29 June 2009

hurray for you, bulldog

she startles at night
whirr of wing beats wild
where bombs are laid beneath
old hay wasted
& limbs
will be lost beneath
the big gray bay
only wish for the small
& regular things
sounds of rain on the roof—
the old stone wall,
calling birds in the courtyard,
just enough
wine to rinse out the taste
so those previous 3 posts are poems that i previously wrote and rewrote/edited and submitted for publication the other day. see if that works. i wish we still had writers group so there could be at least some sort of feedback somewhere. plus i liked reading what other people wrote. that doesn't seem to happen as much these days. what the hell.

26 June 2009

eragrostis trichodes

logically i maneuver back
roughing hands
or was it subtle soft
not a man’s
stubble lost by coarse
confusing cowboy law
too much drinking – horses
free to survey & wander
all the land
your nipples thighs
rolling sands
the grass of unclaimed prairie
where wild fur stands
chinese highlands west of broken bow

one million of these deer
see things she hides in these trunks
for swimming
i decide who
reels in—
horror, the catfish kisser
mass genocide by water-hole beach
sandhills & where
thinking empty prairie no
matter when
is an eerie ocean though driving
& stopping
each time an oasis
each time
a swim
everywhere we don’t go
a sound
empty as it may-be
for the awkward ghosts to migrate

counting bruises
are we
sail upon trampled fields
of water wheat
you grow
w/ your soiled hands
drinks &
i drink
strawberry wine
forgotten behind trails of bison bur
indian grass
smelling in barberry
or may-apple maybe
we wait
for it to get dark
for our skin to hide
just wanted to point out that ken griffey jr is batting .222 - 23 rbis - 8 home runs and a .405 slugging. making 2 million a year

david ortiz is batting .216 - 34 rbis - 7 home runs and .381 slugging making 13 million

but the really amazing stat is that david ortiz is listed at 6'4 230lbs and griffey is listed as 6'3 230. is griffey actually fatter than ortiz?

25 June 2009

he's the 'bron i'm the brains

shaq traded to the cavaliers. seems pretty desperate to me. then again it is a better offense for shaq to be in than the suns run 'n gun.

farrah fawcett died.

Bowl Championship Series presidents have rejected the Mountain West Conference's playoff plan.

big surprise.

warren buffet says economic "worst" is yet to come. awesome. i need to drive up to omaha and see of good ol' warren will hook me up with some odd jobs.

so last night i thought i would try my luck at some texas hold 'em. unfortunately i forgot that i have no luck. in anything. it wasn't terrible, but i lost $20, which is a lot of money for me right now. i could have turned that $20 into about 300, so the draw was pretty big. anyway i busted once, and did a re-buy ($10&$10). i forget the first bust but it was something like: he had a pair of 6's on the flop, i had K10 suited and nothing on the flop except one suited card for a flush. then the turn and he put me all in. i landed another club (my suit) and liked my chances so i went all in, which wasn't much at this time. lost. the second hand, much worse, i had pocket kings; raised preflop. flop comes down, i go all in with an ACE a six and a three down. its me and one other dude. he calls me. he has POCKET ACES. good grief. so i rode my bike to shane/mike/flowers house and drank the rest of my wild turkey i left over there, smoked all my cigarettes, and drank gin/lime and water until 5am. came home. slept five hours.

feel great.

24 June 2009

U.S. soccer team beats Spain 2-nil
u.s. uses military to convert muslims

in May, Al-Jazeera broadcast clips filmed in 2008 showing stacks of Bibles translated into Pashto and Dari at the U.S. air base in Bagram and featuring the chief of U.S. military chaplains in Afghanistan, Lt. Col. Gary Hensley, telling soldiers to “hunt people for Jesus.”

20 June 2009

he who brings the fleet
by foot
of your empty hand
fluting the creek
nearing seasick reindeer
do not know the tundra of summer
kissing my hot sweet neck
where the work & travel
follow death
to doors of medicine
she watches
the stragglers fall in through the back door
greeting them with burning smiles

19 June 2009


old crow she is
eyes on the moss
her north jaw glances my southern jaw
the friction of beard
over feather
whispers to me about the rareness
of Appalachian mountain wine
trickling down from green peaks
Bacchus dances around the jesus leaf
sickle in hand
to trim the fat from my liver

13 June 2009


the noise from our dishes being washed
our whispers

disturb the man downstairs
& his dogs—

the fact that I am from Pakistan
his generalizations

disturb the man downstairs
& his dogs—

that i love you i love you
with my foreign tongue

disturbs the man downstairs
& his dogs—

that I listen with wild ears
as you play guitar

disturbs the man downstairs
& his dogs—

i whisper to boys in the street
that i’m leaving

telling them of stacks
of bicycles in the basement

& how the last time i saw snow
was in north Pakistan when i was five

disturbs the man downstairs
& his dogs—

11 June 2009

crop circles

baby blue dakota
corn maize
for wandering
holding questions towards some
for whom you meet every time
you go there
sioux falls, further north
where moose—
mosquito blend
spending more &
more time thinking
about fields of soy bean children
palm readers of outer
cell phone satellites
read you off
by number & name— say
there are too many of you
to count

