31 January 2012

text you when i'm drunk

or write a
about how i feel small bits of nothing
ignite and explode
into suns and solar systems and life and no life
in a fraction of time
that cannot be recreated
on film
maybe tweet something like
god damn
as if something profound has just happened
in my chestbrain
but i haven't the vocab
to really say
and think too much about the smallest corner
of your face
where i write tiny haiku like jokes
about the inner you
and please lean up
or breathe a vowel under my chin
so close to my neck
i die
i die
i die
like a tree dies, or a whale dies
or the universe

30 January 2012


does it cough in a motherly way
or i see you when your skin shows
and know how to feel the earth shimmy
like a fat man down a chimney
see where the burnt tree dust
streaks his velvety pants
you don't have to ask his name
he just smiles and eats
the sacrificed sweets you left him
w/ his yellow stained anvils
dropping from the desert sky
thinking we are all cartoons
or after i smoked this crazy shit
i started looking around mad
at everything
flat land

i guess i don't remember much
about traveling

except for this moment when the car
struggled up the rocky mountains

and all the birds i saw in nebraska

flying back and forth
across the interstate

27 January 2012

a ballpark figure

not one to fret on bruises
brown and yellow fruits
is going directly into my saliva
i think i can
turn this wood stick
into a flat line drive
into left field
take my steps quick and close together
my heart says
dance fucker
and shoots a machine gun at my tap tap
makes me feel like a
god out here
getting hated on by all these

even this non-talking talk
makes me anxious
feel the shape of my torso
i am in this shell i think
i wonder where the amazing you have is
if that is sense
i wouldn't expect to be able to say anything
let alone write a poem
'bout it
i dunno
you smile and then i smile
i guess that is something
cowboy shit

the sounds livin' makes is the same as death bells
or talking words through a mouth full of orange
the talkin i hear from these rap lits
pretty juicy
juice drips down my chest
i am not going
to eat
i am not going to
make you feel shitty
i will speak fruit blurbs
blip blooping blog logging
down the tallest poetry
i write poems about the giants of the NBA
i love to make love to make love to
have this stamp on my forehead that says DRAKE
tell me what you listen to
tell me you listen to me
tell me about all the poems you can write
put them on the internet
because i am eating other things
put murder in my mouth
its shit now
put a few wasted lives in my mouth
busted my teeth on
all the gold i found
wrote a letter to future me
said dear justin
i hope you are dunking now
haven't heard back yet
but i have been
working on my game
dumping out these baskets of apples
and nailing them at different heights
on the neighbors garage
slowly up to regulation
but i said
i was walking when i meant to start running
but haven't bought
my running shoes yet
i said i was out near the middle of nowhere
said i saw an apple
but i was dreaming
about this apple i saw
wondering how far it had fallen
since i couln't
see a fucking tree
and i woke up to write all this down
but all i could write was
if i repeat
what i am saying
i will never forget it
how easy

what if there were these air ships
that flew by every town every now and then
to pick up the gems
of civilization
i mean like there is this homeless guy
with a pretty nice sign
i mean he painted it yellow and green
where did he get paint?
who gives a homeless man paint?
then this guy runs buy
wearing non-running clothes/shoes
i was wondering
how stupid people must have felt
running before there were running clothes
and i was going to write this poem
about my poetry
or about how you can drown
from drinking too much water
like if you went
to the bottom
of the ocean
to swallow
i am a one armed snake

quit texting me
it's hard for me to text you back
i am a mad texter texting poetry with one thumb
i can take a picture of myself naked
and text it to everyone i know
i am a one armed snake

quit texting me
it is hard for me to text you back
i am a mad texter texting poetry with one thumb

24 January 2012

patrick swayze

i am hardly bullying and
i am not a library
i spell things wrong a lot
i feel really terrible about it

can you name this for me
or name anything
just lie to me at least
say this
is a goldmine

and i know where the pick-axe was
or i knew how to find a shed
and i took my hand across
to wipe it from the world

then there was a lot of floating
i said where am i floating off to
but nobody said anything
and kept saying that, like it was funny
a good way to agree

and if all my poems were as long as kyle is tall
what would
the gaps between my smile time and my next smile time
really say

i am going to build a billion closets
to hold ten billion coats
for every marginal change
in the temp.

does my breath stink when i read poems this close to your face
say to me
i think i am 7 feet tall
i think i am 7 feet tall
i think i am 7 feet tall

and you know
there is a word for anything
like when i drink a cup of water
and say
this water tastes
moving things that cannot move

i do not spit down mountains
or wind is
a substance
before the camels back breaks
i remove two straw
for every straw you add
and your voice
explodes tunnels into this old shit
and roll
when there was no drake
when i only had dreams
of not knowing what i was missing
when was i ever telling the truth

i'm about as gravy as i'm gonna be
gonna be unemployed soon
gonna be free

won't have much money to breathe
all this expensive bottled air

i can tell you
so many jokes
that will make you laugh your skin off

23 January 2012

deion sanders suits

there is enough liquid in my ears.
i am forgetting details--
your song is a blue whales song--

your name is a green grass.

i spent the last twenty-seven years

talk to me
about what doesn't matter, like

or the last time i was drinking
all these different things:
whiskey and whiskey and all this other

i was naked the other day,
and just wondering
about mirrors.

