my hands want

i think wind through glass
the clock is an asshole
spinning globe eyehole
moon watches her day go
hurricane rain soaked castle
i am afraid i will want this
until i am dead the bubbling
body bits nano machines
sewing me together from
each wind wound of move
you&air gives way
to warn me my body can
break or i am the iceburg
hiding beneath the sea
&you are the sun
&i will be water
or i am ice
&everything is
forgive me
for liquid

13 August 2012


rumble into groundwater
icy is yr warm crystalship
tiny hand hold ing ing --- 
scurry in my furry heat up
boily sea n sandy chestheave
i don't think about you all day like i do
when i weave/sleep
yr dreamboat
yr a poembot machining me to sing
i can make a wall to stand behind
w/ the sound of my voice
sea throu beehive honey my
place yr hands on my boy throat
slide up under my beard
what is nesting
w/o you
or what the birds say abt flying
it's nice
plz beak me peck away at the bark
long feather dangling in hair
the smell of sun
all over my
nude talking about
yr stunning
the guns on you
snipe roost in the gravy city
i standing forest
i can smell the skin burn
the slow toast smoke coming
beams i breathe
and explode
as you want me to

i remember hugs
i love diamonds
forgot what i was going
to write about
in this
la roux poem