31 May 2008

"did you drag me here so you could bone that japanese girl?"

last night i rode mikes bike to the gas station and picked up two half pints of seagrams 7 and some sprite and then rode to the sheldon and drank in the art garden thing behind it. it was pretty great. i wish i didnt leave that place. but i did. i went to duffys thinking MAYBE i will know somebody here. i bought a drink. i didnt know anyone there. it was a weird feeling. i drank half of it and went to o'rourkes where there were a few people i knew. i dont like o'rourkes, but it was alright since i wasnt drinking. the place was packed. cody glen wasnt there. z.s. and i walked all the way to bumpkin land on 12th and washington to go to this party and i never even went onto the porch. i stood outside the whole time and the furthest i got into the house was sitting on the steps to the porch. kyle and flowers old neighbor was there and i scolded her for calling me a kid because shes only two years older than me. that girl needs to check up on her age brackets. i also ranted about d&d for awhile when z.s. said he was playing 4rth ed this week. then i met this guy, i forget his name, he was mexican from mexico but he has lived in the u.s. for 20 years. he was 33 and going to highschool to learn english. his english was pretty good. better than my spanish. i talked to him about creative writing and how i feel like it is essential for making a better world. i gave this rant to paul one time. sometimes i feel like a pretty huge dick when i go on my drunk rants. not like "god justin was a dick to me" but more like "justin, what a dick". you know. anyway then i walked all the way to something like 30th and Q or something. i forget.

i talked about dungeons and dragons to strangers

30 May 2008


i am no longer a wandering diplomat of the unpolitical mass.
i just ate two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches although one was composed of both the front and back heel of the loaf. im not sure how i feel about this. im still contemplating moving. not sure when. not sure where. but its always in the back of my mind. im sure its in the back of a lot of peoples minds. well, i cant say im sure but i am sure. do they make grape jelly out of green grapes? i suppose they probably do. i cant say im sure about that either. it was a long hot walk to the dmv. kind of ironic that i walked to the dmv. of course then i found out you dont actually register at the dmv. thankfully the place you DO register at is right by the dmv. when i left the dmv to head to the correct building a woman asked me if i was registered to sign a petition and i said that is what i was going to do. ironic again since i was registering to vote to try and get a job to prevent people from signing a petition. she asked me to sign anyway even though i wasnt registered quite yet and i said ill consider it. i considered it and didnt sign. i walked home and my feet started to hurt on the lower back end of my heel where the shoe rubs. this always happens.

28 May 2008

i feel like people assume way too much about me. but i feel like most people dont really know me very well.

27 May 2008

i should really think about it before i write it. saying and writing. i just dont think.
last night i had a dream that i had a son through artificial insemination. i forgot my sons name but he was really little. sort of a little me with super blue eyes. one day i came home and my door was busted open but everything was still there. mainly i saw my tv and right when i saw it i realized they didnt come to steal anything. my son was abducted. not like alien abduction but ransom of some kind. it never really got solved because the next thing i know he was back and apparently the cops caught the people. for the rest of my dream i was either holding his hand or giving him a piggy back ride. we went to a bar/venue and watched kyle perform some songs. i didnt stay long though and left before he was done. i went home with my son.

26 May 2008


these are my favorite professional athletes of all time. they are in order of my absolute love for them. one from each of the major american pro sports (nfl, nhl, nba, mlb).
in order:

number 1:

Reggie Miller 31 for the pacers and ONLY the pacers. thank the lord almighty he didnt go play for the terrible celtics. i would have stabbed out my eyes and gone into exile ala oedipus.

this was the greatest moment in my life other than the 3 nc's for the huskers during the 90's

number 2:

Ken Griffey Jr. the natural, the kid, the sweetest swing in baseball. injuries and going to the reds ruined what would have been the greatest career in mlb history forever and ever amen.

number 3:

22 emmitt smith. although i lost some love towards the end of his career when he was just chasing records ESPECIALLY when he went to the cardinals. also i stopped caring about pro football once emmitt was a backup to lesser men. the main reason i became a fan was back in the 2nd grade when i won an emmitt smith rookie card at a card show in scotsbluff nebraska.

