28 April 2009

last night was a good example of whisky being a bad idea

26 April 2009

pastel on construction paper

when i was
in third grade other boys
would pay me fifty
to draw birds of prey
one february i made a fantastic
likeness of
the sixteenth president

24 April 2009

snow, a

you can never stop this
my voice sounds
as if the spring came
the uncertainty of noise
mixed in with the sentimentality
of a nobody
she says it hasn't come yet
maybe never will &
it doesn't matter anymore


chew with your mouth
so open
it leads a dozen o—
more for
say can we spee—
language you once knew because
i am
become a reinvention
shelling over tortoise
each branch of the hare tree
a family or
light shine by leaves who own
not the land but!
the dawn
a dirt
who she keeps to rib me while i creep in the back
all of you

16 April 2009

i just saw the dragon ball trailer. even though it looks absolutely terrible i really couldnt get over the fact that chow yun fat was master roshi. this is sadly a step down from bullet proof monk. even still, i just cant understand why he is master roshi. master roshi is a bald old man with a large white mustache and a turtle shell who looks at porn and lives on an island. i mean, this trailer makes MK2 look like it should be at sundance.

15 April 2009

red giant

half a galaxy away
system x or another being
creature-some are telling tales
forty-foot mechs
flying through space to defend
your moon
europa III a ghastly
gas giant ghost
take notes
of which laser sounds louder
or not mine
you fool with physics and sense
making too much of this
too few of that
i say atmosphere
before bureaucratic alien life
forms say
she's coming
she will consume us all

08 April 2009

i know its overdone to say you're quitting
after a night of too much smoking
but i'm quitting smoking
this is what i say
to myself
& it's rational
for someone who is young with lungs
that are needed
or will be
& for not having the gold bars required
to purchase ridiculously priced
dried leaves in paper
that coat my throat
in tars and scars
so you think rhyming might help you remember
that smoking
though it makes you look cool
kind of sucks
hung-over wednesday morning
& the sirens in the middle of town
whisper of destructive wind or is it lies
lies you said
but i still believe them
run scurrying towards shelter
ing the bird legs
creeping from the baseline of the clouds
calling her nimbus witch
teasing us with her song of wholly
you try to convince me that it isn't real
that they're only testing us
i've heard that before
when i say things like
stop biting
you should listen
& the sirens in the middle of town
whisper of

05 April 2009


out of eden
the animals we love
with our teeth
you smell smoke better
than i smell smoke
they go running
further or deeper
not into
temptation but
delivering from the confusion of words
i can speak these
& still
not a thing
will understand any of it
because we
are all so damn scared of each other