29 September 2008



the closer &
closer i
get to denver
the more &
more i
wish i had bought you breakfast this morning


hot ash stings the
eyes as
the sun reflecting off
brown grass near yuma
where the spine
of some america no
longer shades my


driving past dairy
farms on i 76
my mind
lactates you
wonder what i mean
without me ever saying
a word


there is nothing
more empty than
your bones
eastern colorado
knowing past glaciers
who have kissed
your fathers neck
leaving him feeling
much nearer
to heaven


i wanted to say
about the stars
and the city how
i wasn/t sure which
one i was above
or below
knowing neither were
holy plains
of existence &
god has been absent
from this rocky
for some time

25 September 2008

when i speak in
german i
do it
in all caps
unlike the way
i write
in no caps
because i do
not write
in german

24 September 2008

a dead brown tooth

you wake up earlier than normal
again & a
gain is met but she is
still there
albeit a test or ex—
cuse for moral molars
in size
but not of stain quality
i break things such as
my face
in fascist ways locating
hemispheres or cracks in
the crust calling them
fault lines
thought no fault of mine
taking blurry paintings
& always
forgetting stories
of why im less beautiful
than i should seem

23 September 2008

haiku 29

feds asked to put wolves
back on the endangered list
"we definitely - have a lot of wolves out there" - wildlife spokesman
an epic

when written this space
will need to be
much larger

the previous gap will say
epic things
telling tales
tall as a man can throw

his weight or
in his own weight
divided by
bush league poem
for bob

nobody goes
without signals
management spies
corn close for basil bunting
i feign low and inside
sometimes i am
and popped
in the fields
placing seeds between
cleat'd men
who drop
their women - four
boys and long walks
sticking to the plan - standing up
in five parts

the deafness of god is
not underestimated
to be
by even the most atheistic
apostles &
though debt is a virtue
hanging by log
pined into our wet brains
the sounds one makes
when prayer is one
possible answer
or hitting coolly laid
pavement another-
never sums up
the callous silence
of an accident

to be a giant
of tracks
and/or one rumble
of steal
reminds a bend
or tunnel
who is truly coming

standing up for one
and then resting for another
before standing up once more

you don/t know'
he reminds and re-
mind isn/t what it used
to be
though names were never
all un-
der the breath
gnostic and believable
for when darkness is
a lovely

on rocks made of skulls
you or i
sit with our fist
tight against our chins
waiting for
sheepskin to soak
up what is not there
or never was
some firmament
of voice/s
leering at us with
their omniscient
bald beards
only waiting for
im pretty sure im regressing into the neanderthal stage of existence.

22 September 2008

i have decided to get things in gear towards graduate school.

im not really sure what that means though.

21 September 2008

speaking from
an unknown place
deep in the woods

although there were no
trees within
the sound
falling by the darkness

forgetting to remark willow
or talking fire

i smell of lake
though you call me sun god
knowing once there were
fathers big enough
to be men

deafness is questionable
as are the hands that draw
dirt from small stones
shaped like teeth

i juggle the morning
cast smoky spells
throwing glass
that doesnt shatter

and you remember
to cocoon
bending into memory

19 September 2008

still no phone.

i opened my canned nut loaf today and had a sandwich.

it was decent.

18 September 2008


when i he—
rd that i
said bitches
be lion
250 uncouth
grads pouring
not a chance
to du—
plex it but only
a forge & a fee
300 each

they aren’t sure
where it is they came from
some say
i am or—
once was from iron
made of cold metal by hot stone
deep in the core
of spangled dirt
possibly earth
but they only get stares
as it is no answer
say maybe im from naples
but not nearly ohio
and it all comes tumbling down
knowing nothing of
stars or where they are burning
though finding something of
purpose between the borders
of rhode island and other
actual islands who become
extra-terrestrial states
when someone noticed
there is still land under—
a purpose

you dont smoke anymore
and you stopped wearing hats
ever since the jfk debacle

its gross you said its all gross
the nail biting in preemptive thought
forgetting why cars are as big

as they are

i need more humor you
know but i
just get so annoyed with
things that are
damn hilarious like this
time where
you tell me to be this way
and i laugh
splendid encounters

to take &
take too much
somebody told me “it was
a good thing
partially dehydrated or
you cant smoke in here
more” &
i told you i
told you in warning
“at first there is
a fire”

17 September 2008



foods to consider eating more of:
millet, asparagus, pomegranates, pine nuts, green tea

although i really dont like tea, i may or may not have to possibly think about taking that off the list.

this has nothing to do with reality either its just a note of healthy foods that i wanted to jot down.

09 September 2008

i fixed my fake tooth
with gorilla glue
it may or may not be toxic
but good as new

05 September 2008

so i got a call about nebraska matters job-

apparently they got more money than they anticipated or something and they are going to get other people to do the work i was going to do? or something like that. this guy keith told me that i would be recommended for other work or something. i think he is probably full of shit.