and finally number 4 from the nhl

sergei federov 91 redwings 99 overall on NHL 96

25 May 2008

i am sitting in a bowl of soup

24 May 2008

the savages

i need a whisky and jim beam

poetry is better than me. there are things in my mouth and things maybe to leave my mouth that i do not say. what are, or have the, rules on talking about people on "blogs" who may or may not read said "blogs", nevermind. new rule never to talk about anyone other than me and the divine. so i had a pretty lengthy religious conversation last night but i really didnt have a point to it of course. i was just rambling of this small list of facts that i know off the top of my head. FACTS, may or may not be the correct word there. i did say a bunch of bull shit too which was moderately called upon me due to margarett having a degree in religion as well. i often assume im the only one blah blah blah poor me listen to me im drunk and talk about jesus and the mary chain. i regret-regret-regret. i am glad to be home now. i am tired but probably maybe wont sleep. although its good to say random nothings before maybe but possibly not sleeping. downside is i have no desire to sleep in my bed so hopefully this couch will suffice.

22 May 2008

nude as the news

i am drinking ten high. i have no cigarettes. i am wearing a shirt but no pants. i am listening to cat power.

medical study

theres one coming up for 12 days 3400 dollars but it interferes with sigur ros. theres another one for similar pay and time but i cant do that one, but i assume that means there will be more. these are also just what they show online so there might be more. i guess ill call sometime. either way ill probably be in a study for two weeks sometime in the next month.

A society should be judged not by how it treats its outstanding citizens but by how it treats its criminals. - Fyodor Dostoevsky

i've been looking at ads on writeaprisoner.com and it got me thinking about the movie the hurricane but all these guys just want romantic letters from women of any race, age or size.

at at at at at at... etc. etc. etc.

there are a lot of things going through my head. none of them are going in the same direction.

21 May 2008

boys II men


recipe recipe recipe tot

i feel as though i have no creativity. i feel like everything i do is a cop out of something greater. not greater as in awesomely sweet, but greater as in more. i always stop. not like stop because i quit, or stop because im tired or bored, but stop because im empty. out of gas. broke. deadish. the right side of my throat hurts pretty bad. i hope it isnt the onset of the plague. or a cold. or sinus thing. i hate being sick. i hope im not sick. everything i do is half ass. i know its half ass when im doing it but there is this strange (er... not so strange, thats not really the right word) but there is this THING inside of me that keeps me from doing things. i think to myself, i should do this, and then i just dont do it. i don't know if im afraid of something or whatever it is but i sort of zone out and forget things and dont do things when i know im supposed to do them. like get a job. where the fuck is my motivation to get a job. i think i actually thought (eh) that a job would fall into my lap once i got my lame ass degree. the dui really doesnt help in the job hunt, but neither does me being unfriendly, and whatever else i am. i mean, im not actually unfriendly, im just uncomfortable. all the time. i think im pretty damn friendly actually. maybe thats not true. i dont know. sometimes i think pretty highly of myself and then there are times where i think im a big dick.

20 May 2008



so the party infiltrated the base of yorl darnef via an underground sewer system. their goal was to find an airship that yorl owned and kept in a secret hangar. upon getting into yorl darnef's base they ran into a crow like creature by the name of mawbeek who immediately surrendered to the party and offered his services so they would not kill him. mawbeek showed them how to get into the hangar through a series of air vents. once into the hangar the party had to fight off some guards before Dytros Belgar (yorl darnef's right hand man) walked in to see what was going on. Argos finished him off and the party got into the air ship, and took off (with the help of mawbeek). the ship was propelled by a strange engine that worked by an alchemical reaction. thus far the party seems completely oblivious to everything, never questioning anyone for their services or advice. they aren't even exactly sure what they're doing. but they will soon find out. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh and as they were leaving a large battalion of troops began entering chebak. they also saw olrun dorn in the city walking to brisben's cafe. they didn't stick around to find out what was going on. olrun dorn is one of the most famous men in all the north and south kingdoms and currently 3rd in command of the entire military region guard division behind only vaglos argunas and

19 May 2008

because drawing a confession out of someone is like doing a beautiful dance... a beautiful dance with a chainsaw.

i have a new found appreciation for danny devito

uncle augo's poo removal

so i went to see prince caspian and it sucked.
but i ate this and it was good:

mediterranean veggie sandwich at panera bread. although next time i probably wont get the baguette because that was just too much bread. once again, prince caspian sucked. i need to stop getting my hopes up for children fantasy movies. the more i eat healthy, the more i start enjoying healthy food and then the more i like to eat it and then it sort of defeats the purpose of it all.

the law won

went down to the court house. paid my dues. glad they take visa.

ran into my mom.

i thought about telling her that if both of my parents try to have lunch with me again i wont go. i hadn't seen my dad since december so that was awkward enough, but to sit at a table eating lunch with both of them while they talked about their current lives was down right unbearable.

