30 June 2011

kind of pricey

did i tell you i haven't showered today
did i tell you how happy-scared i am

your face looking at my face
becoming a face of it

read you christmas poems at the back bar
in one hundred degree heat

the liquor makes me sing more
makes me less of a secret

or maybe i'll chain smoke for breakfast
stand where ever you want to see me

28 June 2011

nature poem

laugh at the thought of my voice being sunshine
or picture me gentle
holding baby animals in my uncoarse arm ends
wearing the darkest sunglasses ever made
wishing everyone was doing that
so i black me out or i mean to you
the sex or the roll over in bed

26 June 2011

my new father

hold your breath like trees from south of iowa
my arms are huggers
the way i can river it out of you
killing a family of european drunks
you cant survive the great plains without work ethic
or a grain of drive
a sin of loving more than whats in front of you
your fat or your son who doesnt know who you are
as if love was something worth pain
or my no breathing was a prayer
that the obese ghosts
could hold me down in the flooding missouri
and my skin tastes new in their teeth

24 June 2011


not every man wants to live
on a flying carpet
be the dirty dude
or drink dollar coffee with sugar brain
on the teeth
click clack at your talk bones
to me
you can't be a poet without your gun

23 June 2011

i have plenty of spears

22 June 2011

water displacement 40th attempt

melt my face to the ocean floor
with ocean lava, tell them
my father is dead almost
i love everyone who touches me
get the fucking axe for these tree poems
cut the jokes from my chop
i can zen in my pants while you grind me
meat from my knees
but i want you to know
my arms are your arms
knuckles to where there are no knuckles
or this stupid water displacement
that i keep trying
water displacement 40th attempt

my quack won't echo no matter how many times i quack
or i'm crying like a baby boy, do you see my wet face
rigid cheeks of me making a new me
trying to get rid of the person everyone sees

i swallow gum
one day my stomach will stretch into it's own baby
or i spit down my throat to dilute the blood draining
not quite a pint daily

filter the water through napkins
that i grab handfulls of at local restaurants
so i can hydrate without the fear
of what ever i should be afraid of in old pipes

i am a small thing and only getting smaller
if you can see past the dying body filling itself with insulation
and realize that the words i say
mean nothing other than what i have failed to do

18 June 2011


no i am not sweatting because
i'm a goddamn coward
it's one hundred degrees in the shade
i could surf this moisture
straight to outerspace
then i would die in some horrible way

17 June 2011

dead animals

here i am to die as an old man
if i am lucky
shave my head out of balding embarrassment
i'll have to start tanning

then again i might kick the bucket sooner
let my hair grow where it can
show people my naked body more often
you do this to break me down and it works
every time.

15 June 2011


i fall in love with everyone who touches me
yes i just had a baby
but these are my babies

what i don't say is understanding
or just the lack of interest in actually having something
unless you have recently touched me

my skin remembers the body inside of it
the lonely part
or the part that notices things that cake

because the weight of living
really is just the vapor of dying
letting go of your self by cell slough

kind of like this baby
or this hot lady
or my sun burn from being lazy

the cream won't always smooth you
tongue pulled through the hole in your throat
talking into a microphone
yes i just had a baby, these
are my babies
or the girl down the street had a baby
i'm not sure who the father is
i told my neighbors i am illegal
but they still won't let me leave the united states

13 June 2011

what the dead do

firm is handshake, packed earth around
brush it on your clean jeans
dont try to scare me w/ old flood stories
cant swim
but i've been growing my locks well
finding new ways to use an ass-jaw
when i see him
i'll let my father know what it feels like

10 June 2011

coriander nipple ocean sunset.

hey girl jogger where did you get your
desire to jog
how wet is the ocean
or the small of your back
my licked eye-balls

have you ever won a free cruise
oh wait
did i see you on that free cruise
to barbados
were you that girl who wouldn't stop jogging
black hole

controls out of my factor
pen and paper haves
my wrists are horse knees too
i love you times infinity
clay nipples for the shaping
the way you mountain over pacific
and ocean
and i wish my legs were arms
and i cant see you with my hands
pinching at sex like a chore
my sweeping or hiding everything under a bed
where gods cannot see
a lead mattress with stains from a body
from when the roof leaked or the cat died
or when i swam into you etc.

07 June 2011

age of aging

i don't know who speaks in a mouthing
a minor radiation storm
the heat reaching three thousand degrees on my face
and hands
there is hidden water under the earth
or in camels, which are amazing

i cannot fly up

feel the sun expanding, does it
scar my pale neckline,
can i even forget that i am baking
or see the person
that has been here for over a number of years
and counting

you say we are normal
that the flames on our faces are normal
my lips and muscles and sex drive decay in front of me
in a normal way

damned if i'm damned
if i don't, still damned i guess
feel myself trying to hold onto my self as if i can die
before im thirty
or if this death of mine would really matter to me
the frightening thought of who i am losing who i am

tells god to die
am i
going to test my own nothing.

06 June 2011

baby cat

its hard to trick yourself or to quit smoking
down in the death of my own ass
the pits all deep
im like haha
i killed him
dropping my draws in front of myself
a mirror after showers after we wash off my stink
you say lets fuck
or can i even be a baby boy
i cried the other night because i changed
so much that i miss what you miss of me
screaming drunk at hell
with garbage dangling around my neck
my ass
hanging out of my mouth

04 June 2011

do i need this
feel small
take a page out of perfect murders
guess you could make 20k a head
like that
i think im going to buy a pair of tennisshoes
i have to live like im poor like
god will fuck me
or i will be too spaced out and afraid
to see all this shit
peoples feelings are always a severed head
please do not shake
look away from the crying man

03 June 2011

seldom in my brain cavity
for luck
handing out cigarettes to meth heads
outside the super c
i will make these plans
take them to court
and sue the hell out of them

02 June 2011

maybe i'll eat cheese and kill lavos
maybe i'll mix all the juices in my fridge to make a mega juice
maybe i'll get stoned and leave you a voice mail
maybe i'll change the channel when Leno is on
maybe i'll say nice things about you
maybe i'll say you're a lunatic
maybe i'll say i'm a lunatic
maybe i am

01 June 2011

beginings of things

i will let you go
to start
say what weapons you are, tongue

deliver the bulb from your colorless chop
let it ooze from an opening

the more i make sex sounds
i laugh at the smell of suction

why dont i just go where ever
propose to anyone i love
some sad one

why not slide out the bathroom window
get the fuck away

start smoking

there is so much time to be june as a porch-swing
leave the days where the days go

where there was water
sunk the egyptians or swallowed the earth

but my mouth is wide open with words
to buzz away with its' bits

confronted by what i say i see
or the eyes, where they were forgetting space

vague shadows from sun behind moon
when your finger points to a godless sea

or a line from each knuckle
lining somewhere with no knuckles