29 August 2009


i’m sentimental
where you touch the space
in between
one rib and two
fingers walking down piano tickles
light whiting from the closet moon
sneaking face
through the forest around me
who say:
where you are going
we are shadow.
so i open my hands
feeling the sap stay.

28 August 2009


21 August 2009


i cannot tell them.
my father
who walks too,
feel the rash of corn leaf
running along your thigh,
romantic rows of undaunting nudity,
fat on the bone.
you mark notches by nibbles
to see how tall you grow
& again
back in the pivot;
as you once were before the seeds took root
smelling poison from the lips
& still kissing them.



there in the claw-foot tub
my body
folds over itself, curling
carnival mirror
to you
fresh with soap suds
suckling where i rest my eyes


snow tires

you whisper in the passenger seat
nearly asleep
about disliking the cold

as i keep driving over the
permafrost of distant hells

knowing it's so much easier
to drive south

god being
an omnipotent weight



watching boy swim albino bellied
tooth jutting from his face
he nibbles
at the shimmers of sun
reflecting on crests of sea
biding his time
until he learns
to fly towards the light


the forms of midnight

there are times
when arms
lay down under the dark skin
of the night
peeling each bottle that rescues me
out of my hands –
silencing venomous lips
rest over my headless
saying things
that sleep into the afternoon
& never realize
that last night
i said the same words
only with less thought
saying; the moon,
it hangs
even when the sun is on us.

16 August 2009


woodcutter girl who listens
awake she dives
through the deep sea noise
approaching pit-pat
on the one-man tent
reminding her
of a nothing
keeping the portal closed
from when she was
so much younger
& couldnt afford to be alone

13 August 2009


standing naked in front
of my bedroom window
i feel
the cowlick on the back
of my head
running all the way down
my spine
& tail
the never ending list
of skeletons in me
the basic horn

she whimpers in white
you disagree
i cry
& we never know when to say
do not do this
or just do this
a knife & a gun surgically
placed between each butt-cheek
left or right
your neckline strangling tie
agreeing to clench
at the same time
before everything is blown
out of proportion a second
too late
she knocks on the unlatched door
tonight i was drunk off of old style, watching falling/shooting stars out in the country. we started talking. or i did. about religion/evolution/everything in between bla bla bla. and i thought. what the hell is the point. of anything.

12 August 2009

moving past us

the bloody turn of his moon halved arm
coos me back into the den—
a cockatoo rimmed with rice feathers,
holy black eyes
smoking rolled cigarettes
in a chain with it’s lizard toes
reminding me of when i kissed you
we both
tasting stale fire,
overpriced indian food in
our teeth.
he leaves trails of himself on the wood floor
making sure not to disturb the line of air
from the oscillating fan

10 August 2009


round those boots through the snow
leaves me angel trails
where i swallow the cold
their little heads
say we fall
our faces bright as strawberries
mention who i love
behind the blue shadow of a carless garage
where the season sits still
hidden from windows and streets
so we can bite
the necks of each other
feeling nothing at all

we take our flashlights with us
to the bathroom
when we pee

not because we’re scared—
i’m not anyway

are you

a question i should have asked
before venturing into the dark alone

bladder full
oh this madness

we being children
we being poor

05 August 2009

so, last night i bought chaplain (cat) some cat liter. i was too drunk/tired to change out his liter box at 2am so i waited til this morning. which was a mistake. he tore the bag open, apparently knowing the contents, and shat multiple times in the pile of liter on the floor. then when he was finished slept on top of me until i woke up, then he jumped up and started meowing very loudly until i followed him downstairs so he could show me what he had done.

two other points to note about chaplains recent adventures. one, he threw up in one of my shoes. two, he knocked down some boxes out of a closet in the storage room. i went in to clean up after him when i heard it to find a sevenish inch purple vibrating dildo on the ground. complete with wrinkly nut sack. i suppose it might have been larger than seven inches. either way it was a strange find. i think the first dildo i have ever seen in person, not in a sex store. maybe. i think so.
since i dont have internet at my house, and usually write my poetry on my laptop and then go use internet on other computers elsewhere, it becomes somewhat difficult to post poetry on the internet. i know that is not really going to matter though.

04 August 2009

when are people going to realize that taxes are a good thing. maybe when the government starts using them with intelligence i guess. spending billions of dollars on national defense when people dont have jobs or health care or a proper education is pretty smart.
the power in my house has apparently been shut-off.