18 May 2008

some poetry

footsteps moving

"april" - sun kil moon

makes me want to ride in a car with three other people out in the country during the summer with the windows down and nobody talking to each other doing the hand out the window bit.

or be older. much older.

i am hungry

this entry has nothing to do with malcom x. but it was his birthday yesterday or something and the place where i was at last night did have a malcom x poster. and i guess i did rant a little the other night about misogyny and islam and minority rights but thats all this has to do with malcom x. last night we had a "poetry reading". it was more of a bullshit excuse for certain people to get a hard on over the image of being an english major former or current or not really at all but still hard ons all around.

from that i would like to say that 5 minutes goes by pretty darn fast.

so as soon as i was "done" reading i stormed out like an asshole and went out on the porch. people followed me i guess to stop me or something. but then i just walked off. like old times i guess. i got a cigarette from some guy who asked me if i was justin fyfe and i said yes and asked if i was an english major and i said yes. it was pretty weird. then i kept walking and recognized this house that i had partied at before so i sat on the porch for awhile. i thought about going to the bars but then realized that was a bad idea. then anthony d, nina, and woodside came looking for me and brought me back to the party which i immediately left again to go eat at el chuparo. i had a pretty dope ass beencheeserice burrito with guac and tomatoes and more beans and rice and cheese. it was good and only like 5.80 or some shit. i think i tipped a dollar. i always tip a lot when im drunk.

somebody stole 4 of my tall boys and my non tall boy. i was pretty pissed off. mostly because if people ask me to have my shit i usually let them. when people steal from me i want to gut them and hang their scalp on a lodge pole.

right now kyle is sleeping on my couch. i slept on the couch last night. it is probably the greatest sleeping couch of all time due to its length and softness. plus its purple so that just tops off the cake.

i really really really really want a one eyed sailor. actually i want several eyed sailors.

17 May 2008


when ever my dad says he will be here at time x he always shows up at time x-1

birds should not chirp before i got to sleep

in about 7 hours my dad is going to be calling me to go out for lunch. i havent seen him since i graduated college in december. hopefully its not too awkward.

tonight was good.

there are things that i miss, and gorgeous weather like this makes me miss it more.

this video is terrible but the song is

16 May 2008

listening to two stoned people in the other room talk as loud as possible without yelling about guitar playing while listening to said guitar playing while im trying to watch a movie.

not saying anything about it. just saying.

15 May 2008

a third


dajorster: did you see two players are transferring
justinryanfyfe: no
dajorster: they're two walk ons
justinryanfyfe: transfering away from nebraska?
dajorster: yea
justinryanfyfe: retards
justinryanfyfe: i guess they dont want to win a national championship
dajorster: yea
dajorster: one of them might be going to uno
justinryanfyfe: ha
dajorster: i think they majored in bad choices
justinryanfyfe: haha

bull fighting can be an art

the apocalypse song

i dont know why i bought the veggie burger at the watering-hole for a second time. i didnt really care for it the first time. today i attempted to purchase a veggie burger at lazlos and they didnt have any because somebody EFFED them up or some baloney.
last night was hellacious and i would apologize to everyone that i called to pick up erin in detox last night but i really find that i apologize a lot for things that i might not really need to apologize for. i just feel pretty stupid most of the time. mostly when i've been drinking. or talking. or both.

neither are a good thing for me to do.

im listening to andrew w.k.

last night i was in the back seat of a car that got pulled over and the driver was taken away to detox and my drivers license was taken away again because i had to give it to the dmv for six months. get it back in september 20 something. i dont really know the exact date because i dont like countdowns. i prefer to forget and then be surprised.

i really want to go to a mewithoutyou show. im going to check their website.
wtf their website isnt up. it said: "This Account Has Been Suspended"

i keep getting sidetracked.

