31 May 2011


the sirens that wake me up or keep me up, slowing
are for you
no matter where they are heading

haunt me longer than any city you stay in
remember new york is also a city
or hearding buffalo

without effort you may rope me or
tangle your own toes
looking calf

how is the swimming around your island
did you collect shark teeth
the way i used to collect shark teeth
sore throat

tired of the telling me
my fear of cold water
a snake

let me leap
legs unbreakable
from chugging the tit

mark my oval pucker
around something more giving
stand out on the edge of a tall thing

there are no bridges worth that life of yours
calm the hungry birds
maybe they will share

my jaws stretched swollen
from bone forming
wake up spitting blood for a few minutes

I'm going to need that hand
your promises
make me laugh out loud at tornadoes

can the wind, wind, and the wind
hear me
over all this expensive wind

30 May 2011


im designating you as my ulcer
no I don't know what you
my gun is never loaded
dont let my enemies know
the earth isnt dying right
it should be wild
full of crazy shit
the gods haven't sprung on us yet
like thinking crazy
imaging my voice as strong enough
my actions
could save someone
like the pain as a person
hole in my gut
i'm leaking all over you
my stupid drooling
name calling it sugar pie
or how else am i supposed to remember

28 May 2011

too much negative


trap air in your mouth

is a space

like any other empty


there is no air to need

27 May 2011

alley fight

wander off to a red carpet
tape decks pulled outta yer car

by thieves
are we still stealin' it
the heat or the air or the water

resources, my ace
my sleeve

show the hands
i will take my gloves off

and fight you like a
parrot squawk

you forgot how poisonous you are
skag, feeding off my pit

my pitness
call the head a seperate neck top
falling off at the skull bone

shake your hair from the scalping
sharp knife fit hand glide

scrape, or gum the brain skin
with your soft mouth
of no fangs,

mouth words at me with sound
as if i give a damn
what i hear

peek at the crazy in me
and run for the great plains
the belly of my body
naked under piles of dead nakeds
or my darkness
or my underground
bitter cherry dirt
squish the pulp out of the head
make the earth think
with my insides
i will never see the sun
or die here, i mean
i will never see me die here.

26 May 2011


shaking in your no boots
carry water to the ocean

increase the size of the air
ask paul how tall a celebrity is

like i wonder how tall nick cage is
or i wonder how tall yao ming is
or i wonder

she ran away

to the ocean
with all these buckets of water

and i wonder
where she gets all of this water

polluting the salt soup
killing all the fish with purity

or whatever you call it,
go tell it

on the mountain
where there are no mountains

like nebraska
or like anything in my mind

about romance, about it being all quiet

about my nerves fucking up everything i do
about hating the sex of it

thats the truth
i'm going to white out my back brain

places where i remember places
like going there

like a car crash that i remember
because i told the story so many fucking times

i'm bored of that story
and the mountains i tell it on

but here i can see
taking water from one ocean

to fill up another ocean
is stupid.

24 May 2011


talk zombie at me ahyaya, cut the shit out of this
tooth melon. i'm going to eliminate the gods of us

banging fist face against table mirrors
as if you couldn't see the fuck you give

pray i don't eat the whole arm and shoulder
chuck your chuck up, tall boy

how tall is anyone with their eyes up
at the rim

where your gums are bleeding
and your jaw hangs by the last of your skin
for mikey

feel the weight of your self on yourself
seriousness of limb loss
your milk is feeding every body
your accent
hair falling from ground to head
deeper than your the point
making a birth seem more important
than the fuck
that created you
beam for me with your light
take your tongue out of your mouth
leave your home at home
listen with your no ears

23 May 2011


i'm not forgetting you
or any other way you say it

i have put you in the back of my mind is all
where most things go to die

hopefully you are
ok there.


arms stretch long in pictures of arms
keep hand out towards your face
or read what the mouth is saying

the mouth is saying, sweetheart

or at least that is what i see:
the tree shapes, the nipple

i cannot let you become me,
not even for a short while
sliding beneath skin

moving my hands.

20 May 2011

doug obama

let me tell you a joke about the brother you don't have
it will start out smooth and get painful quick

say you saw him in the womb
before you decided to eat everything in your view

big black eyes
cut through cement

your teeth don't, in fact none of your face
will ever survive.
craig t. nelson

the weekend counts as one night,
this dumb guy forgets what he eats, or is

late for work is always the end
some other guy gets the promotion
gets to be president
or god

i like the way you think in the underbelly
kicking the walls
of your mother

hey lets not get ahead of ourselves
wading in the kiddie pool
years ago

rolling kids for soda change outside the dairy queen

18 May 2011


brought into this world to be a boring
venom is the hawks case
and there will be no sign of her here
which the spot has passed
the attention placed on your moon finger
am i lost
again staring at star skies
the same way anyone would in the galaxy
being scared
being tired
being dead
is the pit of my pitness
pressed up against the inside of your metal you
cold shaded body
leaning toward warmth