20 January 2012

chief of police

this is pyramid weather
in nebraska
dont even like the cat
i renamed him the chief of police
i blow smoke in his face
i chase him
am a numbskull
dried out from block to block
set by math freak aliens
look like cats
like this fat piece of garbage
named the chief of police
gotta go chase this guy

19 January 2012


i plus one your blog posts
with a waving click digit
the finger of dikembe mutombo
or his stilt bones
how tall is your poetry
when i look up
i can find no safe alley to the hoop
i can count on
everything i toss up to be swatted
out into the stands
where the fans mock me
with that same damned denial
you are gods stacked on gods
i cannot remember anything past your hands
no he says
no he says
no he says

18 January 2012

17 January 2012


how are
my skull
talk me over
by tonguing
the pink wrapped bones
does my answer is
can't walk
this walking rock
stay in the splash zone
my mud feet
curled around
a zero

14 January 2012

she asked me to write with her
i asked how much she weighs
she said 'you are an asshole'
i said well you dont want to
break the back of what ever animal
we are riding
she said 'i said writing'
i said oh
well no
the only two words i can think about when i am around you
sulfuric acid

13 January 2012

theres maybe too much blood in me

i wake is sleeping
so i'm spit so i
can always see the sun
keep leaking
i am a peice of shitting
or all this shit made out of made me
vomit all the snot
say to a mirroring
why i feel so
and growing
i have thick armor
over all my organs
does the ear
know what my mouth
not even cut
our small hands
soft because they hate me
hate me for all the saddening
i am a machine
i am sucking the fun out of all your earth
i am crying at a movie
ignore it
let him turn into a small stone
that sinks into itself
dolly parton

try this custom gut work
out are my ribs are my hands
peel back
walk in these boots
or lose your boot
crawling around on the floor like a beast
he was
call my memories poems
so i
get sad when i don't know why i am so old
or what to say
i could write an essay about myself
that might explain
why i never smile or skype or talk long or
i maybe stopped tweeting today
i could sleep more
i could get fired from my job
or see pyramids
buy a one way ticket to cairo
i don't turn my phone off
i don't
maybe i did hit my head when i was crushed by a jeep
maybe i have been to chicago too many times
all i do is drink low calorie juice
all i do is pour splenda down my throat and snort lines
of splenda
i have insurance
or i can see all these options that will possibly
make me happy
but i am so god damn afraid of everything
i guess.

10 January 2012

drinking cocktails in a skyscraper

being 96 floors alive
taller than god's god's god's god
you know you aren't this answer machine
or this fuck machine
and say things about your body
like its a box or a cage or the cell for some human
about to die
or when nick cage dies
or i can't get enough of nick cage
or these old ladies get mad
because you don't let them fall first
rip king kong
rip dirt boat
or your body nest holds
twigs and sticks to hit things with
like my hands soft piano hammers
digging through dirt to find more dirt
you laugh like an exotic bird
i can understand why someone would hate dogs
or say they hate dogs
there is a type of brain in me
or my chestthroat seems to bypass my lungs
does the street
look this choked
when i am drunk and stumbling from sunnyside and damen
all the way down to bucktown
hoping to pocket my skull
watch the dull light around my face
drift with each eye dropper
of this green shit i am drinking
if you called me right now
i would say i love you maybe
a million times
write down everything that stops hiccups

1. my shit is worth more than my diapers
and explain to everyone
what butter can do for anything

2. i am about to be eternal
say things like computer sounds
no just make computer sounds

3. learn how to disappear
like magic
or science

4. peanut butter
this is where you start the iq test
that involves peanut butter

5. scare the shit out of me
do not tell anyone this
save for last resort before death

6. death

7. slam dunk a basketball
hopefully for your sake
you can do this instead of dying

8. kiss somebody
ask them first
unless you are about to die because you cant dunk

9. drowning
or pretend you are drowning
so that someone will kiss you

and now i will disappear
a bridge

why would i want to go somewhere new or wonderful or terrible or
to feel
sad when i return
in love or in love or
i will die
and know these things
on the god damn moon

06 January 2012

big god

loan me your ass jaw
decorate each of its teeth
with bling

does all this melting
i guess
or just fire standing

liquid wax wings
find how hard
it is to get there

and the earth is a stone
in my space gut
lodged into the meat of my kidney

'm grinding
'm soft teeth
'm falling
'm million pieces
'm hums in the dark
'm on a horse
'm stands in the rain
'm cumming in my pants
'm lost
'm not ready to work
'm dead
'm running into wall
'm clawed
'm filling my brain w/ smoke
'm so drunk
'm filling my pockets
'm peace
'm falling apart at the seams
'm a gold coin
'm all the sharks in the ocean
'm old as dirt
'm drying off my other skins
'm fat
'm hungry
'm about to start something

started crying at work again

maybe i am iron

maybe i will just go

maybe i have gone

stoned is or animal

crushed by tiny mountains

i get fucked

or do nothing

there is sand in my lungs

and i wish things

i say to my friends

my father is not dead yet

but then

i can not die

because no one will remember
need a ride

im just lookin for some sweet
god dammit
the same limp dick performance you get out of anyone
stop acting
tweet travel
bust out the new foreman tonight
somebody at work just pissed me off
i almost followed wes welker today
finally wrote my first poem of 2k12
feel good about that
are a villain
remember the show renegade with lorenzo lamas
me too
chill bro
if i wrote a poem about every tweet i'd have a lot of
picked out some runnin shoes
i've got magic johnson's smile in my heart
hey don't zen me bro
the buddha laughs
everyone you look down on is a mirror
magic johnson's smile
what im saying is
jokes on me
several jokes about jonah hill
i am iron maybe
i did not tweet that i am a better tweeter than van halen

05 January 2012


damn you is going to delete me
counting the times of cry
shout does this love you in void
or my missing is your strength
can the forget be only gravy
will my easy shake you off
when there is no together in
my ways to say i have you
and your ways to sun in eyes
does the blind still run from moon
with the howling and cursing
at nothing