03 February 2009

for kyle

on the other side
of the fence you
sit or i do

we listen when theres
cough or a-
choo when people ask

godlike maybe
not seeing a road home
with sectioned off fields
on either side
a cow

he says he go
because he got to
no where else to be

drink in a habit
for the circle drawn
from one rib to another
as a family does

shes early you say &
know this is either
a good
or terrible thing
for the both

writing down a first
for letters
vowels from the mouth
spelling a calm
wicked note for dancing

whose stamps she licks
whose envelopes
are you in
as ears

a ghost you remember
says to you
i glow
i glow &
you thank him

why arent there more doors
& windows
less rooms to hide
old words

i find it easy to
say you
not with out
remembering gin
or an icy neck in length

swan forms from
the in-
side names you
& likes you

i write this down
rewrite it
we rhyme with smoke

01 February 2009

i forget you
where you own
more holidays than the actual
for as time goes
you know more about leaps less
about work
or logic
or love: a copy-
which none are in common boats
mostly february i hold you
in firm disdain
for the rent i pay despite a lacking
farewell color

nuts butter than squash
soup for cent
where she left a ghost right in the middle
sheets are cover
trick oder
treat sich-
no im fine she keeps saying this
recall without
writing down what happened &
possibly what you missed
a penchant for film noir
& bad tom waits
you say
they all are
you say nuts
but you-
question poor taste
orange broth only by color
feeling sentimental to another page