16 May 2011

poem thing

i'm struggling to understand my own existence
in the poem, where there is no poem

a wall there, pressing my face against it
to feel the cold move from metal into skin,

teeth become magnatized to what should be said
in the poem, where there is no poem

and questions are just words i don't understand
because my mouth parts wont stop talking--

things fall from things thinging, and scared me
in the poem, where there is no poem

then lightning, then thunder
wind, wind, and the storm forming

thoughts on the night when there is no storm
in the poem, where there is no poem

14 May 2011

for 2k10

this isn't your big feet
this isn't you running
this isn't your wet hair
this isn't about your feelings
this isn't about how fat i feel
this isn't me talking to my dad
this isn't ready for that
this isn't going to be deleted
this isn't going to win
this isn't stacks of green backs
this isn't nap time
this isn't your ears when i kiss them
this isn't you punching me in the mouth
this isn't leaving a message
this isn't cool anymore
this isn't commentary on your old underwear
this isn't a disease
this isn't your bedroom body
this isn't the blood in my mouth
this isn't a fuck up
this isn't clean cut or business casual
this isn't the rest of my life
this isn't your neurosis
this isn't the neurolux
this isn't Hemingways grave
this isn't me crying at thanksgiving
this isn't funny
this isn't another acid trip
this isn't going to change without effort
this isn't zen
this isn't Sway with MTV news
this isn't going anywhere
this isn't San Francisco
this isn't a big deal to you
this isn't even a poem

13 May 2011


hammerin' at yer throat
call bull
pin ears back at the dirt
your about to tear up,

wind, wind, and the wind blowing
eases the exit

i like to do dishes, i guess
for fun
and pound rocks over walls with a stick
with those arms
you stole from your grandad
the strongest man in the union army

way back when
you stood on deck
with your whole life ahead of you
car smoke
for paul

and when i say punch it
punch it,
make me push the damn thing up a mountain,
say anything is a mountain.

i'm not heavy but i'm sinking into solid
toss me another cigarette so i can quit that too.

i didn't even mark up my arms with all the glass shards
from the windshield.
then i forgot you didn't actually run me over.

forgot that i'm alive,
and can tell you stories about the times
when i needed just one punch to keep me in line,
nothing too serious.

swallow as the seas

split by dam or be damned in it

chug salt rock

for the plague someone prayed for


pillars you

lost by the story ingraved

the pushing back of your soft organs

the ocean

rolls, a tumor fatter than sky

crawling even

with its waves

pressed between all other fish

11 May 2011

no one hears me when i talk
self medicate

this isn't easy
the constant shock of shock therapy
your lake face
bright rash red scale
the picture still smiles when you go crazy
it's the water watering
the grass, grass, and the grass growing
take a look at my hands they aren't melting
they aren't fake
you can sell me your happy waves
your moon
controling my ocean
damn tide even shaping my eyes, which way
i never knew the wind
would carry the clippings
turning brown quickly without water
hiding the lights from dimming
electrocution is not an idea forming.

10 May 2011

tar poem

spit blood every morning like
any man
my bones are too big
for this no bones about it
i will drag my tongue across your knife
let the stars
fall from god and all his lofty shit.
spit tar

smile when i am naked
i cannot stand all your drooling
you and your control

of the ocean

though it is only wet space
liquified by my constant pummelling
skin surfing on sweat
that chokes out light from hot gas,

your pain in the ass
is not what im looking for
i tried to find the access of grinning

teeth are something i can say
feel the bones grinding
feel my spray on your face.
this isn't easy
the constant shock of shock therapy
your lake face
bright rash red scale

09 May 2011


i forget to drink water,
you scoot, take your little wagon,
sometimes in the desert

shouting the dirty mouth,
bats fly over cactus to cactus
with these death parts between,

lucid dreams, or am i see-ing this for real.

i am a sucker,
blood honey, the whole nine,
bathe in stretched out rays

black spots left after scrubbing
decay is a tooth, tooth, tooth

05 May 2011


just notice with your thumbs
the tightest muscle
the blood rimming your tongue

how strong a womans back is
your job
is to anticipate

bought the plot
ready to say

asking a man how you lost all that weight

carve the dried part away
from something healthy
watch the puss milk

hearing the wobble in your voice
makes me
forget what you look like.

04 May 2011

beard poem

walked past this blind girl
into the street

saw her once at the coffee shop in my office building
she turned and said
you have a beard

it was true, but i really didn't know what to say back
so i just smiled
but didn't know if she saw that too.

theres blood in my mouth a lot these days.
stars say im going to be dead soon.

i might shave tomorrow.
actually i will,
flower arrangement on my jaw--

drunk guys always yell at me
they see my beard too,
it reminds them of other people who have beards.

i told you the time my face was ripped off
you didn't know what to say either
so i just

02 May 2011


the name change confused me
she spells it like,
my president. or like,
the earthly image of venus as a woman
as a star
when my birth is closer to other stars
or why they tell me things are looking up--

gonna make more money this month.
she said
she was hurt,
long before the first Bush adminstration
as a joke.

my life
is in sequence by decades
out of line on the 4th year.

where was i
when i had my whole life ahead of me,
on my death bed,
in my dreams. even dying now.