so last night at the zoo bar three separate guys (one being mike) bought or attempted to buy me beer without me asking. the third was this guy, well first let me say that i went up to the bar to check the scores of the nba playoffs even though i really didn't care. it seemed like the thing to do at a bar showing games. nobody knew the score of the other game. then this guy sat at the bar next to me and asked me a question. now there was loud jazz being played and i was already quite drunk so i didnt really hear much. i figured out he was asking if i took a class and i just assumed he recognized me from a class so i said yes. he said we sat on the same side of the room or something. then the bartender said something to me and i had no idea what it was and just said "yeah, yeah", i thought he was asking if the beer at the bar was mine, and it was. he then came up and gave me another and i was like "oh, umm... do you take card?" and he said "no" and took the beer away. i shrugged it off because i didnt really want another drink but then this guy who remembered me from some bible as literature class pulled out his wallet to buy me a beer and asked how much the beer was but i didnt know since it was bought for me by another guy. he then asked the bartender and the bartender replied "three fifty".

he only had two dollars.

13 May 2008


i just wanted to take this time to mention that i am still listed on ludacris' wiki as his most important musical influence, but the main issue here is that i am also listed as such on his imdb bio as they take it directly from his wiki.

this is good.



at one point last year i said i would write letters to a bunch of people and i did. i just never mailed them. this is one that i wrote although i fragmented it for artistic value. also because the majority of it is pretty dull. anyway, this is a letter to paul clark. though it didnt become a letter to paul clark until over halfway through the letter.

ali baba and the forty teeves

of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine.

i had a dream that i was living with my family (dad, mom, sister, brother) but i was me, now, and my dad ate all of my spaghetti and all of my chili which had bocca ground beef and grilled tofu respectfully and then went to work. when i woke up and found it my mom kept trying to defend him saying he didnt know they were mine because they had meat in them. i became furious and kept yelling tofu.

i applied for three jobs yesterday. a secretary, a lunch lady, and a janitor. i hope i get all of them. TODAY i received two postcards in the mail from the popo's telling me to pay my 544$ fine or else i would have a warrant out for my arrest. i also received a letter from the comish saying i had to turn in my drivers license or i would have a warrant out for my arrest. these guys i tell you. make me feel like a straight up criminal.

tonight we will be playing dungeons and dragons. i would like to use this as a way for me to talk about dungeons and dragons and whats going to happen in the adventure but then i would have to make sure to ban anthony, shane, mike, and CHAD from ever looking at it. but whatever. they are (Cyd, Argos, Deddy, and Revan) are currently in the city of Chebak. Chebak to me is a sort of combination of Casablanca and Mos Eisley.

Mike just walked out wearing GYM SHORTS.

anyway, Chebak, is a refugee city where many displaced individuals from the northern kingdom have been situated since the gates of the great wall had been closed. the main part of the city has been destroyed leaving only the inner city which is run by various teeves. currently the party is inside the inner city and have spent the past few days resting, gambling, shopping and various relaxing things. they are currently unsure of their current mission as their employer is long dead. they have a scroll that cannot be read that they were instructed to bring to the city of zygmalion (the former capital of the northern kingdom), but since they have begun this journey they have sparked the interest of several individuals who seem to know more than they do.

key npcs (treyf syrol, brisben hahsafet)

treyf syrol is an enormous statuesque man roughly 6'8" 240 lbs with a blonde beard and short blonde hair. there are many rumors that float around certain taverns about treyf as he has been reportedly seen with many influential people all over the southern and northern kingdoms. although he is mostly known as a bounty hunter/arms for hire, there is no question that he hails from the countries of the nordland. treyf often wears leather armor or no armor at all generally wearing browns/drab natural colors. he usually wields a bastard sword but also has a crossbow and an axe at this side at all times. treyf informed the party that they should not be so eager to make quest for anyone who asks it of them, saying that they have stirred up things that should not have been. he helped them escape from the forest temple as many prometheus monks were making their way through the underground passage and the party was in combat with the ferocious kahal. for his help he asked them to speak to an elf in the village of krygor and then make their way through the forest to chebak and speak to yorl darnef. however they seem to have forgotten this.

brisben hahsafet is the owner of brisbens cafe. so far the party hasnt really spent much time talking to him. brisben is basically the dnd version of:

when it comes to women, you're a true democrat.