31 January 2011

facebook oriented sci-fi novel

the movie 2012 was the modern retelling of
the great flood
when the gurus of facebook
get fed up
with making all that crazy greenback
and suddenly with out warning
from the walls of the internet
to revel in their new found demi-god status
while the world
eats it's self in the chaos.
george w. bush

i tried feverishly
to get it done
get it over with
i tried violently
so i wouldn't think
about fucking
all day at work
i tried everything
this morning

charm me a late sleeper
i know who hogs the sheets.

grab at you with my eyes
reaching for your snooze.

27 January 2011

for taurus

when i see you in my spring i
kick up dirt
next to a lake i used to dream
i drove one of my old cars
a white cavalier my parents bought me
to get rid of money before
their bankruptcy
i drove the car into a lake
in my dream
and somehow this is about you

26 January 2011

sand.gravel.limestone V.

did you expect me to be
this beautiful
bum you my arm for awhile

tell the day god, day
keep this thing going on and on

so the she of it stretched my
i said
begin with the nose
so she

knows that i cannot be trusted,
and keeps thinking
of why i might not be as

25 January 2011

becoming, of you

thats how i met my
current girlfriend, overheard--
etc. stories
of how she bathes like a flamingo
pink; pees down her leg,
digs through soil as some-other
searching for crawling meals

the girls i love
make a museum few would care to see
even w/ minimum donation;
stiff-dead grizzly bear
in mid-fish.

21 January 2011


round me off at the back-bone
under my kidney
so i will know your wing-span

the speckled mole line
where fingers will run
know that i have been there before

but yours
is the one that makes me
lay on the floor
watching your shows w/ you.

19 January 2011

beans and motherfuckers

tell the story of how i never
peed the bed
and the purple lightbulb

maybe some early sex dream

the roads are dangerous tonight
so i can use
war slang like in the shit


someone once told me
about roadies blowing cocaine
into stevie nix' ass

18 January 2011


so you faked the sad parts, my arms
cry big boat-
load the shoulder, making turn
after turn, after

you notice my lack of ampersands
and teeth
the venom kind, kinda like
poetry is not.

sand on the cement for slip
control'd behavoir
in the lost pit of midwest territories

cabin fever'd and
name yourself log-hands

cry, and cry until your brain fizz'z
knuckle bones
mention to me more about this secret
world you got

14 January 2011

river poem
for reggie

when i is all there is

river you,

see the movement
salt on
the bottoms

the lazy way
will never

the bloody thing
mend with water

the rest of i

12 January 2011


the slick leaves
i wiped
out on my bike in front of the drivers ed car

i know how to swim i'm just
bad at it
reminds me of swimming naked in the pool

and im walking now
while im writing this
my calves and shins a wreck

i think of you though
faster than me

06 January 2011

the genie of rock falls

'dutch' reagan wished
he could be an actor
maybe a cowboy from brooklyn
a kid can dream
for cheap cigarettes anywhere

swinging ladies from swinging vines
turning anything into wine

locals claimed a miricle
when two menards sprung up
next door to each other,
the selfish and their wielded weapons

the distance is a river,
no the stretching arm of want
claims more lives than a boot
where is your boot i ask

can you fix your pot holes
can you stop slashing our tired travel
because i said i would be
the coolest person in rock falls

someone already wished for that,
fifty years later
they were able to wish for it again
right before dying
because, to be cool is more than a fonz
more than being
the next american president.

04 January 2011

chicago made paul go bald

the messes of dircetions
extended caffiene life
forms the top

yell out the moving car
fog, why are you still here

then it clears
for the towers
the one with the richest
woman in the world

she will never be my woman,
she will never ride in my car
lost through south chicago
blasting biggie smalls
waiting for the fog to clear