10 June 2009


we fool’
writers of a pigeon age
cannot tell
moon from ism’s
say ‘i’
repeatedly but do not jot
down the specific
you took all of these
that make your fingers
smoke after
lightning may have struck
somewhere near your
when last you cleaned
it &
found what you were looking for
in between the cushions

08 June 2009


one eye on the road, too
on the feet because you have them
she groans
why does the sun shine so
me whistling as if
i could
i sing by note un—
fluting around lakes that smell
like beautiful cow—
is in heel or skip
she waits at the other end of
the bridge
more winding &
long gravel paths up ahead
for our knees
to kiss

05 June 2009


onion footed i shan’t
o’ jolly
prairie college dunce for
more medicine
to leave
ship sail by foot
toward the moon rising
beneath the gulf of mexico
where earth
she pools her words
& drinks
your somber prayers say
dream to me
tearful dancer boy
i will take
you with me

03 June 2009


cornered in by her
she reminds you with her eyes
acorns floating
small nutty clouds
that hold you down
kiss your chest
the trees grow

02 June 2009

i was just reading a facebook group about "stopping tiller" or whatever the title of the group was. it was pretty absurd. i mean sure there are points to be made with the abortion debate. people take sides. but only one side ever acts out in violence. imo. i guess they could argue that abortion is acting out in violence. this is too wavy of a subject. is abortion wrong? im some situations maybe. but that doesnt mean it should be illegal. in many situations abortion is a reasonably preferable alternative. abortion would also be less of a problem if other issues were handled better such as free pregancy/std prevention centers. i dont know much about the planned parenthood and how free/cheap/easy it is to get help there but i do know that it is nearly impossible to find a "free" place for males to get tested for stds. i had to go through other sources and have them "bully" the clinic i went to to let me test for free and the clinic still sent me a bill. i didnt pay it of course. now, this might not be directly associated with abortion but i really think it is. i think that there are issues that desperately need to be addressed in our society/world. std/pregnancy prevention. granted this wont solve the issue/debate on abortion but it would definitely help as well as help in a lot of other issues, namely the spreading of stds. down to the point, i am against violence, though i see its merit in self defense/other defense, and even in some cases revenge, though there are clearly better alternatives to violence when dealing with revenge. so abortion is still a touchy subject. i am more for personal rights than i am against violence. so i think abortion should be legal, always. i dislike this discussion though. but i rarely hear anyones opinion.

01 June 2009

also i would very much enjoy scheduled lunches.
also i really want to download bill callahans new album and also grizzly bears new album. or at least hear them. i havent really had a chance to listen to new/good music in a long ass time.

there is a guy in the computer lab with a mustache & he is wearing ear plugs. there is an odd smirk on his face and his arms are crossed. he must be watching that video of the deer jumping over the police car in iowa. good ol' iowa.
i am nearly 100% moved in to my new apt/house/room/thing. sure its a house but it feels more like im renting a room. because thats basically what i am doing. thats what ellen is doing too, but shes paying roughly 2-300 more a month to be close to horses and mountains. i guess i would pay more to be near horses and mountains too. lincoln needs some mountains. anyway, my room doesnt have screens on the windows. this isnt a huge issue, though i dislike bugs to be sure, its mostly a problem because chaplain is constantly in escape/adventure mode even if it is a 2nd story window. my calf on my left leg is in considerable pain after the moving this weekend. i also hit my/ scratch that its my right calf/ anyway i also hit my left index finger with a hammer and it still hurts though it hasnt bruised. apostrophes. i often worry about my ability to spell words correctly. i think generally i am a fairly learned speller of words but i often think of words that i have heard and never/rarely seen and think i know how to spell them. sometimes i think this isnt a big deal but sometimes i feel insecure about it. my grammar is also shoddy at best. i think. though i may know more than i actually think i know, i know. its all tangents and cosines. commas. & i still think capital letters are ugly. the lowercase i is much more (something) than the I. anyway this was supposed to be about my new place. since i dont really get the internet and all i wanted to say a few things. i am living in a house on 11th and D. 1121 D st i believe. it is a very old woody dusty house. i dont think the gas is on. i tried to turn on the stove today to see and i couldnt figure it out because the stove seems to have been made in 1915. rough guess. i had to remove several things from my new room before i could officially feel as if it were mine. namely seven pairs of womens high heel'd shoes. also a shoe box full of crayons and a separate shoe box full of postcards/letters to someone who previously lived in my room from a girl i had a class with one time. they may or may not both previously been in the band papers. i think my current roommate was in the band papers. eric says he thinks so.