31 October 2011


there are powerful magnets inside your body
i muffle my voice when
i have an out of poem experience
the fake ice is not fake melting or anything
will travel
i can only bend under this heavy ass
stare with those glass olives
my pickling corpsebody
feels how long the sun heats/teases
my strings
yank at my arms and legs to kick up rocks
i see on the street
while im walking at a quick pace to who knows

30 October 2011

buy a hawk

i am the map of the where do you walk on me
the moon telling bird cloaked brain user the way
to catch the windy am i this close to you
there's dreaming involved
when the rain is falling you
i make choices
all sorts of ordering
like stand there on the other side of a window or
remember when a billion dollars was a lot
i would die for nothing
but my own endless deletion
and you want gifts of me
to dance on my tip toes
or nothing
am i ok with the face on a blank wall
do i get to keep the head

22 October 2011

point north

i might as well sleep myself to wake
or drown in your grandmas brain lake
take my time forgetting
how i can be a laugh
how this splashing has nothing to do with skill
my broken nose exploding with snow
my heart racing a trillion thuds
my mouth making sounds out of air
i drew picrures of you shouting at me
i kissed the mirror
bleeding small dots from my lazy shave
i cant find the time to stop poisoning myself
i cant find myself under all this face
my teeth were knocked out of my skull
i feel ugly
since i was 12
all i do is worry about what people think of me
like my father
or girls that dont even actually think about my jaws
my fat thighs
broken nose and ribs
receding hair line
i am 27 years old
i am afraid of ropes and shot guns
i pay bills when i forget to drink
this poem isnt about me
this poem is letting my brain write it
and i wonder why
my brain thinks i have to be so sad all the time
or it doesnt even think
it just lights up
space at night
i said i never get lost
i said i always know where i am
but when i was looking for union station drunk monday night
i was scared i would never get home

18 October 2011


confused in the guessing of your mathwork
it's too late to be early saying words

sAys do be me says dont or if everything is i
then i am or what is speAking other then

then the eyes not windows to black space are
tools for the moon to float your grin in my wallway

tools to color and if not then window and then whAt
what is speaking and then what is eyes other then

i need your name said a few times at night with the window
open cold or crisp or complete darkness around me

there is space and there is darkness and there is
your need you have wAnt to need and there is cold so there is

i question i answer i poem i nothing i fall through
because you are beautiful is not the meaning of air

or i too romantic to not need and there is i
left so then there is memory and there is i isnt

to be this nothing is a far away floating grain
waiting to explode from dust to a billion human things

17 October 2011

new york city poem

the balance
of my head against space
not you included
there are 
fucking lights coming off the moon
my florida skin and beautiful sea eyes
are you
the sun exploding
black hole of my paying attention
white desert
to be lost
spotting you off in the glaring sun
saying hello
or whatever people say to other people

14 October 2011

for J.G.

press easy on the siezure bone
watch the ribcage grow

you can see the airbags expand
with each deathstep

do you even want to die tonight
feel my bodywarmth

the way puppies love to lay on my chest
up and down

i stood in the way of the sun
stood on the fire orb

after long years of space walking
to the source of blindness

to shade you for a millisecond
before i vanished in a flicker

13 October 2011







tax poem

i have door to door volcano jaw
i vomit

sing about rich mother fuckers

i can't even save my tree poems
from chopping

feel the ash i pay for
suck it
my ass.

sit in the glare of the sun
sit anywhere
she can see you

shade the brain halo
from wandering
stroke fire or grey hair

know that love is the only thing
that can protect you
from a furnace

know that i think about you
is all
standing where you can see me

standing on the sun if i have to
i won't fight
but i won't let you burn

12 October 2011

04 October 2011


i said i atomic bombed
i said i didn't
find the answer in cashlife
or asleep next to my shecliff
after i drop
in the airsky
fly like birds
get high
get high
get high
your boring hands
filling up my lungfists
call my 3am friends
to occupy fuck street
find all the billionaires
with my gold magnet
the teeth of sharks
on the beaches of new york
in my shitcage
because i have no where else to go
thin out my body things
so i can squeeze
poemwords out of my mouth gaps
bite me
i just chewed off my own demi-godlegs
so i could crawl around
in my diamond lung castle
grow green backs
on space trees
and smoke them
shower middle class
with spacecars
liquid gold piss rain
i am laughing
i am R-O-T-F-L-M-A-O
i am leaking poetry out of my eye caves
she said i didn't entertain her
she said i never could
a fuck
about the tall towers of boredom
about the exciting sparkkle balls
of greener ball holders
cupping their
gold mouths
with their midas rap chompers
i am not basic
i am not basically saying anything
just poetry
just lil wayne platinum bars
just a ton of dollar bills
to die on
to tie a billion cash chain
weight around my little boy neck
sink through space
and bird land
falling is flying
is only beneath
the earth
and kanye said
the earth
is something

02 October 2011